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Friday 30/05/08

12 messages
English Do0mageddon - subject is closed
I have all the pussy cats in doubles and i wish to either or trade or sell them to people. i will consider any offer, but what i am really looking for is Flavio Cr or General Cr (big junta fan) and before you think about offer me juntas i have them all except the cr's thus is way i do this.(rember no cr's i being offered by me)
think wisely and answer below.
1 message
6 messages
English midnight-1 - last answer from 0-Homer, Friday 30/05/2008, 11:11.
I will give some crds for tan.
1 message
Looking for Rolph, Leviatonn and XU52.

Only interested if anyone is willing to sell them a lot cheaper than the market price. that's all.

Thank you
10 messages
English Vithzerai - last answer from 0 Angel_TNT, Friday 30/05/2008, 09:53.
Looking for Fang Pi, LaJunta and GHEIST cards for trade.

All Stars
1. Allison
2. Eyrton
3. Frank
4. Mario
5. Terry

1. Platoona
2. Saddy

1. Akendram
2. Eve
3. Dacha Macha

1. Acid DC
2. Lolly
3. Onik

1. Clara
2. Noon Stevens
3. Yayoi

1. Denise
2. Frida

1. Tshern

Ulu Watu
1. Buck
2. Gabrielle
3. Sandy

1. Rolph
2. Z3r0 D34d
3. XU52
4. Leviatonn
5. Miss Twice Cr
6. Sigmund Cr

Fang Pi
1. Kati
2. Macumba
3. Linda
4. Kerozinn Cr
5. Lao Cr

La Junta
1. Tank
2. Dean
3. Burger
4. Emeth
5. No Nam
6. Bruce
7. Jane Ramba
8. Bryan
9. Gertrud
10. Flavio Cr
11. General Cr

Anyone interested, please send me a private message for discussion of trade. And please don't offer me something else which I did not list down on my WANTS and HAVES list. Thank you.
9 messages
English TWISTED-X - last answer from TWISTED-X, Friday 30/05/2008, 09:41.
I'm selling the following cards, just name your price (Reasonable prices of course)

16 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
Dieter (C)
Hel (C)
Timmy (R)
Toro (U)
Z3r0 D34d (U)

cards worth over 2k clintz get 100clintz discount under 2k get 50-60 clintz discount
someone buy these plz offa yur prices ill sell em for around 100-50 clintz off market price
8 messages
English -PLG-vHiin- - last answer from p1n0y, Friday 30/05/2008, 05:28.
Selling Kolos...
Pm you price
1 message
I am willing to trade my maxed out Nistarok for an Enzo at any lvl! PLS
9 messages
English smooth talker - subject is closed
Im selling Aldo, Elixir , Lino Borsa, Otome, and Terry if any ones interested contact me
28 messages
English Pure-Unsanity - subject is closed
Ok im selling 1 of each of these cards: (lvl 1)
Allison, Bhudd , Mario, Lihoi Chun, Tatane, Burger, Chiro, Wardog, Denise, Larry. Lea , Lobo and claus
aswell as a few lvl 2s: Python ,Kinjo
so offer up ya clintz
4 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from play_quick, Friday 30/05/2008, 03:33.
Buying boris in cheap
3 messages
English Gryazzie - subject is closed
Trading my MAXED getrud for

Any level Enzo + any level Miranda
1 message
Tomorrow i will have around 20000 clintz and i was hoping to get it for cheap i am also willing to trade some cards for it with the 200000 clintz
2 messages
English JokeKing - last answer from dagwin, Friday 30/05/2008, 00:22.
Im sellin my Linda for 3000 clintz full lvl
Thursday 29/05/08

4 messages
English Lawngnomeman - last answer from dark mokona, Thursday 29/05/2008, 23:36.
I am selling one maxed out Aldo(M) card for 10,000 clintz, i am aware that the market value is far lower than that, but i am having trouble making any clintz, right now im down to like 70 clintz. anyone with a lot of clintz and is feeling generous or charitable please contact me.
4 messages
English redjumpsuit - subject is closed
I want to buy your Cassio Cr For 9 000 Clintz.
3 messages
English PLAY-FAST-PLZ - last answer from UC-stephenUR, Thursday 29/05/2008, 21:41.
Anyone got Don selling cheap!!
6 messages
English killer-A - last answer from soliuz, Thursday 29/05/2008, 20:41.
Am Trading in all my Bangers
The Deal i like the most will get the cards
69 messages
English midnight-1 - subject is closed
Plz name a card and ill see if i have it

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