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Thursday 29/05/08

1 message
Any extra cards? i will buy for 2000 clint or lower. pm me if u will give me a card
13 messages
English redjumpsuit - last answer from Falvern, Thursday 29/05/2008, 15:19.
Reserve 1,000,000
4 messages
Português UC-lactus - last answer from DarkShifter, Thursday 29/05/2008, 14:01.
Im buyng 4 Warren lvl 1 if anyone have four or mor i can give 1500 for four
4 messages
English gheist4 - last answer from 0 3MiN3M, Thursday 29/05/2008, 12:31.
Wandas 1stars and Charlie 4 stars
i offer 1.2k for wandas and 10k for Charlie

pm me
3 messages
English UM-CoNraD - subject is closed
Ill buy him maxed for 900 clintz
68 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - subject is closed
Im going to sell loads of cards and plz dont offer stuip money plz and also im willing to trade
m looking out for : vickie, lost hog, Marina, Macumba, Kinjo, Seldnor Cr, Geuner Cr, Diyo Cr, Vickie, Ottavia, Linda and Tanner.
i will accept clintz aswell though.Most of cards maxed.
the list of the cards im goin to sell are:
Warren x 2 Elixir x 1 Mini Mosu x 1 Lihoi Chun x 1 Kati x 1 Endo x 1
Natrang x 1 Otome x 1 Sai San x 1 Sakazuki x 1 Xia Leming x 1 Tatane x 1
Windy Mor x 1 Denise x 1 Bobby x 1 alec x 1 Anita x 1 Hax x 1
Elvira x 1 Ghoub x 1 Kerry x 1 marco x 1 Lobo x 1 Lea x 1
Larry x 1 Tanner x 1 Steve x 1 Mark x 1 Slyde x 1
im bord of writing lyk tht now so i have the whole Montana deck accept from vickie and Ottavia i also have the whole All Stars deck accept from Kimberley, Marina and Frank the whole Freaks deck and the whole Junkz deck
so i have all tht lol pm me plz fnx
Tiny !!! remember i lyk clintz or a fare swap!!
3 messages
English Dritan - last answer from Dritan, Thursday 29/05/2008, 07:24.
I need these follwoing cards fot the tight trade or price robb Loma Noju Marina and Oyoh
3 messages
English tree_watcher - subject is closed
Anybody selling

you make an offer
4 messages
English tree_watcher - subject is closed
Ill buy ghiest cards no more than their price in the market

have a good day
2 messages
English PLAY-FAST-PLZ - last answer from PLAY-FAST-PLZ, Thursday 29/05/2008, 06:33.
Selling Juicy Lord for 6000 clintz anyone interested??
3 messages
English BlueLabel - last answer from bigmac3245684, Thursday 29/05/2008, 06:22.
Methane 3.3k
Rolph 2k
Nistarok 4k

pm if interested.
3 messages
English _Nic_ - last answer from Puppet01, Thursday 29/05/2008, 05:35.
I am starting an allstars deck and i have no money, anyone willing to help me out?
1 message
Looking to buy Ielena for 2,100 clints
9 messages
English ghost_211 - last answer from bigmac3245684, Thursday 29/05/2008, 04:15.
I want to buy a kenny card i will play 400 Clintz for it.
12 messages
English Gilgamesh_kh - last answer from PL_WILSON, Thursday 29/05/2008, 03:43.
Make your offers which ever i like more ill send a message agreeing with the deal
1 message
I need to know which card might be the new CR.ork >.<
4 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from g_Po-T_aT-O, Thursday 29/05/2008, 01:04.
Buying Fang Pi Clang, All Stars and sentienl post them here
7 messages
English ste123 - last answer from g_Po-T_aT-O, Thursday 29/05/2008, 00:48.
Name a rare and i will see if ive got it

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