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Sunday 11/05/08

3 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from McV, Sunday 11/05/2008, 02:38.
Min bid 14.9k
buy now 15.7k
pm me with offwe
1 message
I'm selling these three cards Nina450 Vladimir1000 Rosa2100 note all of them are max level
3 messages
English OPeration PNY - last answer from Tankys, Sunday 11/05/2008, 01:33.
For sale Tanaereva for 30 600
1 message
Maybe Tanaereva for 13.5k and Kenny for 16k
10 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from Tankys, Sunday 11/05/2008, 01:03.
Saturday 10/05/08

12 messages
English Mr Cool EVO - last answer from k4strife WMD, Saturday 10/05/2008, 23:44.
For 550clintz only level 1 please
7 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from make14, Saturday 10/05/2008, 23:10.
indivdual sales not accepted
lot only
13 messages
English M3RCY HAVE IT - last answer from make14, Saturday 10/05/2008, 23:08.
Here is the list:

best offer gets cards if reasonable
1 message
Here is the list:
Luba x2
Lolly x2
Molly x2
Ella x3
Frida x5
Pam x2

pm me or post offers here
11 messages
English combot2732 - last answer from combot2732, Saturday 10/05/2008, 21:23.
Loking to buy
Keanew 1500-1600
Dash or Otakool 750-800
6 messages
English DK_Hellz - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Saturday 10/05/2008, 19:52.
I'm looking for Rubie, Berserkgirl, Onik and Otakool i would like them maxxed but also under the market price please. pm your offers so i could answer asap
9 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Saturday 10/05/2008, 19:49.
Im buying cards im looking for any really mainly GHEIST, Rescue, Uppers and the Roots i have a lot of cards all ready but if you post what cards you would like to sell then i will consider any cards from any clan BUT i dont really want crs im not buying doubles of each and if some people think im buying lowing than the market then selling to make a profit im not because i resently bought then sold loads of cards to make a profit the cards that i will purcheas will be from my collection the rules:

-mainly want 0xp
-only 1 of each cards
-only buying cards about 50 clintz cheaper for the lower value cards and abotu 100 for the cards worth about 2-6k and for the cards like Kolos and keny etc.. about 500

fnx hope to get offers post here or pm me i dont mind.

p.s. i only need cards worth over 700 and i also have cards in higher value
i might be aball to swap but i preffer to buy

fnx tinygerrard12
3 messages
English OA_jeddajay - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Saturday 10/05/2008, 19:46.
Selling Dorian Max Leveled 5k

Pm me of just on here.
3 messages
English Xadvid - last answer from TDDP, Saturday 10/05/2008, 18:57.
I'm Trading my Geturd only!
No Selling Just Trading best offer gets it.
3 messages
English Silex22 - last answer from Dubzz, Saturday 10/05/2008, 18:46.
Ghoub (C)
I bandage(sell) level to Ghoub to the maximum
1 message
Willing to trade Jim Cr for her.
1 message
Today its Akendram
minimum price for sale is 1,000
buy it now price is 1,600
1 message
Hi, i'm looking to buy Buck for a price that is cheaper than the market one.
1 message
I am borrowing cards for a week at certain price ranges... of cours i wont have all the cards but i have many cards and i will not always be able to because of elo but i will only ever be using 8- 10 cards weekly and i wont probably change them but i still have doubles.

price ranges

500-1000 will cost 300 or 400 depending
1000-2500 will cost 800 or 900 depending
2500-4000 will cost 2200 or 2300 depending
4000-7000 will be only 3500
7000-10k will be only 6000
10k-15k will be only 8500
15k-22k will be 10k
22k+ will be 20k

remember this is for a week if you want to borrow longer pm me i will always give a reasonable price.

i can always go a bit lower than te price range but only serious of only please.


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