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Tuesday 20/05/08

5 messages
English redjumpsuit - last answer from Neo_ExXxilE, Tuesday 20/05/2008, 01:12.
I'm Looking for Thaumaturge Cr FOR 7k.
Monday 19/05/08

5 messages
English 0-Homer - last answer from combot2732, Monday 19/05/2008, 23:18.
3 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from Capn Clintz, Monday 19/05/2008, 22:04.
1* 0 XP only

Frankie Hi

Sell to me on a private sale @ 210 so you can recover your .05 Clintz and get an even 200
4 messages
English asjandu14 - subject is closed
I am trying to build a good Montana deck but its hard to find them cheap. if anyone could sell me Montana cards cheap i would be very grateful. also i don't care what lvl they are just as long as they're Montana cards.

also if anyone could give me an idea on what makes a good Montana deck i would be very very grateful but not as grateful as selling me those cards cheap.

thank you in advance.
6 messages
English winnerkyna - last answer from OC-Vanity, Monday 19/05/2008, 21:08.
I am looking for Bridget
3 messages
English dsnipex - last answer from SHDW_CLN, Monday 19/05/2008, 20:07.
Max clintz-13000
2 messages
English OC-Vanity - subject is closed
Ok so i have about 339 clintz and am a heavy duty nightmares collecter i already have most of the first page goodies and am willing to put up more clintz(when i earn them) and some rare cards or any easily obtainable but you can't find it card. So who wishes to deal?
1 message
I am willing to pay 37500 for Splata, I know that is a good 6-7K off the market price. If you are sick of Splata sitting on the market, and want clintz (no trade... I'm giving you the green stuff) pm me. I will only pay 37500, so don't pm me and try to talk the price up, if you don't want to sell for this price, just let it sit on the market. You can however private sale me any price.
2 messages
English lewis100 - last answer from 0uc-stamper, Monday 19/05/2008, 10:31.
Want Splata Cr 28000cl or Tessa Cr 33000cl.
2 messages
English DBWizards - last answer from DBWizards, Monday 19/05/2008, 10:00.
I'm buying these Rescue cards
Elvira, Hax, Anita that is cheaper than the market price.. give me a PM for the price of how much you are selling..
3 messages
English GalaxyCards - last answer from kdgns, Monday 19/05/2008, 09:22.
I don't know how much she goes for but I don't like her and I am a noob, selling her on highest bid.
1 message
I'm buying Sheitane for... your offer.... below MP please...
8 messages
English Joker Reborn - last answer from CBleach, Monday 19/05/2008, 07:46.
Yea um im selling a Kinjo

ill take best offer

im also willing 2 buy cards

private message me with ur offers

1 message
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
1 message
Buying Vermyn N for 7 k
i dun mind if it is Max exp.
2 messages
English GalaxyCards - last answer from boyett_ds, Monday 19/05/2008, 05:13.
I don't have a lot of clintz but I want William. I am willing to put in my fully leveled Myke. Or Thomson. Not both. Or a level 2 Timber. SEND ME OFFERS!!!
3 messages
English DBWizards - subject is closed
I'm buying MArco for 9k no more... hopefully there's a less just give me a PM
5 messages
English dagwin - last answer from dagwin, Monday 19/05/2008, 03:13.
If you have Rescue cards you don't need, I'd like to buy them. I'm looking for Lea, Pam, Slyde, Larry, Hax, and Elvira at reasonable prices.
1 message
For 900 please

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