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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 09/05/08

2 messages
English penoyq - last answer from DJ Vamp, Friday 09/05/2008, 08:10.
1 message
Ill buy your 3 star uncommon card for 200 each
i will also buy max Gastroboy and max Phonos for 350 each
4 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from PimpJohn, Friday 09/05/2008, 04:06.
Starting Bid:10,000
Resvire Price: 30,000

Ends Friday night
7 messages
English SHDW_CLN - last answer from CrimsonWaltz, Friday 09/05/2008, 03:51.
I am trading or selling multiple maxed Kennys & Kolos. Looking for useable Crs or clintz. make your best offer and I will pm you
12 messages
English Grimmlicious - last answer from Grimmlicious, Friday 09/05/2008, 03:29.
I've recently decided to hop around and put together a deck. Possibly Rescue, but I'm not quite sure yet. I figure I'll give out a list of the cards as follows, which aren't being used at the moment. I can sell them, too.

Dorian , Dan, Jenny , Syd Noze , Lihoi Chun , Sai San , Tatane , Zoltan , Gheistling , Luba , XU52 (2) , Akiko , Dash , Burger , Winifred , Mort Bax , Simon , Candy Jack , Mellizine , Timber , Vansaar , Mojo , Nistarok , Feelyn , Gwen , Anita , Armand , Sunnygoat , Yaman , Corrina , Ingsthra , John , Frankie Hi , Janine , and Samantha.

It's also the first time I posted a topic, so forgive me in advance if these names don't link to their pages.
8 messages
English jerromy - last answer from jerromy, Friday 09/05/2008, 03:03.
Im selling a
5 star
this auction withh start at 1000 clintz the one buy thursday with the highest bet will get the card
9 messages
English torchic - last answer from torchic, Friday 09/05/2008, 02:57.
Ill buy these cards at max pm or post your offer

1 message
Will any one sell me a Bodenpower
for 450clintz
4 messages
English Thizzman - subject is closed

looking for something good for all...not for Sale
pm me with offers
4 messages
English garyskillz - subject is closed
Give me free cards that you dont need i will exapet any free cards plzz help me out donat you cards to me.
3 messages
English mets86 - last answer from McV, Friday 09/05/2008, 00:33.
Will buy or trade for Berserkgirl Cr

send me a offer
7 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from 0- invoker, Friday 09/05/2008, 00:05.
For sale or trade along with:

Lost Hog (5*)

Lulabee (4*)

others availible for right offer. more interested in trading with this post then selling.
Thursday 08/05/08

23 messages
English 0 Wiivja - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Thursday 08/05/2008, 20:24.
I have lots of CR I want to sell. Give me offers in PM. I dont read this board any longer.
2 messages
English TheTechnician - last answer from ShamedGod, Thursday 08/05/2008, 18:19.
I want to sell a 100 copy of Platinum all at once at 200 each...any one interested ???
8 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Thursday 08/05/2008, 18:05.
Hi i want to buy as many Z3r0 D34d as i can i have lots of cards to trade i can buy just post your offers here and i will buy!!
fnx tinygerrard
1 message
For sale on market

will make a trade for him. List offers....
2 messages
English I Hate Clowns - subject is closed
For 13k clintz...If anybody likes my offer then just add it to my private sales...

I Hate Clowns
1 message
Anyone that has Gertrud and wants to trade pls post here or PM me.
I have quite a lot of cards I can trade
1 message
Im looking for Buck, Bree, Gabrielle, XU52 and Leviatonn, does anyone have any of these?
84 messages
Română V3ctor - subject is closed
Each of u who writes a comment will have a chance to win a Yookie and a Yusuke. After 24 hours after I post this, I will randomly select 2 players and sell these one card to each of them for 99 Clintz. Do u belive in luck?

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