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Monday 19/05/08

1 message
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
1 message
Buying Vermyn N for 7 k
i dun mind if it is Max exp.
2 messages
English GalaxyCards - last answer from boyett_ds, Monday 19/05/2008, 05:13.
I don't have a lot of clintz but I want William. I am willing to put in my fully leveled Myke. Or Thomson. Not both. Or a level 2 Timber. SEND ME OFFERS!!!
3 messages
English DBWizards - subject is closed
I'm buying MArco for 9k no more... hopefully there's a less just give me a PM
5 messages
English dagwin - last answer from dagwin, Monday 19/05/2008, 03:13.
If you have Rescue cards you don't need, I'd like to buy them. I'm looking for Lea, Pam, Slyde, Larry, Hax, and Elvira at reasonable prices.
1 message
For 900 please
8 messages
English lolmo - last answer from 0 Rapsky, Monday 19/05/2008, 02:40.
I want to buy your Copper for 350 Clintz
3 messages
English qazxswedc123 - last answer from Gamer4ever, Monday 19/05/2008, 02:07.
14 messages
English ECL-Gearheart - last answer from ECL-Gearheart, Monday 19/05/2008, 02:01.
Does anyone hav a gru cr any level that they would like to sell for 1million clintz at 1st or 2nd lvl and if they dont can someone te,l mi how to get 1million clintz
1 message
Im trading a Simon for a Zodiack or Giovanni message me please
Sunday 18/05/08

5 messages
English P0W3R L3V3L - last answer from 0 3MiN3M, Sunday 18/05/2008, 23:55.
Hello i have been trading Globumm up to a cr. and im up to a Kolos i was wondering my goal was Kerozinn Cr.would any body help me out
2 messages
English goldengecko - last answer from goldengecko, Sunday 18/05/2008, 23:47.
Im buying/trading for a Splata Cr post or pm with offer in clintz or create an offer or possible cards youd be willing to trade for it (multiple cards for splata is fine just list em and i will see if i can work out a deal)
1 message
Im buying the following cr's

Splata Cr
Diyo Cr
Geuner Cr

place ure offers here must be under market value (if i wanted market value id buy off the market so no stupid offers like 1 clintz under market value... i know alot of noobs like that...)

thanks all
1 message
These are the last to complete my deck. I willing to buy these cards for around 2000 and up a little.
I'd really appreciate any offers, post here or pm me.
4 messages
English wertqwertywer - last answer from dagwin, Sunday 18/05/2008, 20:51.
I am auctioning:

Narenda-950-max level
Ella-250-max level
Rebecca-348-max level
Josh-350-max level
Endo-440-max level

If someone else has asked for it u can bid higher then them to maybe win the card
4 messages
English the bad boy 69 - last answer from AndyUhOh, Sunday 18/05/2008, 19:22.
Ddoudble or any i will take it ur hands i know there is nice people out there please help
3 messages
English OPeration PNY - last answer from Ibko, Sunday 18/05/2008, 18:04.
Selling Hikiyousan for 2800
2 messages
English 0Reversal - last answer from OC-Vanity, Sunday 18/05/2008, 17:58.
Any Leader, any level, 700 each. PM me or offer here.
1 message
I am trading my whole Nightmare deck for a Manon Cr but i don't have any cr's Pm me for more info
1 message
Im buying a Splata Cr just post or pm me the price and we can negotiate... thanks all

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