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Saturday 17/05/08

20 messages
English Saminabox - last answer from Saminabox, Saturday 17/05/2008, 20:19.
Simple you send me a pm of the cards you want lvling, put them in private sales for 50.....and when im done lvling ill sell it you back for 200 clintz

ill try to lvl them as fast as i can, ill be doing trainning and nothing else so expect your cards back soon
if you think the price is to much i may lower it
7 messages
English CakeGod - subject is closed
Selling Kolos, top lvl
offers starting at 20k
Pm me with offers
12 messages
English DTKC - last answer from DTKC, Saturday 17/05/2008, 19:16.
Ok same rules apply as last time I can not trade cards.
Offered cards must be 100-500 clintz off current market place when I will think about your offer....
Please Pm me serious selling offers or post here. I will try to be fair when thinking about your offer.
I'm looking for cards I don't have yet. Please post the cards and the price you want me to look at.
1 message
Ok im looking for Zdrone but ive only got 590clintz
16 messages
English brent24 - subject is closed
Selling 7 Kolos 4 of them r maxed anyone offer anything good for all them.
12 messages
English NvM - last answer from NvM, Saturday 17/05/2008, 17:50.
I currently have 3 Splata Cr that i can sell or trade to people

Ill take other Cr or rare cards for them.


I can max if needed.
10 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from k-mania, Saturday 17/05/2008, 17:12.
I buy any allstars card less then 1500
6 messages
English wertqwertywer - last answer from geofree789, Saturday 17/05/2008, 16:55.
I am looking for someone who will sell me a Kolos 0xp.
I willing to pay 5.5k clintz and a max Laetitia
4 messages
English killed by BOB - last answer from MrkingPin_MoB, Saturday 17/05/2008, 16:52.
Can i have some cards i am a good player with bad cards and would lke some better ones. will take any card no matter how bad.
11 messages
English darkone178 - subject is closed
XU52 and Eyrik i will trade or sell pm me with offer.
3 messages
English Seanio - last answer from Seanio, Saturday 17/05/2008, 14:09.
I am selling Vickie,
offers 19k and above please.
7 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from combot2732, Saturday 17/05/2008, 14:03.
Alexei - 850
Alison - 250
Amelia - 275
Ashley - 300
Bhudd - 250
Dan - 300
13 messages
English sasuke_cs2 - last answer from Capn Clintz, Saturday 17/05/2008, 13:17.
Do antbody got a Lyse Teria Cr
dont lie
17 messages
English sasuke_cs2 - last answer from sasuke_cs2, Saturday 17/05/2008, 12:49.
Start-50 clint
resvered- 35,000
ends may 25
1 message
I'm searching for these to cards can anybody help me please
7 messages
English LordChase - last answer from LordChase, Saturday 17/05/2008, 10:55.
Can anyone give me a card for free....
4 messages
English Hllibsaf - last answer from -DustStorm-, Saturday 17/05/2008, 09:25.
Just say the card and price and ability ok?
2 messages
English G-mimadeas - subject is closed
I'm selling Hattori(U) and Yusuke..pm me if u want to buy them..noobs not allowed..they are at max level..need goodd offers...
2 messages
English 0-Homer - last answer from Lord Urizen, Saturday 17/05/2008, 04:39.
No Noob Offer
3 messages
English Shadow_na - last answer from SA_cmz, Saturday 17/05/2008, 00:59.
I am buying All Stars make sure there are at least cheaper than the stroe and sell me a private message if ur selling them. i buy cards under 5000

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