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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 15/04/08

3 messages
English Spartan0021 - subject is closed
Looking for 10,000 Clintz.
Please PM me to buy.
7 messages
English UM-CoNraD - last answer from UM-CoNraD, Tuesday 15/04/2008, 17:24.
Im swapping my Hugo lvl 3 for Timber Vansaar or aanother Hugo lvl 5
2 messages
Português Kaiserxp - last answer from Kaiserxp, Tuesday 15/04/2008, 17:10.
I have Marina in max level, a All Stars rare card, and trade her for Havok in max level, another rare card but Sentinel.

Keep in contact for trade.
1 message
I am looking to buy Rescue cards for a very cheap price if you can help me out please pm me with your offer.

5 messages
English mets86 - last answer from rykuzo, Tuesday 15/04/2008, 15:23.
Have 10 Kolos to sell or trade

looking to sell Kolos for 11.000

Trading for crs
10 messages
English Milstrum_WP - last answer from Milstrum_WP, Tuesday 15/04/2008, 13:37.
I am buying Vickie for a cheap price make an offer.
5 messages
English scott1337l - subject is closed
I am collecting all star cards do not have clints to be able to by Lamar Cr so if your selling cheaper then market price or will trade PM me.
1 message
Looking to buy a Leviatonn... post ur prices, or pm me,
1 message
BuyinG Ottavia For 3400...

, Private Sales...

Thank You
4 messages
English haniel08 - last answer from scott1337l, Tuesday 15/04/2008, 01:20.

Kerry (R)
Alec (U)
Anita (C)
Ghoub (C)
Bobby (C)
Elvira (R)
Lea (U)
Steve (R)

pm me
8 messages
English PimpJohn - subject is closed
All of Them except Tanerva Gaia Chad Bread Cr and Rass Cr
Starting 15k
Reserve 25k
14 messages
English killing101 - subject is closed
2 Vladimir

PM me if u want a card well talk price
1 message
Looking to buy a Mona for around 1.6k - 1.7k

so who wants to help me out here ?
Monday 14/04/08

3 messages
English QuiGon - subject is closed
All cards are maxed


if yes..send me PM with reasonable price you offer for cards..and i'll decide if i price is good enough. and will sell you on private. tnx
3 messages
English eire - last answer from Tuby5629, Monday 14/04/2008, 22:43.
Looking to trade Striker 0xp
leave offers
2 messages
English crazymonkey82 - last answer from Tuby5629, Monday 14/04/2008, 22:40.
Well, title says it all...

...i will not make offers, only take offers...

thanks guys
1 message
I am looking for a Kolos (R) at about 10,500 Clintz.
Price may be negotiable.
Please PM me if you would like to make/negotiate a trade.
Thank you.
3 messages
English Skimsa - last answer from Skimsa, Monday 14/04/2008, 19:59.
Trading my full evolved reine for lamar and 25k of clintz and/or cards.
2 messages
English Colourless - last answer from dbaboon, Monday 14/04/2008, 19:53.
So, I guess the tittle says it all...
I want to trade my Lamar Cr for Miss Twice Cr and 27 k Clintz....
If anybody wants it... Let me know...
2 messages
English FAST IS FUN - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Monday 14/04/2008, 19:39.
I want to exchange my Lamar Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Elya Cr, and Splata Cr for your Marlysa Cr. All cards are max'ed. They're all playable cards, not piles of crud like Greuner Cr or Chad Bread Cr. That said, I can buff the offer with a couple few cruddy Cr's like Chad, if need be.

Please PM only if interested in the offer as is. I've no interest in clintz or cards other than Marlysa Cr.

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