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Monday 12/05/08

3 messages
English Dan kedda - last answer from Dan kedda, Monday 12/05/2008, 13:33.
Fully levelled
1 message
Im exchanging my Havok(3800) for Shakra(2800) and noodile(800)..(i want maxxed)

PM me ...

0- invoker
1 message
Can pay up to 65k, but looking for the cheapest possible price. Pm me if interested, Thanks all
3 messages
English torchic - last answer from TdB_DubStep, Monday 12/05/2008, 11:26.
Buying maxed of this cards


post or pm your offers
5 messages
English armageddon69 - last answer from TdB_DubStep, Monday 12/05/2008, 11:22.
Since i finished selling some cards i still have some doubles which are Zdrone,Eve, and Josh pm if you are interested
1 message
I buy keery at 1level 0xp i can exchange in loto preffer exchange for another cards please contact me at privat message
23 messages
English Mevann - last answer from Dubzz, Monday 12/05/2008, 06:58.
As the title goes, Buck for sale or trade!
Start bid on 1500 clints if you wanna buy!

I trade him for high level, Freak cards if you wanna trade!
10 messages
English Silex22 - last answer from Vanter, Monday 12/05/2008, 04:34.
I bandage(sell) this Frida in maximum level she is one of the nuvas letters that went out two weeks ago I wait for good offers, regards for all
203 messages
English excelsiorloy - subject is closed
I have decided to quit and so i am going to give away all my cards 1 hour after this posts whoever replies 1st gets most expensive card 2nd 2nd most expensive card etc 1 card per person prices based on current market price
1 message
I want to trade a Dean for a Kati if you want to trade message me please and thanks. Or i will trade Dean for anythin a little above it please
1 message
Will also trade for, and would prefer offers under market price.
Sunday 11/05/08

9 messages
English combot2732 - last answer from TnT_MeRm, Sunday 11/05/2008, 23:14.
I am looking for CR's if somebody picked gave me a CR card I would let them pick out my display name. Any name as long as it's legal on urban rivals. I am really looking for Berserkgirl or DJ Korr, but i would do it for any CR. HEY YOU NEVER KNOW!!!``
2 messages
English Thizzman - subject is closed
Want to sell it for 14-15k
or trade for a Few cards that i want
pm me or post here
2 messages
English Silex22 - last answer from Slowp0ke, Sunday 11/05/2008, 21:53.
35 messages
English OUC_Lost - subject is closed
I am felling generous for the people starting this wonderful game and i am looking to point
them in the right direction today.
I am giving away 8 upperclass characters to any new person to the game
Requirements to get these 8 starter characters =
- you have to write why you should get these 8 from me
- you must be between lvl 5-10
i am doing this cause i have somemany doubles i felt genrous

9 messages
English McV - subject is closed
I will buy a Splata Cr any level for about 35k-38k MESSAGE me the offers pelase and thank you.
2 messages
English Random trash - subject is closed
I only have 3500 for Ottavia but i'll giv that much money and Vladimir if anyone will give me otavia
245 messages
English soliuz - subject is closed
Heres how im going to do it

the person that gets the 100th post gets a alexie and eytron

the person that gets the 200th post gets a Oyoh

the person that gets the 400 post gets a Willy


8 messages
English Alkwapone - last answer from Eric C, Sunday 11/05/2008, 14:04.
I have one of the following Crs for trade:

chad bread

all are 0xp.
only interested with trades to other Crs.
post here with your offers.
stupid offers will be ignored.

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