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Monday 14/04/08

2 messages
English crazymonkey82 - last answer from Tuby5629, Monday 14/04/2008, 22:40.
Well, title says it all...

...i will not make offers, only take offers...

thanks guys
1 message
I am looking for a Kolos (R) at about 10,500 Clintz.
Price may be negotiable.
Please PM me if you would like to make/negotiate a trade.
Thank you.
3 messages
English Skimsa - last answer from Skimsa, Monday 14/04/2008, 19:59.
Trading my full evolved reine for lamar and 25k of clintz and/or cards.
2 messages
English Colourless - last answer from dbaboon, Monday 14/04/2008, 19:53.
So, I guess the tittle says it all...
I want to trade my Lamar Cr for Miss Twice Cr and 27 k Clintz....
If anybody wants it... Let me know...
2 messages
English FAST IS FUN - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Monday 14/04/2008, 19:39.
I want to exchange my Lamar Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Elya Cr, and Splata Cr for your Marlysa Cr. All cards are max'ed. They're all playable cards, not piles of crud like Greuner Cr or Chad Bread Cr. That said, I can buff the offer with a couple few cruddy Cr's like Chad, if need be.

Please PM only if interested in the offer as is. I've no interest in clintz or cards other than Marlysa Cr.
15 messages
English chasmflip - last answer from 9876_UK, Monday 14/04/2008, 15:51.
Looking to trade my 0xp Kolos for a max lvl Kolos for anyone trying to collecting them (worth more in the future!)

up for trade (all max lvl):
Kerozinn Cr
Vermyn N
Miss Chloe

trading for (any lvl):
Wee Lee
Splata Cr (maybe..)

post or pm me.
13 messages
English --Dia- - subject is closed
There is an increasing rumour that a new pussycat is coming to town and that her name has been tentatively fixed as Sylvia. They say the card will be 3 star with bonus stopping ability, and the power will be 8. Any knowledge of her whereabouts?
12 messages
Português Akamarured - last answer from Akamarured, Monday 14/04/2008, 14:43.
You may start at 650 cz
5 messages
English Job 314 - last answer from 0uc-stamper, Monday 14/04/2008, 13:41.
If you have Linda give me an offer
2 messages
English 0AC_karl0424 - last answer from 0- invoker, Monday 14/04/2008, 13:37.
Looking for jackie 5k 0 xp
1 message
Im swapping a Vansaar lvl 1 for a Vansaar lvl 5 coz i cant be bothered 2 train him up please trade people
2 messages
English OTZ - last answer from scott1337l, Monday 14/04/2008, 11:43.
Want to purchase Meroo, Vermyn N, Willy, Graff, Bodenpower, Juicy Lord at a little bit lower price than market value~~~~~~!!!!

or you can look at my current card sale to exchange card~~!!!

2 messages
English X-magnus - last answer from X-magnus, Monday 14/04/2008, 09:32.
PM me
Onik and 500 clintz
8 messages
English NvM - last answer from NvM, Monday 14/04/2008, 07:38.
Page = 8/8.5k
Diyo = 9k
Geuner = 9k
Chad Bread = 8.5k
Cassio = 9k
Seldnor = 9k
Swidz = 14k
Nahi = 17k
Miss Twice = 22k
Any other CR's at a good value please
4 messages
English Spartan0021 - subject is closed
Looking to buy a Kenny (R) at about 22,000 clintz. Price may be negotiable.
Please PM me for a faster response.
5 messages
English Charly_Vel36 - last answer from Charly_Vel36, Monday 14/04/2008, 01:57.
Selling leaders
Timber level 4 (700)
Vansaar maxed (700)
Hugo level 3 (900)
Bridget level 4 (950
Ashigaru maxed (1.5k)
or 5k for all
14 messages
English wolverines33 - subject is closed
I'm selling Swidz Cr and Cassio Cr

I think that the bidding should start at 10k and the minimum price I will sell it for is 40k
22 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - last answer from Job 314, Monday 14/04/2008, 01:50.
All maxxed
Lamar Cr (Cr)
Elya Cr (Cr)
Marlysa Cr (Cr)
Splata Cr (Cr)
Ambrose Cr (Cr)
Thaumaturge Cr (Cr)
Tessa Cr (Cr)
and Jim Cr (Cr)
post offers
2 messages
English Spartan0021 - subject is closed
I am selling a Vickie (R) for 21999 Clintz, it is on the market, or I will sell it to someone who PMs me.
Have a great day.
1 message
I am buying 3 Uppers cards:
Ruby, Zatman, and Dorian all for 15k total
breaks down to 3.5k Ruby, 5k Dorian, 6.5k Zatman
i will take any *'s

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