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Wednesday 07/05/08

9 messages
English 1-AL3X-EVO - last answer from 1-AL3X-EVO, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 19:07.
I will trade lots of Cr card....
9 messages
Español DMOC - last answer from TL-Nexarcus, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 19:03.
I am buying crs for 2000 and lower because i dont have any money. These r the ones that i need.
Sum Sam Cr
Marlysa Cr
Lao Cr
Sigmund Cr
DJ Korr Cr
Berserkgirl Cr
General Cr
Flavio Cr
Lyse Teria Cr
Manon Cr
Scarlett Cr
Shawoman Cr
Kiki Cr
NDololo Cr
Guru Cr
Aldebaran Cr
Dragan Cr
Melissa Cr
Rass Cr
Armanda Cr

So if you have any of these Crs that u can sell for 2000 or lower just PM me.
6 messages
English HaveOne WMD - last answer from lolakill, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 18:12.
I have 1 extra each of:

Diyo Cr
Cassio Cr
Seldnor Cr

looking for

Page Cr
Chad Bread Cr
Gruener Cr

Also willing to trade all three for Beltran Cr or Selysa Cr

Post or PM with offers.
1 message
I have a Phonos im looking to Trade all take any clan
1 message
Check my stats to see what I have for sale...

Cards are also available for trade, offer me something. If your offering clintz, just buy the card off the market... all cards priced well for what they are.

Post in this form potential trades. PMs also accepted.
3 messages
English hujubey - last answer from conor the king1, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 15:55.
Anywhere to 700
2 messages
English TDDP - last answer from conor the king1, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 15:54.
I offer Zatman maxxed and Swidz Cr maxxed for Thaumaturge Cr!
great deal isn't it?
so talk with me and...we will have a deal!
3 messages
English Shad03JXX - last answer from punk229, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 15:34.
PM me if you could give me a offer, just about 8.5k will be fine.thank you.
1 message
Every Gwen level 1 that have 0xp or A LITTLE more...you can sell to me in private...please...
don't go with big prices...!
12 messages
English TDDP - last answer from TDDP, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 13:13.
If someone wants kenny maxxed please write to me your offers!
1 message
Buying Ambre or Kiki for 2800 clints
4 messages
English McV - last answer from McV, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 04:11.
Well i want to trade my Geuner Cr or my Seldnor Cr for a another Cr card worth a little bit more =] does anybody want to trade ? Pm me if you do or just post it down and ill get with you as soon as possible Thanks
4 messages
English McV - last answer from McV, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 04:11.
Im Buying Rowdy and Buck for about 1500-1700 clintz ! NO trades ! Thanks
2 messages
English the jr mlg - last answer from DTKC, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 03:34.
Ok im buying every Frankie Hi for 230 clintz for any lvl

(and b4 you say you can sell it in the market for more almost no 1 will buy it unless they really need it)
4 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from ShamedGod, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 02:30.
Would like Robb

But will entertain other offers. NO CLINTZ ecepted. For trade only.

Also have 2 4* lulabee's for Trade...

put offers in this thread or send a PM (I am not pick about contact)
1 message
Ill trade my kenny and 3000 clintz for 2 Kolos.....(any level)
3 messages
English 0- invoker - last answer from abdudey, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 01:40.

No dumb offers

8 messages
English Thizzman - subject is closed
Dacha Macha
Miss Ming

would like to sell all at once,but i can do individual selling
want to trade all for something Big if possible

waiting for offers
8 messages
English Dk_TRiLLZ_kD - last answer from Capn Clintz, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 01:13.
I was wondering i have a Bangers deck what pack of cards should i buy with my clintz?
3 messages
English IceWizard - last answer from error123, Wednesday 07/05/2008, 01:09.
{Auct} Maeva max level
I will auction Maeva max level starting from 200 clintz.

The amount you pay for must be at least 20 clintz more than the last offer.
Deadline: May 5th

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