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Wednesday 30/04/08

12 messages
English torchic - last answer from Milstrum_WP, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 12:30.
I will buy large amount of the following cards as possible at th price there
Tanner-250 any level you want
Giovanni-200 any level
Gastroboy-350 any level
Phonos-350 any level
Yaman-200 any level
Igniss-200 any level

pm me your offers
3 messages
English DTKC - last answer from DTKC, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 12:11.
I wil not buy noobish offers you may pm me if you have a card to sell to me or post here with the price.
note I will be fair and please be under the market price by 100-500 clintz for cheap cards.
1 message
Cheap cheap cheap
i am selling otpme cheap at 150 clintz respond if you would like to buy it
4 messages
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
For Only 900k or 950k
5 messages
English Blue Zero - last answer from 0 3MiN3M, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 05:59.
I'll trade my
for your
Juicy Lord and Saddy
3 messages
English 0-Homer - subject is closed
Message me
13 messages
English 0 3MiN3M - subject is closed
I'm willing to trade most of the cards in my collection to get a Cr........

Post here or PM me for offers.....
4 messages
English Neo_ExXxilE - last answer from Neo_ExXxilE, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 04:32.
I will trade me maxed Jim Cr, Ambre, Ashigaru, and Gibson, and my Dieter for a Splata Cr whatever level
5 messages
English 0- JP - subject is closed
Looking for one lower than the market, hopefully evolved, hehe! PM me offers,
12 messages
English redjumpsuit - last answer from -Cypher-, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 03:15.
I need kenny for 2,000Clintz
22 messages
English beowulf53 - last answer from 0-Jade, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 02:21.
Im looking for a Lyse Teria Cr
i can trade the owner of that card alot of cards
10 Skullface Cr
10 kerozinn
10 Thaumaturge Cr
1 Vholt
2 Splata Cr
1 shawoman
1 Tessa Cr
2 swidz
all i need is a Lyse Teria Cr
4 messages
English redjumpsuit - last answer from brent24, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 02:02.
I'm looking for those for 3k.
5 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from Ibko, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 01:59.
Someone offer me cards decent price no Acid DC 5k
1 message
I am buying marco.. message me for offers
3 messages
English Mikuljonac - last answer from chaos4611, Wednesday 30/04/2008, 01:42.
I know that is is low price but 600clintz for Dr Saw.
1 message
I'm looking to collect GEIST, and want to buy them cheaply and/or trade for them! send me a private message if you want to do this!
8 messages
English Neo_ExXxilE - subject is closed
I have all the Fang Pi cards except the cr's for sale post your offers here

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