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Thursday 27/03/08

1 message
I am looking to buy both if you have them pm me the price u wnt for them
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English england4lyf - subject is closed
Hey everybody, if you want to buy stuff p.m on this or p.m me ok thank's
here they are, there may not be alot, but there worth it:
Here are my (CR) card's for sale:
Ambrose (CR)
Ombre (CR)
Splata (CR)
Geuner (CR)

Here are my (R) card's for sale:
Nistarok (R)
Boris (R)
Maciej (R)
Lelena (R)
Kenny (R)
Hugo (R)
Morphun (R)
Marco (R)

Here are the rest i am selling:
Estalt (U)
Crassus (U)
Eve (U)

These are all the card's im selling so um bid away
10 messages
English 0UC_JackBlack - last answer from 0UC_JackBlack, Thursday 27/03/2008, 05:57.
U just give me the price , i will think about it
10 messages
English heartbeatracer - last answer from heartbeatracer, Thursday 27/03/2008, 05:36.
I would like to see what I can get for this clint wise or trade wise... it's maxed
10 messages
English Blue Zero - subject is closed

willing to trade for the following cards or to buy for lower than the market price or the cheapest offer pm me

Juicy Lord
B Ball
Vermyn N 3*
Prince Jr
4 messages
English LOA_Lightning - last answer from PimpJohn, Thursday 27/03/2008, 04:31.
I will sell my maxxed Venus for any price reasonable. Or I will trade it for a Na Boh, or a Gabrielle. If you can come up with something else to trade, let me know.
18 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Thursday 27/03/2008, 02:27.
Trading a Kerozinn Cr (0xp) for a Splata Cr or Tessa Cr. Pm me for offers. Thanks.
1 message
I want to buy an Eklore, I don't care at what level she is, I can pay up to 8600 clintz and trade some other leaders that you can sell later. please PM me if interested
3 messages
English i am the devil - last answer from --Steeze--, Thursday 27/03/2008, 01:54.
Vansera and Timber level1 just give me a price min 2000 or trade me a rare card i have not got
4 messages
English CHR0 - last answer from CHR0, Thursday 27/03/2008, 01:40.
If Anyone has General Cr... ill negociate.... or if i cant make something worth... my friends will help.. itll be garantee to have a good trade... or sale!
Wednesday 26/03/08

2 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - last answer from Clubber LoA, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 21:20.
Looking for a chap Ambre plaese i havent got enyone
2 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from PimpJohn, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 21:07.
Ottavia 1500
Vickie 25000
5 messages
English Dr_Bob - last answer from _Mr-I_, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 20:04.
Ur told me i got 3 free lerders(not by mail when i logged on it was on my little not thing). is this a scam, or did ur do this?
3 messages
English FalSeGods - last answer from FalSeGods, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 17:09.
Looking to pay about 50k for it please mail me with your offers ty
13 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from Baron Brixius, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 13:56.

I am trying to place in the top 100 this week. My highest elo score is 132? but as soon as I am about to break the barrier I get frustrated with a lose. I think I have put together a solid deck, but it needs two cards to complete it.

Use this thread as calteral, the mods will be aware of what's going on. I want to rent your Crs for a week.

Lyse Teria Cr and Marlysa Cr

You can keep my Kenny and Lamar for calateral and then sell them back to me for 2500 on sunday.

If you are willing to trade for either of those I have the following cards availible

Lamar Cr
Charlie (3*)
Gaia (two of them)
Noon Stevens (1*)
Slventhia (1*)

Cards I'd like to keep but am willing to bend on
Baby Q
Wee Lee
2 messages
English bountyhead - last answer from Baron Brixius, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 13:25.
So, the UR clintz system is pretty much based solely on how many battles you have won coupled with how lucky you get in packs? Isn't their any way to convert dollars to clintz easier? The way that I see this is that the game makers have a corner on the market because you need the good cards in order to win and you need to sell good cards in order to get the specific good cards you need and the extremely good cards cost at least ten times the selling price of the pretty good cards so we have this absolutely incompatible market, much like a bartering system in which each person only gets one good to sell. I mean, all I see is that the good get better and the only people who can approach them are the extremely lucky. I mean, does the number of clintz you get for each battle go up as you level up, or somthing like that, because I love the game, but I honestly can't bring myself to roll the dice with my money when it seems like their should be a much simpler/better way of opperating.
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English Xadvid - last answer from Xadvid, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 12:07.
Like I said,Im trading or Selling my Ottavia.
I don't accpet Stupid offers like 100 clintzs for Ottavia.
Ottavia's low price at level max is 3,799 clilntz.
1 message
Do you vend sigmundCr por 2 lamarCr + splataCr ?
4 messages
English Beliazmodan - last answer from Beliazmodan, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 06:07.
Ill give 60k and maybie a few cards =D
3 messages
English 0 whitefang - last answer from 0 whitefang, Wednesday 26/03/2008, 04:32.
Buying any lvl Lobo for lower than market price. Thanks.

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