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Sunday 06/01/08

2 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from The-Girl-eVo, Sunday 06/01/2008, 09:56.
Anyone interested?
accept Clintz/soleils.no entry for Scammers - will pass by moderator.
Accept only serious offers
3 messages
English aol0 - last answer from onik, Sunday 06/01/2008, 09:02.
Sellin amber 3000 clintz or 4 good cards
2 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from onik, Sunday 06/01/2008, 08:53.
Send me an message
2 messages
English OdinGS - last answer from OdinGS, Sunday 06/01/2008, 08:04.
Buying Kerry for 2800
1 message
I don't think this will work but I'll have a try.

Anyone selling Dragan Cr for 90.000 clintz and my eternal gratitude?

I don't have doubles nor more clintz so don't ask for them. I'd like to do a better offer but that's all I can get right know.
6 messages
English Ancient Shade - subject is closed
I am fairly new and wanted to know if you can give cards for no money. Also if there is a way to trade one card for another card.
4 messages
English Another-shadow - last answer from iiiaaannn, Sunday 06/01/2008, 03:01.
I'll offer all these cards for a kenny:
Tyler Marco Rosa Yayoi Willy
Saturday 05/01/08

9 messages
English onik - last answer from johnnysay, Saturday 05/01/2008, 23:25.
Tradein some of mi top lv cards for some la juna cards
2 messages
English LoA EphekT - last answer from LoA EphekT, Saturday 05/01/2008, 22:26.
I'm willing to offer a Gertrud, Marina, and Morphun (all maxed) for a maxed Lamar
12 messages
English Transparrent - subject is closed
As it says I want Gaia Noel. I will trade for it or buy it. Post ur offers here thanks.
4 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
I'm auctioning my Cassio Cr. I'll accept clintz, certain cards, a combonation of certain cards, or a combonation of both.

The starting bid is 10,000 clintz OR an XU52 any level.

Post your bids here or PM me and I will post the highest bid once per day.

The auction closes when I decide it should.

2 messages
English Anger_HM - subject is closed
Well..want to sell you Rubie..but no one want to buy? well then sell it to me..i just need one Rubie..well i could give you cards like Emma,Yayoi and add clints..so pm me or post your offer here..
4 messages
English Dubhero - subject is closed
If you would like to buy, plz send me a message. First come first serve
5 messages
English UR-JMB - last answer from The-Girl-eVo, Saturday 05/01/2008, 17:50.
Yes 500 Lea.

post your offers
4 messages
English Symbolic - subject is closed
I am looking to buy these cards:

Thaumaturge Cr-20k
Dwain Cr- 30k
Ombre Cr- 50k
Ambrose Cr- 84k

Post here or message me, I don't really want to pay much more then those prices but we can always negotiate.
4 messages
English Bralbuc - last answer from 0 ionas EVO, Saturday 05/01/2008, 15:58.
I trade it for clitnz or for another Cr.

its 22000 on the market.
5 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from FRAK -HC-, Saturday 05/01/2008, 13:45.
Ghoub make our offer
1 message
Hey im looking to buy 0xp noodiles for 600

Also willing to trade lvl 2 or 3 noodiles for her


THank you

1 message
Looking to buy him for cheap if anyone is kind =/ im kind of poor... =]

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