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Saturday 26/04/08

15 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
I'm looking to trade my Lamar max level for 5 Kolos any level..

just pm me or post here for faster response
1 message
Buying max :
Yaman(below 200)
Gastroboy(below 350)
Phonos(below 350)
Mario(below 200)
Igniss(below 200)
Tanner(below 300)
Hammer(below 550)
Giovanni(below 200)
Sai San(below 300)
Yusuke(below 300)
Mojo(below 200)
Alexei (below 300 if possible very urgent)

just pm me your offer just post for questions and pm for offers
2 messages
English Diggy928 - last answer from Diggy928, Saturday 26/04/2008, 03:47.
I am looking for a Robb, and know he price won't stay quite this high for very long, so I would like to offer an even trade, my Kolos, for your Robb, if anyone is interested. If you're not interested in Kolos, I can trade most cards from the New Blood packs, but am not accepting any other offers.
12 messages
English Aidster1248 - last answer from geofree789, Saturday 26/04/2008, 02:54.
Hi i'm thinking of buying a card what is the best card for under 30,000 clintz
1 message
6800 Clintz for her. *Best deal on market*
2 messages
English Roidking16 - last answer from zatmanzatman, Saturday 26/04/2008, 01:04.
I am looking to buy the following La Junta clan cards:
Winifred for 150 clintz
Amiral Py for 200 clintz
Tank for 400 clintz
pm me if you can help me out
Friday 25/04/08

4 messages
English DarkAngeIlIl - last answer from DarkAngeIlIl, Friday 25/04/2008, 23:53.
I need a Kerry for an aforrdable price if you have just pm me
3 messages
English Jon Ole - subject is closed
I will trade Lewis(max lvl) for Lulabee(Ulu Watu) or Charlie(Pussycats).
4 messages
English Drewqwe - subject is closed
Put your offers here or pm me if u want an Ambrose. I'm looking for a Rowdy, Peeler, Perle, or any other Junkz.
9 messages
English geofree789 - subject is closed
Like 0DB_Blacklist i am trading my crs for Kolos and only Kolos
i would like a fair and equal trade
these are the crs i have to offer
Cassio Cr
Diyo Cr
Miss Twice Cr 0 xp
Lamar Cr
Elya Cr
Geuner Cr 0 xp
Splata Cr
A Award Cr

Nahi Cr
Seldnor Cr
Chad Bread Cr 0 xp
1 message
Does anyone have a Jim Cr that they would trade me??
if so pm me and we can negociate
1 message
Anyone have a Dean for sale? If so, please either post here or send me a message. A message will, of course, receive a quicker response. Thanks
3 messages
ελληνικά pl91 - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Friday 25/04/2008, 19:18.
I want to buy robb a little lower than the market price.so you can post your offers here.i will think about trades.
starting price 15000 and descending.the best offer will be accepted.finishing in 12 hours.thanks everyone
4 messages
English ECL-Gearheart - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Friday 25/04/2008, 19:11.
Im willing to trade an Kolos for an Lamar Cr message me about it
3 messages
English 0-Homer - last answer from NvM, Friday 25/04/2008, 11:38.
3 messages
English torchic - last answer from OC_Jiggs_Fast, Friday 25/04/2008, 09:50.
Im buying these
John (U)
Prince Jr (C)
Denise (C)
Ella (C)
Ben (C)
Onik (U)
Hammer (U)
Luba (C)
Mario (U)
Lolly (C)
erzserbet (C)
maybe need 3 Hammer plz
2 messages
English OC_Jiggs_Fast - subject is closed
For jackie and 2k

or 13k
2 messages
English Tanto89 - last answer from Tanto89, Friday 25/04/2008, 09:36.
I want to buy Selsya Cr.
I offer 36K. if someone wants to sell it put it in my private sales
thank you
9 messages
English KG_Hibakusha - last answer from d3l, Friday 25/04/2008, 07:32.
You give your offer.
17 messages
English 0_SexyKitty - subject is closed
At the title reserved price is 80 k or cards wait for offfers

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