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Tuesday 18/03/08

39 messages
English 0 CHLOE - subject is closed
I met the bid Lyse Teria Cr
Reserve price 7 000 000 clintz
But can exchange with a minimum of 3 000 000 clintz
You have until Monday, January 14th 19 hour
8 messages
English dj_hamster - last answer from dj_hamster, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 13:34.
The title says it all...if u want to trade...post wat card u want to trade for my Methane.....
and if u want to buy it......then leave ur offers!!!!!!!!
happy trading and buying!!!!!!!!!
13 messages
English Joe Dirt - subject is closed
Selling all of these Cr's all are fully maxed, Want ~ market value, will trade ifu want to, want a Tessa Cr.
Diyo Cr
Geuner Cr
Page Cr
Cassio Cr
3 messages
English CB SylentEcho - last answer from CB SylentEcho, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 09:09.
I am tradind my lamar + 2000 clintz....for

skinner + Miranda + copper + Swidz Cr + Miranda cr

check the market ...u r in gain
1 message
Looking for a marco, name price or trade offers.
10 messages
English Inactive - last answer from Slayernator, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 08:04.
B Ball
Erpeto x 4
Emeth x 3
Prince Jr
Na Boh
Colin x 2
16 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Elementz, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 06:28.
SElling ogoun kun.. ( who i suspect is gonna be a cr due to it's lousiness and oldness (the card has no artist logo..OMG!)...so get him early...!!!!! (PS:I have 6...but gonna sell 5 only...cuz i wanna keep 1)

auction starts at 150
15 messages
English geofree789 - last answer from Varathron, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 01:53.
Well the two i really need are tanaereva and Gaia

Anyone wiling to trade those two or at least Gaia (R)
i got 6.2k and a couple cards to trade for them
i will trade like Rowdy (R) for both

the other cards i need are
i would like offer to be below market price thank you
2 messages
English jesses - last answer from Vanter, Tuesday 18/03/2008, 00:13.
42 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - subject is closed
Python is up for sell or trade!!!!!!!!!!!!
Monday 17/03/08

4 messages
English AlvaroMr - last answer from CRAZY_G_CWG, Monday 17/03/2008, 23:57.
I sell or trade Flavio Cr full exp. Make your offers . Thanks
2 messages
English chainz-old - last answer from mets86, Monday 17/03/2008, 23:27.
Cheapest i will sell is 25k-27k
1 message
I am buying K Cube, please pm me your offers
1 message
Looking for mathane. I got money, just dont like to spend much... well anyways, thats prety much what i want if i can get a good deal ill buy.
8 messages
English El-Allen - last answer from abdudey, Monday 17/03/2008, 18:56.

send me ur offers, and i will consider them....
1 message
I offer 5 k for a Kiki Cr , i don't whanna buy , just to borrow for 4 weeks , if somebody have pls send me a pm , 10ks to all
7 messages
0UC K-Ryder - last answer from The-Girl-eVo, Monday 17/03/2008, 15:39.
I didn't know where to put this so i put it in here

remember this:

i want the original Globumm from that thread
i started to pm people, but i came to a 5 pronged fork in the road

so all i need you to do, is check every Globumm you have in your collection, and pm me if you find it
will trade for it Mac Hen

please help me find it, i want to preserve it forever!!!!
(please dont be sold to kate, please dont be sold to kate, PLEASE dont be sold to kate)
17 messages
English Billyanaire - last answer from Top_Find_Dex, Monday 17/03/2008, 15:10.
Selling level 4 Peeler any offers?????
2 messages
English Mosquito6 - last answer from kingkvt, Monday 17/03/2008, 12:58.
Ive Ben trying to buy credits but it seems to not be working can anyone help me?
1 message
I have 10k here./

anyone wanna sell me some GHEIST cards
like Methane,zero dead.Leviatonn

i dont accept stupid offers like" selling zero dead for 5k"

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