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Monday 21/04/08

1 message
Buying a dragon cr for 130k
18 messages
English Gazelle28 - subject is closed
Here are some CR list and i want to know how many Kolos will i get from these cr's

kerozinn max and 0 xp

miss twice max

lamar max and 0 xp

jim max

marlysa 0xp

post ur offers here
1 message
Pm me...I'm looking for 9k - 10,000Clintz............ I'm Always Online Pm me if you want.
1 message
Please Sell your thaumaturgeCr Card To me in Private...Ok!
1 message
Ill buy
Gastroboy max for 350
Phonos max for 350
Yaman max for 200
1 message
I'm buying Kolos (any level) for 12 000 clintz or less.
11 messages
English mcUK - last answer from torchic, Monday 21/04/2008, 07:48.
I need to get rid of Dash! quite cheap you offer
1 message
Buying edd,Mona and ottavio...pm me ur offer
3 messages
English 0UC_JackBlack - last answer from 0UC_JackBlack, Monday 21/04/2008, 06:08.
Can someone sell me Striker at 3000 , i really need him right now !:sweat
6 messages
English NvM - last answer from MyL Colok, Monday 21/04/2008, 02:30.
Lennox x2
Glorg x2

ill only trade for Cr's so no other offers please
or Clintz xD
Sunday 20/04/08

5 messages
English TNT VAMP - last answer from AC_Swancino, Sunday 20/04/2008, 23:54.
I am selling my Erzsebet make me a offer peolpe
17 messages
English Ultimate bob - subject is closed
Starting price 10000 clintz
reserve 35000 clintz
bidding ends 21st of april
happy bidding
22 messages
English Ultimate bob - subject is closed
Bidding starts at 10000 clintz
reserve is 25000 clintz
auction ends 21st of april
happy bidding
1 message
1k ea pm or just put em in my p sales
18 messages
English I Hate Clowns - last answer from I Hate Clowns, Sunday 20/04/2008, 18:35.
Starting bid-18000
Reserve bid-30000
Auction ends on 30th april
I will not be accepting trades...clintz only...
You need to increase your bid by exactly 100 clintz or more from the previous bid.

11 messages
English UP_LilKiller - last answer from UP_LilKiller, Sunday 20/04/2008, 18:30.
Starting bid 60,000
Reserve price 80,000
if i dont see a bid i like i won't sell but with the starting bid ill sell
In a long time he'll go up in price but i dont want to wait that long
19 messages
English SperoSpera - last answer from Capn Clintz, Sunday 20/04/2008, 17:58.
A maxed XU52, 6/8 with -8 attack min 2, offer starting price.
1 message
Buying Boris for 2300 Clintz...PM me if you want to barter the price...
2 messages
English fiji warrior - last answer from McV, Sunday 20/04/2008, 17:05.
How much you selling it for?

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