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Saturday 29/03/08

6 messages
English torchic - subject is closed
I need these card my price

Kinjo for 500
Otome for 50-120
Endo for 150-200
Yusuke for 600-650
Kati for 250-300
Windy Mor for 350-400
Sakazuki for 250-300
please as soon as you read this and agree to what i post please sell it to me as soon as possiblebefore others
sell me and iu bought it
Friday 28/03/08

9 messages
English the jr mlg - subject is closed
Whats takin so long its been like a whole day when they said a couple of hours i NEED to sell me leaders really badly!
2 messages
English Leonumber11 - last answer from DK_Hellz, Friday 28/03/2008, 19:23.
I am interested in a Kolos i would appreciate it if anyone interested in seeling me their Kolos would inform me of how much they want for the card
2 messages
Português meinemene - subject is closed
I´m looking to add a Splata to my collection, but i dont want to spend cz. I´ll trade it for a batch of cards the same of the same value. Wide range of cards to choose from. PM me if proposals
9 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from Myztyrio, Friday 28/03/2008, 18:28.
Buying tanaereva and Buck for 3k clintz pm me if u want
28 messages
English Gus Lee - subject is closed
Have over 100 doubels sell they to good and fair prices
1 message
Selling Lamar Cr for 50000clintz
6 messages
English 0-FS WMD - last answer from 0-FS WMD, Friday 28/03/2008, 14:23.
Have multiples of most cards and have some CR's. Will trade equal value in cards as I prefer not to spend clintz.
1 message
Yeah im buying La Junta cards and if im not allowd to plz dont shoot me down
4 messages
English Sifrus - subject is closed
Buck and Tanaereva

3300 clintz each

1 message

That pretty much says it all, huh!
3 messages
English PimpJohn - last answer from Gryazzie, Friday 28/03/2008, 10:48.
Flesh Pimp MAX
Mickey T MAX
Dacha Macha MAX
-Name Your Price No Ridiculous Offers
8 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
I'd like to buy or trade for Vholt at under current market price. Obviously the only reason the card is so expensive is that there were few of them on market and someone bought them all up and raised the price. Because there are so few of them out, it didn't take all that much to control Vholt card market. If anyone recieved extras or is feeling kind, I'd like to make a trade for a bit under market price or buy with clintz for under 100k. I currently have well over 300k, so whether you'd like cards or clintz, we can most likely work out a deal.
3 messages
English torchic - subject is closed
I hope that next for Leader freebies are collectors which you can get
for every 10 levels or 10% of card collection
or for every500 wins

if that happens,yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
5 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from tuMuerte, Friday 28/03/2008, 05:41.
This is written you have acchieved level 10 level15 level 20 level 25 PM ME
15 messages
English Angel No Fry - last answer from heartbeatracer, Friday 28/03/2008, 05:30.
Kolos at 4*
Bid is started at 10,000
1 message
I'm looking to buy either or both of these 2 cards, let me know what your prices are or trades you want exactly and I'll see what I can do!
3 messages
English heartbeatracer - subject is closed
Buying a maxed Lulabee for 4850 clints or less...

Please let me know ASAP cuz i might have already bought one...
8 messages
English wingfighter9 - subject is closed
Trading lamar for Kolos plz!!!
10 messages
English Kate - last answer from OC_Jiggs_Fast, Friday 28/03/2008, 04:24.
New Leader cards were added to clint city today!, Leader cards will no longer be available in the shop
i want to know what you guys think about them?

Eyrik = -1 opp pillz min 5
Eklore = -1 opp power min 5
Vholt = -1 opp damage min 5

personally, i think that Eklore is the best one, what do you think?

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