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Friday 04/04/08

28 messages
English LoD -Anthony- - last answer from OFH_DelBoy Cr, Friday 04/04/2008, 12:40.
Following Leaders fully evolved for sale:
Vansaar x 2

Post offers only in this thread please

Thanks Bish
5 messages
English McV - last answer from GoodnightSWEE, Friday 04/04/2008, 09:43.
Im Trading a Zoltan if Some one is interested
4 messages
Português Dax X - last answer from Baron Brixius, Friday 04/04/2008, 08:49.
I'm doing a GHEIST/Roots deck, and I allready have the GHEISTs.
The Root cards I need are: Miken Moose, Yookie, Shakra and Noodile.
If you can give me the inteire half deck, put a price. If you wish to sell only one or two cards... put a price to!
I will not accept CRAZY deals or huge prices. Please leave your comment
1 message
Buying fangpi cards tell me if you have Yuske Macumba Linda
3 messages
English Nintendan WMD - last answer from Neo_ExXxilE, Friday 04/04/2008, 01:45.
Well if you cant read Im buying a Veenyle for 2250 clintz

please help me out.
Thursday 03/04/08

1 message

I'm trading my OMBRE with your REINE and I'm also trading my SPLATA with your SKULLFACE

If interested, please mail me.

2 messages
English GoodnightSWEE - last answer from PimpJohn, Thursday 03/04/2008, 20:57.
Selling some doubles dudes
Here is the list:
Noon Stevens

All of these are 0xp
Happy buying and selling!
1 message
I really want kenny i will buy him lev 1 for around 18,000 or higher levels for more
1 message
Doesn't matter what exp, but i'm looking to pay around 18k, if anyone is interested pleast let me know, it's a bit under market price I know, I can add some more if needed.
4 messages
English chad123 - last answer from Dritan, Thursday 03/04/2008, 18:02.
I need
to complete my Rescue collection i have about 19k clintz so if anybodys trying to sell those cards post reasonable deals here. thanks
3 messages
English Fatecalling - subject is closed
This is a Raffle that will take place from now til the end of April.

Prizes come in sets of 2:
1st place:Glorg and Lelena

2nd place:Vladimir and Erika

the cost per ticket will be 400.You must be able to sell to participate in this auction.I will sell you a cheap card for 450 and you must sell back for 50.that will be one ticket.i will be drawing names out of a hat(please,if you buy a ticket under a name,don't change your name).If you have any questions,feel free to PM me.

yours truly, Fatecalling
49 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Baron Brixius, Thursday 03/04/2008, 17:24.
This will be for multiple auctions. I'm auctioning 1 0exp Eklore and 1 max Eklore.

for 0exp:

Starting bid 35k
Reserve price 50k

for max

Starting bid 30k
Reserve price 45k

the auction for both cards will end Saturday April 5th at midnight US Central Time. Any bids after this time will be disregarded even if they are for more than the previous bid.
4 messages
English redjumpsuit - last answer from NewType_0, Thursday 03/04/2008, 15:42.
I want to buy any Nightmare Cr in 1,800k
1 message
I want an Ambre but she is to overpriced in the market any1 want to sell it to me
8 messages
English 000_zKINGx - last answer from RG LoA, Thursday 03/04/2008, 15:33.
Well here goes...

I really want a Bryan and I don't have much money. However, I prepared to offer the following to anyone who will trade:

1 Flyer
2 Gaia Noel
1 Venus
1 Ella
1 Luis
1 Dan
1 K Cube

These card suck, I know, but it is really all I have that isn't a key card.

P.S. they're all fully leveled
3 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from Dritan, Thursday 03/04/2008, 15:18.
All have 0 exp points
10 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from FAST IS FUN, Thursday 03/04/2008, 12:44.
Auction for maxxed vickie. start the bidding at 20k. reserve price 27k. The auction will end on Saturday april 5, 2008 or when someone buys it for the reserve price. I will also trade vickie for a kenny.
4 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from NewType_0, Thursday 03/04/2008, 10:44.
As the title stated I am selling or trading a maxed Morphun for the following cards:
No Nam
I know the prices change, but at this time Morphun is on the market for 13k so I figured he is 11-14k anytime. Those three cards equal out to 11009 at the moment, so it would roughly cost 10-13k anytime. There levels doesn't matter.

*Disclaimer: No dumb offers. Only way I will trade is if all three cards are included. I will sell for clintz only. That means no saying "I'll trade you a Kolos (R) for it, or a No Nam (C) and x amount of clintz.." I will say yes too two out of the three and x amount of clintz, or just clintz. I reserve the right to sell or not sell to anyone I see fit. As posting in this thread, you agree to read these rules and follow them. If you do not action(s) can and most likely will be taken. This means no trolling, saying prices are to high/low, or trying to steal a potential client. (example on stealing. Coming here and saying I'll sell you a Morphun for 1k.)*

ps. Lets hope there is no mistakes on what I am selling this time *points at ryuk and heartbeatracer (sp?)* Just kidding you two, it was a easy mistake I guess.
2 messages
English scott1337l - subject is closed
Title explains all
16 messages
English scott1337l - subject is closed
I will selling the freak deck all diffrent levels some are alreday taken and no cr

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