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Wednesday 02/04/08

1 message
Im collecting them so if u can help pls send me a few cards u dont like.
6 messages
English Milstrum_WP - last answer from Milstrum_WP, Wednesday 02/04/2008, 12:33.
I am buying Don for 900 or less.
26 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - last answer from _Mr-I_, Wednesday 02/04/2008, 12:25.
Levation max level
Methane max level
Rolph 0xp
Hattori 0xp
Glorg 0xp
Glorg 0xp
Glorg max level
blaaster max level
Ambre 0xp
Ambre max level
Ambre level 2
Hammer max level

i accept clintz and fair trades so PM me or put ure offers here
9 messages
English Storm Force - subject is closed
I am after Nightmare crs, just like the title says
pm me with offers i have most cards but no crs

2 messages
English abdudey - last answer from Elementz, Wednesday 02/04/2008, 04:07.
1 message
Selling 2 Hattoris
PM me with ur price
Tuesday 01/04/08

3 messages
English RANDOM123256 - last answer from RANDOM123256, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 23:09.
I need doubles of cr or cheap card but they have to be unmaxed
5 messages
English Elementz - subject is closed
Like the title says im trading for a vickie any lvl.
i got 6k so i am giving 6k and u choose 4 cards from this list so i add those 4 in with the 6k.anyway her is the list lelena,Charlie,Yayoi,Feelyn,Gwen,vladmir,Bristone and Flesh Pimp.(all are maxed.) and i like pm then messages on the thread.
1 message
I am buying Murphy an Don for 600 or less.
10 messages
English zombie god - subject is closed
Selling him cheap 10k!!!!
5 messages
English Myztyrio - last answer from Baron Brixius, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 21:32.
I need:

And any good card you have

I have:
Lots of Clintz
And many good cards including quite a few worth over 10k.
16 messages
English Capn Clintz - last answer from heartbeatracer, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 19:05.
As stated above, I am selling or trading Nistarok 3* for Bryan maxed and some clintz or cards on your part.

*Disclaimer: No dumb offers. Only way I will trade is if Bryan is included. I will sell for clintz only. That means no saying "I'll trade you a Kolos for it, or a No Nam and x amount of clintz.." I will say yes to Bryan and x amount of clintz/card(s), or just clintz. I reserve the right to sell or not sell to anyone I see fit. As posting in this thread, you agree to read these rules and follow them.*
2 messages
English Klurklurk - subject is closed
Heres my offer..
Ella (C)
Dolores Boss (C)
Wanda (U)
Meg (R)
Yayoi (U)
Baby Q (R)
Charlie (U)
(all maxed out)
for Sakrohm..
Lunatik (U)
Na Boh (R)
TrinmkkT (U)
SkrumxxT (R)
Uranus (U)
GraksmxxT (R)
2 messages
English Drain WMD - last answer from Drain WMD, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 16:39.
Whats the cheapest price i can get one for?
I have some cr's and clintz just post here, or pm me

Please no ridicoulous offers.
I just need 1 card and its Elkore

Thank you for your time
7 messages
English King Trex Cr - subject is closed
Hi im king trex and im gonna sell my Kolos its ON LEVEL ONE ok so when we trade dont tell me " naww man u said it was maxxed" cuz i dont wannta hear dat im telleing every one right now ITS ON LEVEL ONE.....

so ill make it an aution if someones willing to pay over the price im selling it for

im sellimg it for 14,000 Clintz

3 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from Gazelle28, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 14:38.
I will buy Buck for 5000 clintz pm me or private sell me if u want
2 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from Gryazzie, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 12:01.
5 messages
English Ponchos skirt - last answer from Capn Clintz, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 11:19.
If you want to get rid of your leaders (which are selling mostly dirt cheap compared to old prices) I will buy any maxxed Leader for 750
2 messages
English 281Thug281 - last answer from TheAvalanche, Tuesday 01/04/2008, 06:07.
Im buying a Mark at the maxium lvl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 message
Buying LaJunta cards

if you have the following


good offers pls

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