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Friday 14/03/08

1 message
I'm looking to trade for Ombre Cr have Splata Cr and kerizonn cr..and most high end maxed cards
3 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - subject is closed
Bid starts at 1500
auction will end on Friday at 10:30pm
2 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - subject is closed
Selling Genuer to the highest buyer
2 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - subject is closed
Selling Diyo Cr to the highest buyer
Thursday 13/03/08

8 messages
English edzdman - last answer from Pandamony, Thursday 13/03/2008, 23:18.
I am now buying ALMOST every card at cheap prices MESSAGE ME with offers and card name
4 messages
Česky Korthag - last answer from CooKIESnCreaM, Thursday 13/03/2008, 23:05.
I would like to buy few Rescue commons for some nice prices, pls if you have some and you would like to seel them write me a personal message. Thanks
8 messages
English Geforcer - last answer from Capn Clintz, Thursday 13/03/2008, 22:46.
I'm putting on an aution the whole Rescue clan. The cards are all maxxed.

Starting price: 25000
Reserved price: 40000
Deadline: 16th march 2008.
22 messages
Español I miss Niswah - last answer from McV, Thursday 13/03/2008, 21:43.
Hi. I am selling the Leader character, Vansaar. He's really good...boosts up your teammates. Great for leveling up other cards mucho mucho fast! Offers, anyone?
4 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Thursday 13/03/2008, 21:01.
Buying most of the Fang Pi Clang under 1000 clintz. I want 0exp cards thanks. Card that i don't need: Kati, Windy Mor, Otome, Sakazuki. Also, under market price please.
3 messages
English Danath - last answer from Vanter, Thursday 13/03/2008, 18:55.
Looking for someone who might have and extra Jackie that would be willing to sell the card for a lower price then what is posted on the market. I dont have alot of clintz but hopefully someone nice enough to consider it.
2 messages
English Kotooshu - last answer from Kotooshu, Thursday 13/03/2008, 17:40.
Maxed Lamar.
Biding starts at 60000 clintz;
Reserved price 75000 clintz;
Auction ends tonight at 21.00 UTC+2.
Happy bidding!
1 message
Buying Wardog for 2k =)
10 messages
English chasmflip - last answer from chasmflip, Thursday 13/03/2008, 16:23.
Looking For:
Vermyn N

PM or post if you have any for trade and are looking for something
17 messages
English chainz-old - last answer from chainz-old, Thursday 13/03/2008, 15:42.
Ends april 1st
start 5k
reserve 55k maybe lower
trades will also be accepted
8 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from CRAZY_G_CWG, Thursday 13/03/2008, 12:23.
Bid starts at 500
ends tonight at 10:30 pm
3 messages
English Tanto89 - last answer from Tanto89, Thursday 13/03/2008, 11:04.
As the title.. I don't have enough clintz, so I prefer fair trade..
cards that I can offer to you
Skull face Cr
Seldnor Cr
Geuner Cr
3 messages
English o(-_-)o_o - last answer from o(-_-)o_o, Thursday 13/03/2008, 06:51.
Ill buy otavia(max)-for my Methane(max)
2 messages
English McV - last answer from Slayernator, Thursday 13/03/2008, 06:30.
12 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from Anger_HM, Thursday 13/03/2008, 05:00.
Bid statrs at 1,500

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