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Tuesday 25/03/08

2 messages
English Dritan - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 17:23.
If you have got any of the following cards pm me:
Loma Noju
8 messages
English Dr_Bob - subject is closed
I have on my list

2 messages
English Fremmeno - last answer from Fremmeno, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 14:37.
Blaaster, Methane, Vladimir, Dash, Vansaar Estalt Kolos Glorg, Caciope Corrina, TrinmkkT, jackie, 2 Zatman
i will trade these cards for a Cr Card or cards...

Cr's that i dont need is:

Lamar Cr, Tessa Cr, Swidz Cr, Cassio Cr, Page Cr, Nahi Cr, chad bread, Splata Cr, Diyo Cr, Geuner Cr Kerozinn Cr Seldnor Cr.
2 messages
English gato123 - last answer from Fremmeno, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 14:37.
How to trade cards/how to give a card?
3 messages
English Dr_Bob - subject is closed

-100 clintnz below market price or more.
-i might not make a trade right away but if u privet trade i will eventually buy when i get the clintz
4 messages
English ShamedGod - last answer from ShamedGod, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 13:42.
Looking for Elya Cr

I have a Lamar Cr and a 3* Carlie for trade
3 messages
English Amor Fati - last answer from Amor Fati, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 13:41.
Selling Elya Cr, looking for 80k but pm with offers.

Ty all
3 messages
English HaveOne WMD - subject is closed
I'm looking to trade a fully leveled Vickie for 3 cards: Morphun, XU52 and Jackie. Those are the only three rares I still need that aren't in the new bloods packs. That's the only reason I'm offering this trade. Otherwise, I'd hold onto my spare vickie until she became a collector tippled in value.

I don't care what level the trade cards are, but I want all three for Vickie.
8 messages
English Pungtojang - subject is closed
Those who are interested in this offer Pls contact


1 message
Hi i'm selling Hel at max level for 1900clintz
what do you think 1800-1900 clintz only
6 messages
English Stalkingdemon - last answer from gato123, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 08:20.
Just pm me for cards you wish to trade with

got only 1 copy of each card.

send me your card(s) then i will send you the Maxxed equivalent of that card.

1 message
Leviatonn MAX at
10500 clintz
Bryan(4k) and Gertrud (5k) And Bruce (1.7k)
1 message
Selling dorain 4 3800 clintz or tradeing 4 a Meg Dolores Boss and Tania

ill exept other offers tat are equal to or add up to 3800

cheers bb16
6 messages
English LoA_Kabuto - last answer from soliuz, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 01:52.
Looking for Nightmare clan if trading but also selling. PM me ur offers
2 messages
English phantomchris - last answer from TnT_Yo, Tuesday 25/03/2008, 00:23.
Please pm(private message me if you have a spare then will work it out..
Monday 24/03/08

3 messages
English Dritan - subject is closed
The titile says it all
5 messages
English staticcold - last answer from Silby, Monday 24/03/2008, 22:21.
Im selling maxxed out mikkki, Cell, and Melluzine, taking any offer, within reason
8 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from heartbeatracer, Monday 24/03/2008, 21:20.
2 messages
English Nintendan WMD - subject is closed
I say my friends I am looking for the card Tanaereva fully evolved for 10,000 ANY one

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