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Saturday 22/03/08

8 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from ab210_LR, Saturday 22/03/2008, 20:40.
I will buy this cards

Tanaereva- 2700 clintz
Buck - 2600 clintz

3 messages
English DCJ aguela - last answer from Vanter, Saturday 22/03/2008, 20:23.
Im looking for card like Tessa Cr or cards around 40k...so yeah if you want to sell a cr for less thaanthe market price PM ok
3 messages
English ab210_LR - last answer from ab210_LR, Saturday 22/03/2008, 19:17.
Liek the tittle says im selling Buck. ANy offers, and please no begging offers or offers yo uknow im not going to accept
1 message
Buying tanaereva 10000-11000
Wee Lee for watever u offer
2 messages
English Saminabox - subject is closed
Bidding starts at 600

good luck!!
8 messages
English Nouney - subject is closed
Hello, I want to sell a various collectors cards, but I'm sorry, I'm french so I don't speak English well. So, I sell ...

- Scarlett Cr ( full ) : 1.950.000 clintz .
- Shawoman Cr ( full ) : 1.155.000 clintz.

I want : clintz, Cards ( Collectors not normal, and not Kerozinn Cr, Splata Cr, Geuner Cr, Nahi Cr etc ... )

I search : Kiki Cr or DJ Korr Cr or Guru Cr or Lyse Teria Cr, For one of this I can give : 4.000.000 clintz +one of the two collectors ( Scarlett Cr or Shawoman Cr ).

Contact me in my Private Mail.
3 messages
English Tanto89 - subject is closed
As the title said
I have 1 Lamar Cr and 17500 for Dwain Cr and Thaumaturge Cr
I think it's an equal deal
8 messages
English kingkvt - last answer from DK_Hellz, Saturday 22/03/2008, 17:20.
I have a full levved Timber (Leader) and i would like to auction or trade him please bid or offer me any trades
Timber leved maxx

abilbty - damage +1 to everu card in your hand
bonus - stop Leader ability

i have no closing time yet
bidding starts at 1.6k
2 messages
English tree_watcher - last answer from _Mr-I_, Saturday 22/03/2008, 15:40.
Buying Platinum for 150 or more
3 messages
English heartbeatracer - last answer from heartbeatracer, Saturday 22/03/2008, 15:25.
Auctioning of a lvl 4 Tanaereva. 10,000 clintz or Best trade offer
2 messages
English Falvern - last answer from Falvern, Saturday 22/03/2008, 12:18.
Bidding starts on 1300
reserve price is 1550

dont forget, it's full level...
it's a neccessity for a Junkz deck
3 messages
English Elementz - subject is closed
Im selling or trading Zatman
heres a list of cards i want Murphy Rosa Dieter or any other ghiests nightmares or montans
or u can buy off me for around 6300-7200
o btw its un evolved
4 messages
Español Darkensss - last answer from 0 3MiN3M, Saturday 22/03/2008, 08:20.
I selling or trading :

Bryan lvl maxx
Willt lvl maxx
Nistarok lvl maxx

ok , make your offers in pm , thanks !
7 messages
English Seetan Fox - subject is closed
Sell Tanereva, offer here or buy at my price...
3 messages
English Ultimate bob - subject is closed
Hi i am looking to buy Methane from GHEIST for 4000 and a maxed Warren from Ulu Watu!
34 messages
English ab210_LR - last answer from 0UC_JackBlack, Saturday 22/03/2008, 06:36.
Selling Kingo, Gaia , Kati, Oyoh , Eve and more. If isell some right now ill add more to the list. ANd please no begging offers
2 messages
English o(-_-)o_o - last answer from o(-_-)o_o, Saturday 22/03/2008, 05:16.
I will trade GraksmxxT and SkrumxxT to Marina Striker and Flo i will it to those who are interested
6 messages
English Joe Dirt - last answer from CHR0, Saturday 22/03/2008, 03:31.
Topic says it, pm me for faster response
8 messages
English JACCS - last answer from scott1337l, Saturday 22/03/2008, 03:13.
I change my Marlysa Cr 0xp into another Marlysa Cr full xp + complement, to being possible in Clintzs or Crs. PM
3 messages
English breakpoint - last answer from Ice_Fury_Rabz, Saturday 22/03/2008, 02:27.
Perle 3*
Emeth 3*
Beeteenka 1*
Bree 1*
Rowdy 1*

PM me if you are intersted

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