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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 20/03/08

12 messages
English Geforcer - subject is closed
The cards are ALL MAXXED!

Reserved price: 30k
Ends: 17th march at midnight (GMT +1)
2 messages
English Splitfinger - subject is closed

I know this is far off but I wanted to help everyone by selling cards. Problem is I cannot buy any credits. It's a shame that you cannot sell your cards if you have not purchased any credits but business is business. So If anyone can help me in my dilemma please do so. Appreciate the people who have played this long enough to understand me.

5 messages
English 69ShawRace81 - last answer from hotbuns, Thursday 20/03/2008, 20:56.
Im am searching for Kiki Cr
i currently have 2, 250,000 and many cr's for sale on market that i will include in trade
please p.m. me if you can help me
10 messages
English Dritan - last answer from hotbuns, Thursday 20/03/2008, 20:51.
I am selling all these cards if you interted tell me the right price that i can sell them for or swap

Miss Chloe lvl 5 (R)
Uranus lvl 3 (U)
Rolf lvl 5 (R)
Bristone lvl 3(U)
Erika lvl 4 (R)
Clara lvl 5 (R)
3 messages
English ab210_LR - last answer from Thorim_F, Thursday 20/03/2008, 20:46.
Im really want a Kolos at any level. If anyone wants to trade then ill trade them. And if i cant get that then ill just sell him. 0xp Buck.
5 messages
English Skimsa - last answer from gunnerboi93, Thursday 20/03/2008, 20:31.
Want Lamar any level and 10k for full evolved Reine.
6 messages
Português ketador - last answer from Vanter, Thursday 20/03/2008, 19:09.
I pay 30650 clintz =D
10 messages
English Inactive - last answer from Inactive, Thursday 20/03/2008, 17:32.
WTT my Vermyn N for a 3* one.
13 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - last answer from _Mr-I_, Thursday 20/03/2008, 17:19.
Im selling few of my cards
here is the list

Na Boh
4x B Ball

so buy
4 messages
English Fatecalling - last answer from Fatecalling, Thursday 20/03/2008, 16:40.
Hugo Level 2 and Alec level 1.

start bid at 2500.

I'll stop the bid when i see a fair offer.
3 messages
English o(-_-)o_o - last answer from thatkiller, Thursday 20/03/2008, 16:00.
For those who have that card i will trade it with GraksmxxT and SkrumxxT all maxed just mail me if ur interested...
4 messages
English Infinity crux - last answer from Capn Clintz, Thursday 20/03/2008, 14:20.
There should be a new clan mabye..... the techlords it could be about computers and stuff. level 5s a computer virus a walking computer any other ideas? the bonus could be courage abilaties in your team cant be negated that would be cool but two long
3 messages
Português Spy Seven - last answer from Spy Seven, Thursday 20/03/2008, 13:47.
I buy:

Mini Mosu under 120
Lihoi Chun under 130
Sakazuki under 300
Windy Mor under 350

All level 1 (0 exp).
12 messages
English GRAFFERS - last answer from Bralbuc, Thursday 20/03/2008, 12:51.
Sell Kerozin Cr (0 exp) and Miss Twice Cr (0 exp)
6 messages
English GoodnightSWEE - last answer from kingkvt, Thursday 20/03/2008, 10:55.
3 messages
English Chocolatey - last answer from Gazelle28, Thursday 20/03/2008, 08:07.
Lots to trade, a Kenny, a Kolos, 2x GraksmxxT, other goodies. Resonable offers only please.
3 messages
English DK_Hellz - last answer from heartbeatracer, Thursday 20/03/2008, 07:45.
I'm buying Kolos max lvl tell me your prices and i'll pm you if i like it or i'll pm you about a offer
8 messages
English Ultimate bob - last answer from Ultimate bob, Thursday 20/03/2008, 06:55.
Make an offer
2 messages
English Stone Q - last answer from CRAZY_G_CWG, Thursday 20/03/2008, 03:25.
I have a Timber (R) I would like to trade for another Leader card. I am open to offers, but would prefer Vansaar or Bridget.
Thanks for your consideration,
2 messages
English teSG-Syuhide - last answer from teSG-Syuhide, Thursday 20/03/2008, 02:06.
Offer 950 for it , not anything higher. If you are willing to part with it at that price just private sales =)

Thank you, and i might do more buying from you..

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