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Sunday 03/02/08

2 messages
English Routinf - last answer from _Mr-I_, Sunday 03/02/2008, 19:48.
Buying all Phonos and Yaman.

Phonos: 350 per card
Yaman: 190 per card

May give more for bulk amounts.
1 message
I need Gaia Noel
Im trading Erpeto max lvl
Endora max lvl
K Cube max lvl
Anita max lvl
Mark max lvl
Pulsar max lvl

Offer your trading
1 message
Ill trade my Bridget lvl 1 for a Bridget lvl 5
2 messages
English iTzKiNG - last answer from excelsiorloy, Sunday 03/02/2008, 17:51.
Looking for one. i have a Cassio Cr and a Swidz Cr that i will trade. i could add much more
1 message
I need Dorian (U) , Zatman (U) , Robie (R) and Beetenka (U).Who want to sell lower thanthe market?PM please...
1 message
As the title says i am willing to trade two level 3s for a level 1 Zdrone! Kimberley and Myke are both at max levels
3 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from Ninja-zero, Sunday 03/02/2008, 17:02.
Selling some ulu watus, i say for sale but exch is good too

Gaia 3*
Joao 3*
Lulabee 5*

Hikiyousan 5*
Nanook 3*
Nympheea 3*
Gabrielle 2*
Gaia Noel 3*

Chad Bread 3*
Mac Hen 3*
Jeff 2*
Warren 2*
Razor 3* [hes unmaxxed but i can max him up 1 level if you want]
p.s. You can offer for either one card, some certain cards or all]
2 messages
English xRainx - last answer from xRainx, Sunday 03/02/2008, 16:39.
Hi, I want to buy a 0xp Rosa, lower than market price. Can you pm me please, thanks.
2 messages
English 1 Viktor 1 - last answer from 1 Viktor 1, Sunday 03/02/2008, 16:12.
I wish to sell or trade my cards for any other good cards... all my fang pi collection!

all cards are maxed!

Lost Hog - 3999

Linda - 2654

Macumba - 2345

Kinjo - 1500

Xia Leming - 1150

Kati - 765

Windy Mor - 456

P.S. all cards are of price below the market prices... as far as now... well... all are maxed cards so dont compare with the price tat u see at the first!

also i can trade these for a cr card... but i dont think their value sum up tat much for a good cr card... lol! pls leave ur posts...! ty.!

please message me or leave posts here with your offers.... if good n reasonable we ll have a deal...
1 message
Hi everyone.i'm selling Windy Mor,Akiko,Bunny and Lino Borsa all full level
pm me for offers
1 message
For Elya Cr i also want to trade a 0xp emeth for a full exp 1
1 message
Hey want to trade your Kolos for my emeth, both maxxed?

1 message
I'm buying Lunatiks. Level doesn't mather.
Send me your offers on pm.

Thank you.
2 messages
English Raynos - last answer from Raynos, Sunday 03/02/2008, 13:11.
I am LOOKING for marylsa cr

i have

2x emeth max
Splata Cr max
Kerozinn Cr max
Miss Twice Cr max
Nahi Cr max
Hammer 3*
Blaaster 1*
Edd 1* or 2*

Besides from these cards im also willing to add clintz

and i also have a large amount of "good" non-cr cards, apart from maybe a few 5* cards (i have Miss Chloe but not Chloe etc)

Please post or PM me offers

im currently valueing my list of cards at 180k , so im adding clintz or extra cards to Bridge the gap

Pm me please
10 messages
English onik - last answer from offthewall, Sunday 03/02/2008, 13:06.
Ive got 20456 clinzs to spend put offas on board
1 message
I will trade i not got cash but i got some gud cards so if ya want iam open to buy it from u in cards lvl1 if posable thank you
4 messages
English Kate - last answer from vaccumorange, Sunday 03/02/2008, 12:21.
A Bridget and an Ashigaru or vansar
2 messages
English NecronMK - last answer from skev, Sunday 03/02/2008, 12:05.
Send me your offers please thanks in advance
5 messages
English Erol vanSekai - last answer from Erol vanSekai, Sunday 03/02/2008, 11:56.
[For sale] Slyde lv 4 and Mort Bax lvl 3

Slyde lvl 3 --- 145
Mort Bax lvl 4 ---- 180

Urgent please if you are interested,send me a mesage and I will put them on the private sale 4 U.
20 messages
English VeRo-ShYrA - last answer from VeRo-ShYrA, Sunday 03/02/2008, 10:40.
Sell these cards:
GHEIST: Leviatonn
Rescue: All together, not sell separately.
Junkz: Kawan, Onik, Peeler, Crystal, Dash, Gibson.
Bangers: B Ball, BB Cool G Laetita, Meroo, Platoona
Nigthmare: Elixir, Candy Jack, Endora, Hel, Nistarok.
Sakrohm: Corrina, Gastroboy, Goblumm, Halley, TrinmkkT.

Not currently sell more agan their offerings, thanks in advance.
Thanks for buying!

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