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Saturday 23/02/08

2 messages
English radditzelmejor - last answer from AZTK_MISA, Saturday 23/02/2008, 22:09.
To sell Guru Cr who wants to send me private mensaja
1 message
I'm looking to exchange Lilly (Roots). She's level one.
1 message
I know that it use to be about 300, but know it's 500!!! Can someone sell me one for 300?
5 messages
Português mateus912 - last answer from Zephyr74, Saturday 23/02/2008, 18:10.
Starts at 1000
1 message
I am trying to buy a Tshern [lvl 1]. Tshern is 350 in market price. I will buy at a lower price then that. In three day I will be checking your prices. If you make the lowest price I will buy him.
1 message
To sell Guru Cr (Cr) who wants to send me private mensaja

1 message
Just as the topic says, looking for a Loma Noju to finish my All Stars deck. Got a Hugo 3 which is pretty much a trade across, but if I need to throw in a common or uncommon to round it off I will...
1 message
I will trade my tanaereva and jackie for a good cr pm me
1 message
Hey guys,

Im in need of a Loma Noja.. I got a lvl 3 Hugo I would like to trade straight across for it. They both have pretty equal market values.. however if needed a Common or Uncommon could be thrown in.
1 message
Hi im king trex and im tryion my best to get Miss Twice Cr im willin to give u every recuse (all of them and there all maxxed) and i dont care what lvshe on i just want her
3 messages
English Ninja-zero - last answer from dj_hamster, Saturday 23/02/2008, 06:38.
I want Ambre so what price are you willing to sell (below market value)
7 messages
English crazylegz23 - last answer from heartbeatracer, Saturday 23/02/2008, 03:56.
Im new and just bought some credits so let me kno ?
Friday 22/02/08

15 messages
English 0_Tolerance - last answer from -Falchion-, Friday 22/02/2008, 23:05.
I have following Cr`s :
Kerozinn Cr x 2
Seldnor Cr
Diyo Cr x 5
Splata Cr
Miss Twice Cr
Cassio Cr x2
Page Cr
Tessa Cr

Interested in other Cr`s
1 message
I need a Methane and Nistarock, but i need to buy for under market price... so if anyone is willing to help me out let me know
7 messages
English Aero Nintendo - last answer from Routinf, Friday 22/02/2008, 19:07.
I have all Ulu Watu cards ecxept Rass Cr who wants to buy them all for a lot of clintz?
12 messages
English jojotheone - last answer from sasuke_cp, Friday 22/02/2008, 18:57.
Is it possible to see the different levels of a character before purchasing them in the market. I can only see the level one versions and would like to know what abilites the character will gain at say level three. Thanks for the help.
22 messages
English chainz-old - subject is closed
The greatest ghiest cr of all time Sigmund Cr for auction
starting 50k
reserve 350k
ends 1st of march
get bidding
1 message
Hey man if any one wants to sell Dorian, sell me
i'll buy it for 3500 clintz
11 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Baron Brixius, Friday 22/02/2008, 14:55.
I'm currently looking for the following Crs:

Dwain Cr
A Award Cr
Skullface Cr
Ombre Cr
Reine Cr
Ambrose Cr
Dragan Cr
Melissa Cr
Marlysa Cr
Sigmund Cr

I have very many cards to trade for any of those cards. I also have a few clintz I can throw in if anyone would like to make a deal.

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