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Tuesday 05/02/08

4 messages
English SP0NG3 B0B - last answer from Capn Clintz, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 21:36.
I have her up for trade put ur offers up and I'll reply to u
21 messages
English Ardock - last answer from SP0NG3 B0B, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 21:30.
Post prices please!!
3 messages
English excelsiorloy - last answer from excelsiorloy, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 21:22.
Im buying good discount Nightmare cards(discount means slightly lower then market price) and if u know a good combo clan to go with Nightmare post clan name here and ill also buy the cards in that clan to (if i dont have them already) my budget is 59k
1 message
Leviatonn ~ 6000 clintz
Methane ~ 3500 clintz
Charlie ~ 3500 clintz
Yayoi ~ 2300 clintz
4 messages
English Kate - subject is closed
I am auctioning:
Natrang(C) starting at 200
Vassili(U) starting at 400
Brutox(C) starting at 150
Gheistling(C) starting at 200
Myke(C) starting at 150
Dolores Boss(C) starting at 1350
Kerry(R) starting at 2400
Ogoun Kyu(C) starting at 150
Globumm(C) starting at 150
John(U) starting at 750
Ice Jim(C) starting at 400

all auctions will end on saturday
6 messages
English VonSnitzle - last answer from TheAvalanche, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 19:14.
1400 clintz for a maxed Estalt
28 messages
English LiNkOn_WMD - last answer from Erol vanSekai, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 18:22.
2 messages
English Buld - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 17:47.
I'm loking for Oyoh at last level. I can give 2500 clintz for him.
3 messages
English 0 Momo - last answer from Capn Clintz, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 17:38.
Buying GraksmxxT for a slightly cheaper price than the market price..
6 messages
English ZEPPELlN - subject is closed
Bidding starts 1000, Reserve Price 3000

bidding ends on friday, Feb 8th, 5:00, Timezone +8.
1 message
More cheap that the market. Speak by private
5 messages
English x iiGlucozZEe - last answer from _Mr-I_, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 13:02.
Reserve price 700
auction ends friday 5pm
1 message
Wanda *2
Yayoi Maxxed
Ella *1

Below Market Price please.
10 messages
English Blurr11 - last answer from Blurr11, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 10:41.
Im looking for a trade/sell im still relatively new here so feel free to con me

any way im looking to trade/sell Alice, Noon Steevens, Svelthlana and Amelia (all fully evolved)
2 messages
English DmS_flow - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 08:00.
The interested ones send a private one
2 messages
English phantomchris - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Tuesday 05/02/2008, 07:48.
I'm looking for:
Elya Cr
Dragan Cr
Sigmund Cr
Nahi Cr

i have:
2 Jim Cr
Thoumaturge Cr
Beltran Cr
Cassio Cr
Splata Cr
A Award Cr

and i also got 66614 clintz
Monday 04/02/08

33 messages
English Pandamony - last answer from Pandamony, Monday 04/02/2008, 22:54.
Graff 2* SOA 6/2
Saddy 3* SOB 5/5
Vermyn N 3* -4dmg min15/5
Laetitia 4* Power=power opp 4/6

Erpeto 5* Courage+3pwr 6/7
Vanasaar 5* Team xp+20% 6/5
Yookie 3
1 message
I'll trade a Platinum (C) for a Mac Hen (C)
8 messages
English onik - last answer from wingfighter9, Monday 04/02/2008, 21:08.
Im selin XU52 and Striker pm ur offas
4 messages
English SKELET0N_GUY - last answer from 2007alien2009, Monday 04/02/2008, 19:01.
Buying Maciej at level 1

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