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Sunday 24/02/08

11 messages
English Whatlol - last answer from _Gazza_, Sunday 24/02/2008, 19:48.
Im giving all my Freaks including geuner and Diyo Cr

i want a good cr for them
i want to trade them all together not one by one

- Vennominaga
6 messages
English brent24 - last answer from SperoSpera, Sunday 24/02/2008, 19:08.
Selling 5 star Don and 3 timbers and 3 stars each any offers
10 messages
English Gazelle28 - last answer from Gazelle28, Sunday 24/02/2008, 17:59.
I need kerozinn, just kerozinn

Bunch of kerozinn anyone ???
6 messages
English sassy22 - last answer from _Gazza_, Sunday 24/02/2008, 17:33.
8 messages
English heartbeatracer - last answer from Falvern, Sunday 24/02/2008, 15:17.
Anyone willing to trade a kenny for their Tessa Cr? i know it's a big thing to ask but it's the last Sentinel card i'm looking for for now
1 message
Need tessa for 33k+GraksmxxT
12 messages
English Aero Nintendo - last answer from Louschen, Sunday 24/02/2008, 12:22.
Who wants to buy my vickie for loads of clintz! and i mean loads
2 messages
English DeckStar - last answer from Gus Lee, Sunday 24/02/2008, 09:24.
Anyone know how to set-up a one for one trade?
3 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from 1357fallon, Sunday 24/02/2008, 08:46.
Lulabee lvl 1
Private Sell me
13 messages
English Dreamed - last answer from lecotop, Sunday 24/02/2008, 08:04.
When i press "sell this card" theres a option that says sell to "kate" whtas that?
1 message
Looking for prices 7000-7600
2 messages
English Amor Fati - last answer from Amor Fati, Sunday 24/02/2008, 02:09.
Please message me with offers, looking for 4200-4300.

Thanks all
5 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Sunday 24/02/2008, 01:42.
I have Jim Cr and i'm looking for another Cr for it. I was kinda hoping for Elya Cr but not anymore after the price skyrocketed. But hey, if u want to trade Elya Cr, i'd love to take it. I'm trading only and only accepting Crs. Thanks. Oh also, i'm not willing to put in any more clintz in the trade than 50.
Saturday 23/02/08

2 messages
English radditzelmejor - last answer from AZTK_MISA, Saturday 23/02/2008, 22:09.
To sell Guru Cr who wants to send me private mensaja
1 message
I'm looking to exchange Lilly (Roots). She's level one.
1 message
I know that it use to be about 300, but know it's 500!!! Can someone sell me one for 300?
5 messages
Português mateus912 - last answer from Zephyr74, Saturday 23/02/2008, 18:10.
Starts at 1000
1 message
I am trying to buy a Tshern [lvl 1]. Tshern is 350 in market price. I will buy at a lower price then that. In three day I will be checking your prices. If you make the lowest price I will buy him.
1 message
To sell Guru Cr (Cr) who wants to send me private mensaja

1 message
Just as the topic says, looking for a Loma Noju to finish my All Stars deck. Got a Hugo 3 which is pretty much a trade across, but if I need to throw in a common or uncommon to round it off I will...

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