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Wednesday 13/02/08

3 messages
English Glupxux - last answer from Glupxux, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 16:24.
I'm Looking for that card

Anybody Have it ???
6 messages
English 124ezad - last answer from Sgnaux, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 15:08.
Selling alec Lea Hax marco deneise Bobby Ghoub Larry Lobo slde maxed and Mark lv2
5 messages
Português Pyxa - last answer from nova conta, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 14:09.
If Rescue is hot and clearly overpowered, why isn't its cards prices high as well?

Thank you.
5 messages
English Sal2 - last answer from Sal2, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 14:09.
Buying Lea (Maxed) 220 Clintz
Buying Aurelia (Maxed) 220 Clintz

The first one to put one of these on my private sales i will buy of them
(Note that i will only buy one card out of these two)
4 messages
English Diaboliz3r - last answer from Our_Bleach, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 13:06.
Hiya, leave prices please
4 messages
English 199631 - last answer from phill24, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 10:26.
I need to buy Malmoth
1 message
I have two Mojo
send me a message with your offered price
6 messages
English Aero Nintendo - last answer from geofree789, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 00:45.
This is a auction for Miss Chloe starting bid 4500 clintz happy bidding
12 messages
English blah-blah - last answer from icedemon232, Wednesday 13/02/2008, 00:16.
Buying the following!
Baby Q
any offers???
Tuesday 12/02/08

1 message
Hello, i want to sell a maxed Ielena for a substantial amount of clints or trade her for a 0XP Leviatonn
2 messages
English Inactive - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Tuesday 12/02/2008, 21:01.
Looking for someone who wants to trade their Nightmare deck for some of my cards.
PM me for more info
20 messages
Español attomanfox - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Tuesday 12/02/2008, 21:00.
Please offers!!
4 messages
English general22 - subject is closed
Trading Vladimir for Bryan, emeth or other strong La Junta card
3 messages
Português _Mr-I_ - subject is closed
Im selling my Nistarok level 4 and a litle would be 5
for 4800 or trading for anothr card with these vaul e
3 messages
English Sal2 - subject is closed
150 clintz the cheapest u can get 150 clintz
6 messages
English samwatersp - subject is closed
Sellin full lvl Mikki pm me with offers bid stat at 40 clizs
9 messages
English Krisis09 - last answer from Enigmaxxix, Tuesday 12/02/2008, 20:31.
I'm willing to trade multiple cards for them and clintz
3 messages
English -Falchion- - subject is closed
Reasonably offers only please
3 messages
English Jacie - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Tuesday 12/02/2008, 18:46.
I'am looking to sell over 500k clintz worth of cards (If I'am Aloud) Just Email me at SUPJC89@gmail.com if your intrested. I'am not asking for much. Thank you for your time!
2 messages
English Raynos - last answer from x iiGlucozZEe, Tuesday 12/02/2008, 18:30.
I want to exchange Marlysa Cr for Lyse Teria Cr

pm me please


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