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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 12/12/07

2 messages
English Raynos - last answer from chainz-old, Wednesday 12/12/2007, 20:17.
Hey, im looking to trade Diyo Cr and/or Cassio Cr for another collector i also have a spare 10k if you can give me a good offer.

please post or pm me with offers

2 messages
English 23_cent - last answer from 0LD_Dingo, Wednesday 12/12/2007, 17:55.
I have chole for trade or sell
pm me or post your offers here
1 message
If you guys have methana for sale at 3000 plz send me a tell
1 message
I want to buy Splata but i have only 20 k Clintz so i dont thing any1 would be interested. But if yes let me know pls.
1 message
I would want to buy splata but i have only 20 k clintz so i dont thing any1 would be interested.But if yes let me know
2 messages
English unnothesaviour - last answer from unnothesaviour, Wednesday 12/12/2007, 13:09.
Just as the title suggests..........................I am looking for a lvl.maxed Ghoubfor 800clintz below
5 messages
English FRAK -HC- - last answer from roadkill1234, Wednesday 12/12/2007, 10:05.
I have a Swidz card that i want to trade, For another CR card!!

If i have to pay a difference so be it....

PM, your offers....
3 messages
English 2dragon2 - subject is closed
For 50 Clints private sell any card for 50 clint PLEASE POOR trying to get up in the game
2 messages
English ZiOn_GeNeTiKz - last answer from cBp_Fojtik, Wednesday 12/12/2007, 07:26.
I want to Lyse Teria Cr for it I have has offer:
-2 Sigmund Cr
- Melissa Cr -
Page Cr
- Splata Cr
- Marlysa Cr
- geuner
-2 kerozinn
- Miss Twice Cr
- Elya Cr
- Reine Cr -
Ambrose Cr

thank you
2 messages
English RG LoA - last answer from RG LoA, Wednesday 12/12/2007, 04:13.
Looking to buy Vansaar, any level, in a reverse auction.

Don't post offers here or send me messages, rather make an offer in a private sale. I will buy the best offer two days from now. I'll update with the current best offer at some point.
Tuesday 11/12/07

5 messages
Wise-TPW - last answer from 0_SexyKitty, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 21:18.
I trade some collector cards like Skullface Cr or Cassio Cr against some Marina Loma Noju Eyrton and Alexei

Waiting for offers
3 messages
English Dx 188 - LOA - last answer from Dx 188 - LOA, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 21:11.
Buying Juicy Lord & Gabrielle ...... please post your offers!
2 messages
English The_Chav - last answer from Spiderliner, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 20:38.
I want to buy kenny tanaerva and erepto
any1 wanna sell me 1 ive got more than 10ki will also swap cards i have rares like briget and diyo
i need them bad so if u will sell me 1 i will be most greatful

thank you
1 message
Ok im selling a maxed lv 4 kenny
starting bid 11000
happy bidding
4 messages
English ice cube 49 - last answer from Gus Lee, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 19:00.
I will trade or buy just about any sentinal exepct the following:
Amy, Carlos, Josh, Luis, Rebaca, and Skiner.

I will buy with clitz or exchange.
Please PM me or post here if you have a serius offer.
3 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from chainz-old, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 17:12.
Selling and/or Timmy
not xp-ed at all
2 messages
English 2dragon2 - last answer from crzy_rednek, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 17:08.
Chloe, 7000
Nistarok, 3500
Peeler, 1750
All Fully Leveled
2 messages
English crzy_rednek - last answer from crzy_rednek, Tuesday 11/12/2007, 17:06.
I am selling Alec for 800clintz...PM me to late to know

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