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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 17/01/08

3 messages
English skillz_4_u - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Thursday 17/01/2008, 01:46.
Im buyng these Roots
Miken Moose
Wednesday 16/01/08

8 messages
English goldengecko - subject is closed
Kimberly (C)
Mikki (C)
Terry (C)
Fifty (U)
Graff (R)
Dacha Macha (C)
Miss Ming (U)
Soushee (C)
Ironfield (C)
Wolfgang (U)
Kharl (C)
Zoltan (C)
Meyen (C)
Vryer (C)
Allan (C)
Amiral Py (U)
Myke (C)
Gary (C)
Mort Bax (C)
Cell (C)
K Cube (U)
Ninja Nyne (C)
Svelthlana (C)
Wanda (U)
Tshern (U)
Phonos (U)
Venus (C)
Mac Hen (C)
Zlatar (C)
1 message
Anybody here want to help me out?

i want to trade MY Elya Cr for YOUR spare Reine Cr

please.............please..................... please

anybody??????................... somebody?????????????
7 messages
English Whatlol - last answer from RG LoA, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 22:09.
I want to buy as many as copyes as i can for the following cards (they have to b level one or two and you have to sell them cheaper than in the market)


I think thats it post your cards or just pm or just private sell it to me

im trying to get alot of copies from them
3 messages
English RapVader - last answer from Ninja-zero, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 20:34.
Trading Vladimir, Rosa and Josh

Only trade except if clintz is good
16 messages
English chainz-old - last answer from chainz-old, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 18:32.
This finishes on on the 26th of January
the start price is 800 clintz
the reserve is 2000(this means if it doesnt go over that a can consider not selling it)
get bidding and thanx
3 messages
English Baron Brixius - subject is closed
I'm looking to trade for a Splata Cr , I have a Cassio Cr and Seldnor Cr that I'm willing to trade for it, along with some extra doubles of non Cr cards i have. PM me or else post your offers here.
4 messages
English cookiez50002 - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 05:34.
Elliott for sale ahh forget the title say's it all please buy it.
1 message
Hey! i was wondering if i can buy your Jim Cr for 20,000 clintz? thanks in advance.
8 messages
English TnT_MeRm - last answer from Desert_Rabbit, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 03:24.
Anybody have a reasonable offer or a very good offer please post it here or pm me!..
6 messages
English Dx 188 - LOA - subject is closed
Im trying 0UC-Drapht's idea with the continous trading to get as high as possible. I have Brandon maxed level. Im looking for sometihng between 300 - 400 clintz right now. Brandon is good offensively and defensively. You can put him out as a defensive card using his stop opp ability which can be very usefull at times. If you have naother Junkz member you can use his +8 attack bonus, just put like 4 pillz on him and you can do 4 damage when the other player will more than likely think its a bluff.

Happy Trading!
9 messages
English Gumbo123 - last answer from Gumbo123, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 02:34.
Trading away my Splata Cr for ONLY cards. I only accept equal or reasonable offers. Here's my wishlist:

Nahi Cr

2 expensive ones from above and a cheaper card will be acceptable for Splata.

That's it. Happy trading!
5 messages
English 00K-Raf EVO - last answer from 00K-Raf EVO, Wednesday 16/01/2008, 02:21.
Tell me what you want for it?
Tuesday 15/01/08

7 messages
English Baron Brixius - last answer from Baron Brixius, Tuesday 15/01/2008, 19:43.
I am currently looking for any and all Crs I can afford. If you are willing to trade your Cr(s) for non Cr cards, keep reading.

I currently have the following cards, so don't offer them : Diyo Cr Splata Cr Geuner Cr Nahi Cr Page Cr Cassio Cr Thaumaturge Cr Seldnor Cr

If you have any Crs aside from the afore mentioned cards and are willing to trade it for NON CR CARDS please post OR PM me a list of the non Cr cards you want in return OR a list of your non Cr wants even if it ends up at a higher value than the Cr you want to trade me. I have EVERY non Cr card and doubles of most, so I am sure we could negotiate a fair trade.

Once again, I want Cr CARDS ONLY, so do not offer non Cr cards or ask to buy or trade for any of mine. The one exception I will make is that I will trade my less expensive Crs if I get a better valued card in return.

Thank you all who read the entire message and follow its outlined procedures.
1 message
Pm me to sell i buy with clintz and cards since i only got like 500 clintz atm
3 messages
English TheNewJack - last answer from nova conta, Tuesday 15/01/2008, 12:30.
I am selling one Vassili level 3 very uncommon card i will listen to any offer you throw at me. hes pretty kick ass.
and hes in the Freaks class. please buy
1 message
Im buyng Striker PM me with your offers
5 messages
English Jonno128 - subject is closed
Lvl four Erpeto for sale ... there are no lvl four ones on the market ... so if u wanna buy pm me
1 message
Pm only if u have offers...cheers
8 messages
Português MrCanavezes - last answer from iiiaaannn, Tuesday 15/01/2008, 05:38.
WAnna buy Bryan from La Junta today.
whysper prices.

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