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Thursday 31/01/08

2 messages
English Akire_ - last answer from Akire_, Thursday 31/01/2008, 21:10.
I want to exchange my fully evolved cards with their 0xp card:
Ombre Cr
Selsya Cr

please no scamming
15 messages
English chainz-old - last answer from Inactive, Thursday 31/01/2008, 19:58.
I have all of them for sale of for 1 good cr
9 messages
English critter269 - last answer from TNT_Shadow, Thursday 31/01/2008, 18:47.
Selling cards at maxed level.I am selling Fifty,Seldnor Cr,Wardog,Armand,Billy Bob,Page Cr,Phonos,and Joao all maxed
4 messages
English OO7 jamesbond - subject is closed
Send me cards equal to 1 million clintz in value and i wil send you kik cr the second they arrive.

i want a cr worth at least 40% of the whole amount you are going to offer
2 messages
Español Az_GhoSTD - last answer from OO7 jamesbond, Thursday 31/01/2008, 18:27.
Hi friends i need Kolos plz post you oferr thak`s
1 message
If someone have it, please pm me.

3 messages
English m-_-m - subject is closed

-sHh- - Titan
Tuesday at 03:14
Note, m-_-m cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

SS - Ryuk - Titan
Tuesday at 03:28
Note, m-_-m cannot sell his/her characters on the market neither publicly nor privately (has not purchased any credits).

1 message
Selling vickie for 17000 clintz + offers? level 4 and lvl 5
3 messages
English Whatlol - last answer from Baron Brixius, Thursday 31/01/2008, 10:06.
I want to buy
shawomen cr
Manon Cr
Scarlett Cr

i can offer money n cards like
lamar vickie and kenny
post your offers
1 message
I WILL BUY Bridget Any LEVEL except 1 FOR 2300 CLINTZ

5 messages
Česky Roganiks - last answer from Roganiks, Thursday 31/01/2008, 07:21.
I want to buy this cards:


I prefer buying them, but i have some cards for trade like Erpeto Lv.5, Platinum Lv.2, Denise Lv.2, Ghoub Lv.4, Hax Lv.5, Slyde Lv.3, Ratanah Lv.4, Thomson Lv.3 and Gaia Noel Lv.3

I'm waiting on your offers. Thanks
2 messages
English iTzKiNG - last answer from Baron Brixius, Thursday 31/01/2008, 05:05.
How much is anyone willing to pay. its maxxed out
1 message
Both i want to buy it 3000. PM me if you have
1 message
I will trade you a Swidz Cr maxxed plus 8 k, i have other offers though
7 messages
English king koopa - last answer from WarriorDudeAB, Thursday 31/01/2008, 00:14.
Looking 4 Nightmare cards and ghiest cards i will buy at a good price
10 messages
English Tracid420 - last answer from 0UC K-Ryder, Thursday 31/01/2008, 00:07.
Hey guys!
I have 2 quick questions. I bought some credits and I am wondering if it is better to buy the 8 card pack or the 3. I know its more efficient to buy the 8 packs but... do I have a better chance of getting a rarer card by buying the smaller packs? Will I get better cards buying the small pack?
question #2
Now that I have 20 something cards I was wondering can I make a deck or something to take into battle? Or does it randomly select 4 from all my cards? I mean I had a few cards built up and could win some battles with. now I have a bunch of level 1 cards and if I put those up against a level 8 or up player his cards are gonna smash me. Any thoughts on this?
5 messages
English Tracid420 - last answer from Baron Brixius, Thursday 31/01/2008, 00:06.
Hey I was wondering, I doubt I will one want to work towards creating a Ulu Watu deck. I have a Joao card and was thinking of getting it to level 2 and selling it? Level 2 looks like it sells for a lot (I'm guessing has to do with that EOS or whatever tourney that goes on at level 15). Is this a smart tactic? So maybe I can use the clinch I make off that to buy a diff card that I want? Also when selling, is it best to just put it around the average market price or something?
Wednesday 30/01/08

5 messages
English EmMarlysa - last answer from EmMarlysa, Wednesday 30/01/2008, 22:32.
Any1 want to sell their Cr cards - with zero xp? I got just under 32000clintz and the ones I need are Geuner Cr, Dwain Cr, Beltran Cr or Skullface Cr. Think the rest are too expensive atm unless someone is feeling REALLY generous?!? Post your prices
3 messages
English iTzKiNG - last answer from iTzKiNG, Wednesday 30/01/2008, 22:26.
Im willing to trade a Swidz Cr plus Kerry and Tanner or what ever other two cards your looking for
3 messages
English elfayra - last answer from 0_SexyKitty, Wednesday 30/01/2008, 20:03.
I'm looking for Elya Cr and was wondering if anyone would trade it to me for a Jim Cr. I know Elya Cr is worth more but if u would be really kind and trade me. I would be very thankful.

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