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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Tuesday 04/12/07

1 message
I need Kerry to complete my first clan and i have 5k and some cards to trade kenny Kati Kinjo Sakazuki Estalt Linda Mojo all max lvl
1 message
Buying Mark 1k.

PM me with private sale plz.

4 messages
English georgek - last answer from 666vXXX, Tuesday 04/12/2007, 18:13.
my first sale
1. any scamming i will report.
2. if you know the price off a card, say for instance, amrose for Mac Hen and 500 clintz, dont bother pming me then.

my (CR) cards

Ambrose (CR)
Elya (CR)
Ombre (CR)
Ombre (CR)
splata (CR) x 2
Dwain (CR)

My (R) cards

Vicky (R)
Kerry (R)
Kiki (R)
Jackie (R)
Perle (R)
Joao (R)
Nistarok (R)
Leviatonn (R)
Maciej (R)

My (U) cards

Vladimir (U)
Malmoth (U)
Mojo (U)
Nanook (U)
Josh (U)
Sheitane (U)

That is all my card's for sale at the moment, i wont be on message board much so pm me ok.

Thanks for your time
2 messages
English elfayra - last answer from chainz-old, Tuesday 04/12/2007, 16:35.
Buying those cards at lvl 1 for below the market price. Thinking of less than 1.5k for each one...offer me your prices.
2 messages
English killer 247 - last answer from I Hate Clowns, Tuesday 04/12/2007, 13:08.
Pick a card from me then mesage me if you want to trade these are the cards
Carlos max
myky max
Kevin max
Gibson not max but on level 4
Rebecca max
Igniss not max 1 more level to go
Flyer max
Monday 03/12/07

6 messages
English Ninja-zero - last answer from InfernoArmor, Monday 03/12/2007, 23:33.
I'm offering 175 clintz for Dr. Saw

I'm offering 800 clintz for Zdrone
10 messages
English Dx 188 - LOA - last answer from Dx 188 - LOA, Monday 03/12/2007, 23:11.
Buying All Stars cards and La Junta cards --- Name your card and your price
7 messages
English Gazelle28 - last answer from InfernoArmor, Monday 03/12/2007, 22:40.
Post your offers or pm me
7 messages
English boondox - last answer from boondox, Monday 03/12/2007, 21:47.
lilth 2 of them
Baby Q
Dolores Boss maxed
K Cube
Larry 3of them

msg me card name and offer there all frist lv inless said other wise
7 messages
English FRAK -HC- - last answer from eire, Monday 03/12/2007, 21:44.
These are the cards i have to trade....(i am looking for Cr's)

Linda (maxed)
Lulabee (maxed)
Rosa (maxed)
Nistarok (maxed)
Willy (3 stars)
Havok (3 stars)
Swidz x2 (1 maxed other 2 stars)

& i have 1 Uncommon Card

Hax (maxed)
1 message
I am currently selling a 0xp NDololo Cr. name your price
1 message
Jane ramba
pm me with your offers
2 messages
English PuNiShEr 08 - last answer from boondox, Monday 03/12/2007, 17:31.
Buying Rescue cheapest prices possible please


pm me if possible
5 messages
English The-Girl-eVo - last answer from The-Girl-eVo, Monday 03/12/2007, 12:39.
Thanks to CBM-MigGui i have Shawoman Cr 0xp!!!!!!!!!!
so. let offers begin
1 message
I am willing to buy Juicy Lord for 1600 clintz... sell it 2 me rite away n i will buy it ASAP
8 messages
English 0mfg0rz - last answer from darkest heart, Monday 03/12/2007, 03:43.
Thats right dont care what levels i take any need the following cards

1 message
If you got a Hikiyousan and willing to sell it for 1220 can u send me a private sale and i will accept it ASAP
Sunday 02/12/07

24 messages
English dread skurai - last answer from Ninja-zero, Sunday 02/12/2007, 22:20.
Heres the 3rd instalment of the dreads discount store!!!!
Dan (C)-100
50-555 lolz I had to.
Otome (C)-130
Docha mocha-150
Kharl (C)-150
Nanastasia (C)-200
Titus (C)-600
Wolfgang (U)-600
Doctor saw-350
Meyen (C)-100
Akiko (U)-300
Allan (C) X2-100
Kawan (U)-700
Nobrocybix (C)-100
Endora (C)-250
Angelina (C)-100
Flesh Pimp (U)-500
Mort Bax (C) X2-200
Murphy (R)-1000
Ricardo (C)-100
K Cube (U)-100
Melluzine (C)-100
Mojo (U)-750
Clara (R)-2000
Emma (C)-700
Sakura (U)-700
Tshern (U)-300
Svelthlana (C)-100
Ataoualpet (C)-100
Matthew (U)-400
Luis (C)-250
Ingsthra (C)-250
Bob Joby (C) X2-100
Robin (C) X2-100
Chad Bread (C)-200
Coraille (C)-300
Ice Jim (C)-200
Sandy (C)-100
Frankie Hi (U)-200
Mo DiFalco (C)-100

there all maxxed
i will trade card for card-preferably CR!!!!!!!!

im also looking to buy lyse taler cr or w/e im willing to pump out 100k for it.
2 messages
English StudTheMuffin - subject is closed
Are there certain clans that come in certain packs?

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