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Business men and women talk here.
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Sunday 09/12/07

1 message
Marco 1500, Steve 1200, alec 500
Saturday 08/12/07

1 message
Buying Kenny lvl 1 under the marketprice. Post ur price here or pm me.
4 messages
English farnzy - last answer from farnzy, Saturday 08/12/2007, 22:10.
Im looking for the lowest possible price for Wardog
4 messages
English Kill Morph - last answer from Ninja-zero, Saturday 08/12/2007, 21:49.
8 messages
English ultimate-noob - last answer from Ninja-zero, Saturday 08/12/2007, 21:46.
Erpeto got him 3 times now lol so post offers below
3 messages
English Gus Lee - last answer from Gus Lee, Saturday 08/12/2007, 21:32.
Trade a kenny level max for a Jimmy
11 messages
English HolyWizy - subject is closed
Trading for Timmy
1 message
I want to buy Charlie for 2000 clintz...anyone interested pm me.
4 messages
English The_Chav - last answer from The_Chav, Saturday 08/12/2007, 19:34.
Ill buy tanaerva for 1000 up to 4000 clints
5 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from Violet Skies, Saturday 08/12/2007, 18:16.
Selling or Trading This cards => Alexei , Graziella , Flesh Pimp , Ricardo , Cell , Melluzine , Feelyn , Giovanni , Hel x2 , Maeva and Mac Hen

I need Clintz and I m looking for this Cards => Rosa , Mona , Vickie and Ielena
2 messages
English 0 whitefang - subject is closed
Buying lvl 1 Alec for 650 (possibly more), private trade me, i'll take the lowest offer.
18 messages
English dark carney - last answer from dark carney, Saturday 08/12/2007, 17:18.
1 message
I buy all of that cards at same time or avulses..

Ricardo(C) 120
Pino(C) 120
Angelina(C) 160
Mona(U) 500
Don(U) 700
Murphy(R) 1000
Ottavia(C) 1200
Rosa(R) 1400

Non-maxed prefered
1 message
Juicy Lord (will trade Willy for himif you dont want to sell)

Ulu Watu:

Post your prices and/or message me
1 message
Well im buying Lyse Teria Cr at the moment i want to know what people want for her
2 messages
English KonohaKakashi - last answer from KonohaKakashi, Saturday 08/12/2007, 08:59.
These are the cards on sale :
Dolores Boss (C) - 950
Nahi Cr (Cr) - 14 500
Saddy (R) - 2 200
Will update when i change price or change in the cads that I'm seling
1 message
I am looking for Jim Cr and Dragan Cr.

I am willing to exchange a combinatin of my duplicate cards. I have all non CR's except for Rescue. Tessa, XU52, Splata, Swidz, Cassio, Lamar, Chloe, Miss Chloe, Miss Twice Cr, Kerozinn Cr are some of the cards I have available to exchange with. If you are looking for any other cards, please message me and I am willing to work out a deal.
3 messages
Português RaDyZyK - last answer from kobeisgod24, Saturday 08/12/2007, 02:49.
Cooper 2 700
Miss Chloe 3 350
Skinner 400
Amy 150
Havok 2500
Luis 200
1 message
I'm willing to buy Hax for 647 Clintz, I know it's a big difference...But, I really need Hax.

: )

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