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Tuesday 22/01/08

10 messages
English ShadowHawk - last answer from Roganiks, Tuesday 22/01/2008, 10:29.
I WILL BUY Shakra , SkrumxxT , Estalt , Hikiyousan , Oyoh , Kinjo , COPPER , Havok , Don , VLADMIR , Morphun ,Bridget AND OTHER HIGH POWER CARDS TOO. OTHER CARDS ALSO WANTED . PM PLIZ
2 messages
English shuki - last answer from Soliight, Tuesday 22/01/2008, 07:17.
Does anyone have a Lulabee for cheap. i will trade a lvl3 Crystal and also pay 182 clintz. please send me a message
12 messages
English the turk nigga - last answer from Desert_Rabbit, Tuesday 22/01/2008, 06:46.
Acutioning Timmy a rare card
acution starts at 1000
1 message
Buying Don (U)
pm me with price.
45 messages
English Drain WMD - subject is closed
I want to own a good cr with these cr's
8 kerrozinn
6 tessa
1 ombre
1 A Award Cr
1 Jim Cr
2 cassio
2 splata
1 Marlysa Cr
7 Seldnor Cr
7 Diyo Cr
4 Geuner Cr
2 Miss Twice Cr
1 Selsya Cr
1 Sigmund Cr
1 Dwain Cr
1 betran cr
1 Nahi Cr
1 Page Cr
1 alderbaran cr
1 Dragan Cr
1 Skullface Cr
4 Swidz Cr
Thank you
1 message
English alien_ - subject is closed
Here we go again, quiz, prizes, yadda yadda yadda. Here're the questions:

1: Who are the only 2 level 5's in the Junkz, not counting DJ Korr Cr (Cr)?
2: Name the Roots character that is currently a regular card AND a collector card.
3: What is the ability of Tanaereva (U)?
4: If you played Copper (U) first in the round, and you had Ambre (R) on your team, what would Copper's power be, assuming his ability isn't canceled?
5: If the enemy's Peeler (U) beat your Nistarok (R), how much damage would you take?
6: What are the stats of SkrumxxT (R) at level 4, taking into account his ability?
Monday 21/01/08

1 message
Willing to give Alexei lvl 4 , copper lvl 5 , and Anita lvl either 2 or 3...... plus 200 clintz which all add up to like 4000clintz hurry and u mihgt as in might get the Rescue card alec lvl 4 ...... a 5000 clintz offer =O so contact me now u wont regret these cards but out of all these copper is the best.. he has 4 power and 8 damage but his ability helps his power increasing it to 9 power ocassionally destroying everybody in battle.
3 messages
Español Z o m b i e - subject is closed
Soushee,Meyen,Flyer, and Wanda

And if you give me a good offer these 2 cards as well-
Z3r0 D34d and Dr.Saw

All these cards are fully evolved
1 message
I need a William or a z-drone for cheap. i am willing to pay up to 177 clintz . i have a Crystal lvl 3 that i'm willing to trade .
9 messages
Português 0_BEATBOXER - last answer from phantomchris, Monday 21/01/2008, 20:12.
I auction 10 Cassio Cr (Cr) 0xp.
The price begins in 60 000 clintz.
Minimum they can raise the offers of 1000 in 1000.
The auction will end the Wednesday on the 23rd.

Thank you.

Regards and luck

PD: the same post is in the French and Spanish forum, I say it because if there there is an offer better that in this one, I will agree that one.

Anyhow I will be reporting.

For the present time there they offer 105 000.
5 messages
English onik - last answer from onik, Monday 21/01/2008, 19:36.
Im sellin him at a reasonble price put offas on messages board on the chat thingy
1 message
Looking for a marylsa cr for cards plus 170k clintz

Post here or pm me

i have most valueable 2*-4* and some 5* cards
1 message
I search DJ Korr Cr. i can give under 3.5M in soleils
1 message
Im sellin it for 2k
1 message
I'm looking for lost hog! willing to trade him for edd (we can discuss other cards if you want )
1 message
I need a Leviatonn i can give u a Gaia Noel Vladimir franki hi and 2000
7 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from ZEPPELlN, Monday 21/01/2008, 04:46.
Any sellers?

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