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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 14/01/08

3 messages
English goldengecko - subject is closed
Im buying an Ashigaru post your offers here ill pay in clintz or if u prefer cards check out my other threads for my selection...
1 message
Trading lvl5 Dorian to lvl3 Dorian?

who is interested?
3 messages
English (X)Twi_ATV - last answer from Faith Alone, Monday 14/01/2008, 00:29.
For 1171 clintz.
1 message
Does anyone have her
pm me with the price
Sunday 13/01/08

10 messages
English Byakuya renji - last answer from DFX, Sunday 13/01/2008, 22:36.
Wanted ; Ashigaru, William , ( three ) , Dan ( three ) , Jenny, lillith, Nistarok, sakura ( three )
let me know if we can work out deals
2 messages
English mL_Mc_tRuJii - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Sunday 13/01/2008, 22:34.
I sale Ombre Cr. at 45000 clintz or cards
3 messages
English Wiesiek84 - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Sunday 13/01/2008, 22:31.
J sale Ombre Cr for 43 000 clintz
3 messages
English Elite Star - last answer from TNT_Shadow, Sunday 13/01/2008, 19:11.
Im trading my Bridget who is maxxed for Vanzaar and some Clintz. Vansaar needs to be maxxed.
3 messages
English elfayra - last answer from One-lonewolf, Sunday 13/01/2008, 18:35.
Selling Tyler and Sydney, both maxed, for a reasonable price. Also, reasonable trades are accepted too. (Won't be accepting trades that requires me putting up more money than 50). Pm me or post here.
3 messages
English elfayra - last answer from chainz-old, Sunday 13/01/2008, 17:56.
Exchange Jim Cr for the following cards.

Nahi Cr/Lamar

or Nahi Cr + Vickie

May accept other good offers, pm me for other offers.
28 messages
English LOA_Chrono - subject is closed
This is a list of what I am looking for at the moment:

All Stars- Oyoh, Loma Noju, Marina, Striker, Mario
Fang Pi -Kerozinn Cr, Macumba, Xia Leming
Freaks- Nanastasia, Esmeralda
GHEIST- Rolph, Dr Saw, Methane, Morlha, Platinum
Junkz- Perle, Bunny, Berserkgirl
La Junta- Python, Burger
Montana- Flesh Pimp
Nightmare- Ielena, Timmy
Pussycats- Clara, Charlie, Elly Mae, Dolores Boss, Tania, Wanda
Rescue- Steve
Roots- Narendra
Sentinel- Havok
Uppers- Rubie

Also accepting Clintz for several of them. Some things that I have to trade that have some value:

2x Elya Cr, 2x Timber, 2x Kerry, 2x TrinmkkT, 2x Shakra, Edd, Bridget, Blaaster, Leviatonn, Kenny, GraksmxxT, SkrumxxT, Maciej, Ambre, Copper, Dorian, Hammer, Vermyn N, Bodenpower, Seldnor Cr, Cassio Cr,
4 messages
English goldengecko - last answer from goldengecko, Sunday 13/01/2008, 17:14.
I have the following up for trade

Mort Bax
3x K Cube
Mac Hen

all maxed out btw...

looking for some of the leaders besides vansarr and Bridget
4 messages
English -sHh- - last answer from -sHh-, Sunday 13/01/2008, 13:48.
Hi..im buying all the commons in every clan.,,,except the Cr's..just pm me your offers and give your price..
3 messages
English skillz_4_u - last answer from skillz_4_u, Sunday 13/01/2008, 07:46.
I have 3650 c
for Zatman plese enone sel lit to me
1 message
Private sell to me
1 message
Im willing to trade, let me know if you have one and well work out a deal
2 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from iiiaaannn, Sunday 13/01/2008, 00:50.
Buying these cards, cheaper than lowest market (or i'll just buy from market! lol). I also have cards that i can trade for them. Tell me ur offers here.

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