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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 26/05/07

3 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
I am selling beserkgirl max pm me with your offers
5 messages
English Darkefreet - subject is closed
Hi all I want to buy a Chloe I really badly want it msg me with offers ok?

2 messages
English musemellow - subject is closed
Pm me with offers
6 messages
English GyulaHUN - subject is closed
Offer Estalt Clintz!
6 messages
English elextricy - subject is closed

Name your price...I ll see if it suits me
2 messages
English astr0boy14 - subject is closed
BUYING unevolved Bruce and Hikiyousan for 100 clintz each
3 messages
English kolixela - subject is closed
Have Timer (1 star), Marina (1 star), Kevin, kerrosin, Vassili, miss twice, Angelina, Sheitane. Alice

if you have any interest in any of the cards listed here and have a Vansaar Leader to trade pm me.
10 messages
English arachi - subject is closed
Selling cheap Ashigaru full lvled on Leader market
17 messages
English arachi - subject is closed
Yust message me directly and ill check my collection selling for 100-400 clintz less than it is worth
3 messages
English TheDemiOrc - subject is closed
Ill trade him or sell him if i get a good deal hes level 2, selling atarts at 3500, ill only trade for a rare that i think is worth it.
1 message
English Apathletic - subject is closed
I need one for 150 clintz =S any other than Klaus, gotta represent the poolice
1 message
English Apathletic - subject is closed
Good to see police represented =P they be who ya call when in trouble so gotta support em
can someone sell me one for 130 clintz, any except Klaus as i got him today (thats why i am poor again) i might get more clintz by the time some genrous peep reads this but still.. thought it was worth putting msg out!
3 messages
English 1a2a3a - subject is closed
Trading a Platoona lvl2 a Malmoth lvl3 and a mort box lvl3 for other charecters
1 message
English harvstar12 - subject is closed
Hi im selling my

doiran for 10 000
tanareva for 12 000

any buyers
9 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Hello i like to trade my maxed cards for ur unevolved ones....No payment or dues except for the 50 clintz
Miss Chloe
Miss Twice
Noon Steevens
Vermyn N

Thats All folks...for others cards and if you like to trade make a pm
1 message
English Symbolic - subject is closed
I am looking for: Python, Tank, War Dog, Myke, Leo, Jane Ramba.

For trade I have: Methane, Nina, Igniss Vladimir. Pm me for trade.
Friday 25/05/07

8 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
Will trade for splata or will take best offer
2 messages
English 1a2a3a - subject is closed
Trading a
paloona and more for other charectors
3 messages
Español DI-Xtreme-evo - subject is closed
Make yours offers please I really need Lamar and I offer 10.000
1 message
English manufacture - subject is closed
I want to buy Yayoi for 2 k

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