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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 22/11/07

2 messages
English LoA Geeoe - last answer from Dx 188 - LOA, Thursday 22/11/2007, 14:22.
Im trying to make a good Bangers deck could someone sell me a cheap Vermyn N or Bodenpower
33 messages
English eire - last answer from Anger_HM, Thursday 22/11/2007, 14:01.
Level 4 vasilli
At this time tomorrow auction ends
highest bidder gets the card
bids start at 50 clintz
5 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from NewType_0, Thursday 22/11/2007, 08:54.
3 Copper and 3 Miss Chloe pm how much you want to buy them or want your are willin to trade?
42 messages
English King Trex Cr - last answer from Desert_Rabbit, Thursday 22/11/2007, 03:55.
I got Bridget Hugo charie and Gaia lets start at 500 clintz
2 messages
English Whatlol - last answer from Cubish, Thursday 22/11/2007, 00:49.
1 message
Willing to buy a maxed Ratanah for 900 clintz!!!!!

pm me for any offers!!!!
2 messages
English CRAZY_G_CWG - last answer from Cubish, Thursday 22/11/2007, 00:01.
Will take any leaders..........
Wednesday 21/11/07

4 messages
English Skittish - last answer from Wizzy95, Wednesday 21/11/2007, 21:53.
Selling Bobby lvl 2/3 post here or pm me with offers also willing to trade
looking for Kinjo and Uranus
1 message
Im looking for Havok please pm me
1 message
I will buy any splata 20000 clints
pm me
1 message
All Stars




Baby Q

etc what do you have pm me
1 message
I will buy Charlie for 2000 clintz.
2 messages
English Death writer - last answer from kill3, Wednesday 21/11/2007, 15:43.
Hax (max) or marco (maxd) . any one wants to sell them my bid starts from 4000.
i can accept trade.
1 message

I would like to purchase Morphun for about 3000 or as low as possible. Will anyone be willing to sell it to me?

Thank You
3 messages
English Anger_HM - last answer from Anger_HM, Wednesday 21/11/2007, 10:29.
Dolores Boss
i'm looking for the lowest bid..
and please don't spam this forum..
1 message
I need Methane,leviaton and Ashigaru (maxd). we can also trade
1 message


if anyone interrested just send me an offer.

thanks all
Tuesday 20/11/07

24 messages
English eire - last answer from eire, Tuesday 20/11/2007, 23:47.
2 messages
English Eyrton Zero - last answer from Anger_HM, Tuesday 20/11/2007, 20:58.
Morotcycle chick Striker that loma dude and Lamar
4 messages
English Vengance - last answer from Vengance, Tuesday 20/11/2007, 20:37.
Is anyone out there willing to sell XU52 for 6000-7500 clintz? and ill thrown in a card or 2

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