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Saturday 15/12/07

2 messages
English NoTerroriZe - last answer from philk, Saturday 15/12/2007, 15:16.
Under 10k pliz
20 messages
English oxfdboy - last answer from unnothesaviour, Saturday 15/12/2007, 15:12.
Belongs to Fang Pi Clang
start bid at 100 clintz
3 messages
English Lewster48 - last answer from philk, Saturday 15/12/2007, 15:12.
Selling Timmy (R)
Can max him if wanted
1 message
Trading a level 5 Tessa Cr for a Splata Cr.
2 messages
English Legacy PH - last answer from Lewster48, Saturday 15/12/2007, 12:50.
Really need a Timmy guys!
1 message
1 message
Does any1 have a Bondepower they can sell me very cheap?
25 messages
English Lucky_Girl - last answer from ErRata, Saturday 15/12/2007, 05:51.
2 messages
English Jonno128 - last answer from Jonno128, Saturday 15/12/2007, 05:33.
Hii i really would like Erpeto or maybe a leadeer card i have about 2,000 clintz and that will grow so please if u want to sell one of those to me pm me then send me a private sale
1 message
Have a lvl 3 Uranus, and hope to trade for a Lulabee with at least lvl 3 as well.
1 message
Looking for a Kinjo(U) card. If you can sell me this card PM me. Current budget: 1,000 Clintz
Friday 14/12/07

2 messages
English Slaya- - last answer from Gus Lee, Friday 14/12/2007, 22:55.
4.5 k ?
if all fully leveled, 4.8 k ?
3 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from HolyWizy, Friday 14/12/2007, 19:02.
Trading Diyo Cr for any other Cr
1 message
I'm looking for reine
I willing to trade it with
- 1elya + 10 k clintz or
- 1elya + seldnor

2 messages
English iiiaaannn - last answer from chainz-old, Friday 14/12/2007, 17:05.
Please sell it to me for the lowest price that you can give.. please..
1 message
Hi , i am selling 31 Ottavia cards from Montana , on the market ar only 60 , i have 31 of them
message me if u woant some
1 message
I got a couple of cr's im willing to trade,,, Swidz, Cassio, Diyo x2, n i could still come up with a couple of clintz, just let me know

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Urban Rivals | Free Online Manga Trading Card Game | TCG | MMO
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