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Sunday 29/04/07

5 messages
Español xtc-m4n - subject is closed
Kimberly lvl2
Jenny max
Laetita max
Mc. Decay max
Kati level 3
Akiko Max
Bersker Girl Max
Amiral Py Max
No Nam level 4
Hugo Max
Angelina Max
Flesh Pimp MAX
Giovanni Max
Sakura Max
Saturday 28/04/07

5 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Post reasonable prices
21 messages
English XC Bangor - subject is closed
Im selling very gd cards such as Zatman amiral py Leo Vladimir Methane ambrose Mojo and finally K Cube buy now
2 messages
English MintyEVO - subject is closed
I am wanting to buy Striker at any level, I can only trade for it so message me
2 messages
English Two_faced - subject is closed
Buying those as cheap as pos.
2 messages
English 0_NN_Ryusei - subject is closed
Need Saddy, Marlysa.

Prefer exchange rather than buy.
A lot of cards to trade. Likes Rubie, Zatman, Dorian, Wee Lee, miss Cloe, Cooper, Kiki, Charlie, Baby Q, Gertrud, Berserkgirl, Platoona.
Msg me if u interested.
Friday 27/04/07

4 messages
English 0bcyEVO - subject is closed
Hugo on lvl 3 for Vansaar at least lvl 4.
2 messages
English Cierdwyn2-EVO - subject is closed
I am looking to make a trade for Clara, at any level. Cards I have that may be worth it are a pair of Fully Evolved Elya's as well as 1 fully evolved Gaia and a Level 1 Gaia. Please let me know if you're interested, or looking for other cards I might have. If anyone is interested in trading and wants to know what other cards I have, please just let me know.
1 message
English Cierdwyn2-EVO - subject is closed
I'm looking to make a trade for Clara, of any available level. Some of the cards I have that might be worth trading for with it are 2 Fully evolved Elya's, 1 Fully evolved and 1 level 1 Gaia. Uhm...those are really the only cards I can think of that anyone might want to be worth it, but really, if anyone is interested in knowing more about my cards, drop me a line.

1 message
Română BW-Medeea - subject is closed
I trade Bodenpower / Miss twice / or Nanook full for Ombre
3 messages
Română DANYez - subject is closed
I`ll buy charlye lvl 4 9720 clintz please pm me if someone whant to sell to me or put it directly in my private sales!!
8 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
Buy any Bangers if you want to sell one to me message me
2 messages
English 0-Pochi - subject is closed
Currently, I'm selling
Striker MAX
Joao MAX
(And i'm selling them at the market too right now)

And I need
Timber (Top Priority)
Acid DC
(Most of them are Junkz and the cheap one )

Post your offer here or send me a private message...
Feel free to negotiate here
14 messages
English 0_NN_Ryusei - subject is closed
Looking for these card:

List that i am willing to trade:
Miss Cloe
Admiral Py
Ninja Nyne
Wee Lee
2 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
Will trade for Charlie : Morphun lvl 3 ; Hugo max ; Don max ; Rosa max ; Lewis and Meyen both max ; Yookie max so if you have a Charlie and would like to trade it then I'de like to get it!
3 messages
English musemellow - subject is closed
As described on the title, pm me
11 messages
English waltamon - subject is closed
Buying all cheap non evolved pussy cats besides Wanda and Alice
Thursday 26/04/07

3 messages
English Mindas - subject is closed
I would like to trade for it. I have

No Nam
Mort Bax
Noon Steevens
Wee Lee

So if you have Morphun and interested in any of these cards msg me privately. Possible trade COUPLE of my cards to Morphun or with some payment in clints. Just msg me.
4 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Hello i am willing to trade fully leveled Pussycats for ur level 1 Pussycats no cost...trade for free
i have these cards maxed and im only trading these:
Dolores Boss
noon stevens

Just pm me if you have 1 of those unevolved and i will trade to you maxed one no more cost(actually we send 50 clintz each card)
5 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
All of sudden tonight when in collections page or collection pro only my top4 cards in row show current market values all others dont? im tryin to go threw my collection to sell some cards and i can view current rates?

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