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Monday 10/12/07

1 message
Put it on my private sales thanks
2 messages
English HolyWizy - subject is closed
Looking for Dwain Cr Got lots of Rares for trade
6 messages
English mainman94 - last answer from 2dragon2, Monday 10/12/2007, 17:47.
Im lookin for these cards
Baby Q
Jane Ramba

pm me if you have them
2 messages
English Violet Skies - subject is closed
As title says, buying Sheitane lvl1. pm me please
2 messages
English CakeGod - last answer from CakeGod, Monday 10/12/2007, 13:07.
Selling lvl 4 marco card, close to lvl up by about 2 match.
Selling him for 2950 clintz or a good trade
3 messages
English 0 haydos - last answer from 23_cent, Monday 10/12/2007, 13:06.
Hello can anybody sell me a maxed Marco?
28 messages
Português CBM-MigGui - last answer from CBM-MigGui, Monday 10/12/2007, 04:47.
I am selling Rass Cr 0xp, Shawoman Cr 0xp, Manon Cr lvl max and Berserkgirl Cr lvl max. Rules:
- You may bid whatever you want, but I will not sell for lower than 1 500 000 clintz each (1 200 000 for Shawoman Cr) or 5 500 000 for the whole pack
- I prefer soleils than other collectors, and I don't want "bigger Crs" (above 1M) neither non-collectors
- I'd rather prefer cards than money, but that's not quite a must-obey rule
- "The whole pack" offers will have preference from single-card offers
- Auction ends on christmas' Eve or when there are no new offers for 3 days (that's my holiday gift )
6 messages
English Loaf - last answer from Loaf, Monday 10/12/2007, 02:53.
Im collecting the Freaks and would like to buy the ones I dont have they are:

Dacha Macha
8 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Monday 10/12/2007, 02:16.
Buying the following at lvl 1 (will take higher lvls if same price):

Soushee 150
Crassus 1200
Wolfgang 250
Lulabee 1200
Gabrielle 1200
Nanook 500

Private trade me and i'll accept. Also, i take the lower offer so if someone offers me 1.3k for Lulabee, and another 1k..i'll take the 1k..keep that in mind. Other than that. offer away.lol.
10 messages
English gagexcore - subject is closed
I've been playing all day and have received no credits what so ever.
How do I get them?
Sunday 09/12/07

3 messages
Español megamexican - last answer from Gazelle28, Sunday 09/12/2007, 21:22.
I'm looking for Marlysa Cr and i can give 6 tessa and 2 swidz
they are full xp please
3 messages
English xviper - last answer from Ninja-zero, Sunday 09/12/2007, 21:06.
Give offer on Baby Q
9 messages
English WMD Raven - last answer from WMD Raven, Sunday 09/12/2007, 20:55.
I exchange Manon Cr for the equivalent in soleil cards of 2.000.000 clintz

please don't post trades that you know I can't accept and pm me if you have a serious offer
3 messages
English Bon3z - subject is closed
Hello, I'm willing to buy Vladimir for 750 Clintz.

Please PM me or Post Here, if you are willing to sell him.
2 messages
English Ceberii - subject is closed
I have 47k clintz and I am looking for an Elya Cr so if you have one you want to sell for that price pm me first then private trade me and I'll try to buy it today.
2 messages
English Elite Star - subject is closed


All of those I buy can be on lowest level and those I sell are on the highest!
1 message
I require clints mainly so post your offer. for both NDololo Cr and Sigmund Cr
4 messages
English 23_cent - last answer from aceofhearts75, Sunday 09/12/2007, 17:09.
4 messages
English netibuki - last answer from skat3r, Sunday 09/12/2007, 16:36.
I am collecting Rescue Cards...........................................any offers
3 messages
English HolyWizy - last answer from 23_cent, Sunday 09/12/2007, 16:03.
Selling / Trading Diyo and Erpeto

Looking for Nightmare Thaumaturge Cr or Dwain Cr

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