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Friday 26/10/07

4 messages
English HG Windstrom - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Friday 26/10/2007, 05:50.
First, if you guys don't mind, I'd like some advice on which would be a better build. I have both Hugo and Ashigaru for leaders, and I'm looking to build either Ulu Watu/Roots or Roots/La Junta. I definitely want Roots, as I have Armand, Shakra and Ratanah at full level right now. Plus, I may buy Kiki when I get enough Clintz.

So all I really need to know is which Leader to use, which of those two builds to buy/trade cards for, and maybe which 4 Ulu Watu cards I should buy. I'm a bit of a nub, I know.

The cards I definitely want to trade (all maxed level) are:

Dr Saw
Either Hugo or Ashigaru, depending
If Ulu Watu Build, No Nam
1 message
For 1000 clintz please.
3 messages
English BrotherWagwan - last answer from BrotherWagwan, Friday 26/10/2007, 02:54.
XU52 - 2 Stars - 8,888 Clintz. Or highest bidder

And now for the crappy card.. >.<

Bunny - Maxxed - 350 Clintz, or once again highest bidder (.. <lol)

Throw offers at me here (open for trades, possibly)
Thursday 25/10/07

6 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from BrotherWagwan, Thursday 25/10/2007, 15:45.
1 message
What the title says. 200 or so under current market price I think. Available for swaps, or a mixture of card & clintz, make me offers here if you are interested. =]
5 messages
English Sifrus - last answer from kcs, Thursday 25/10/2007, 14:58.
3 messages
English THe ICeKiNG - last answer from 0- JP, Thursday 25/10/2007, 08:01.
I have a fully maxed Scarlett Cr & im looking for cr's i dont have yet

(just make ur offer & ill get back 2 u)
1 message
Currently Buying Kenny at any level for 8700 clints. Make me a private sale so i can buy unless you wish to talk first in that case send me a pm
4 messages
English lewis100 - last answer from randomh3ro101, Thursday 25/10/2007, 01:42.
I have 57021cl and radin Miss Twice Cr,Nahi Cr,Page Cr,Elya Cr and splata
3 messages
English BrotherWagwan - last answer from BrotherWagwan, Thursday 25/10/2007, 00:13.
Miranda + Hel going cheap, as is Charlie.

Im selling Linda at level 4 for 15,200.. Which is the cheapest sell for that card by 1,900 clintz! Also Nistarok level 5 is going cheap on the market!!

Wednesday 24/10/07

1 message
Want :seldnor
18 messages
English Fidan-elo - last answer from Moses G, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 21:44.
Ironfield Level 3
No Nam Level 3
Lilith Level 3
Yookie Level 3
Vassili Level 4
Tshern Level 4
Matthew Level 4
Miss Ming Level 2
Lost Hog Level 3
Kenny Level 4
Eve Level 5
Warren Level 2
Nobrocybix Level 2
Brutox Level 3
Hel Level 2
Tunned Level 3
Miken Moose Level 2
Striker Level 4
Estalt Level 5
Vladimir Level 5
Bodenpower Level 5
Kati Level 4
Dorian Level 5
Ambre 5
1 message
I've maxed out Flyer and i'm sick of him need someone to buy him or trade
2 messages
Česky WINDOWLICKER - last answer from WINDOWLICKER, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 13:11.
Hi there!
I would like to trade level 2 Cassio for level 1 Seldnor.
If you're interrested just leave me message plz.
5 messages
Deutsch Il Drugo - last answer from -Falchion-, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 11:17.
1 message
If you want go to market and find him. Should have my username there
2 messages
Português Volfield - last answer from i am g4y, Wednesday 24/10/2007, 02:08.
Anyone selling a kerozinn for 11k?

tks in advance
Tuesday 23/10/07

11 messages
Español UP FAST EVO - last answer from guest999, Tuesday 23/10/2007, 06:14.
Cambi maxxed: Don, Miss Twice, Eyrton, Gary, Ambre, Alexey, Coraille, Crystal, Flesh Pimp, Gastroboy, Kati, Laetitia, Malmoth, Marina, Matthew, Mort Bax, Platoona, Rosa por las mismas sin evolucionar.
5 messages
English 0bby - last answer from guest999, Tuesday 23/10/2007, 06:12.
Reply fast to get the deal

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