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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 23/03/07

9 messages
English Kunduz - subject is closed
I'll sell all these cards to one who'll buy me some credits
EACH card FOR 100 CTZ!!!!
Chad Bread
all *max*
16 messages
English Clintydude PI - subject is closed
Im want to sell
elya 17 500
Wanda 650
Erika 4000
Crystal 1250
7 messages
Português Ximano - subject is closed
1 message
Română KVBraker23 - subject is closed
Please make a serious offer or it will be ignored. I prefer offers by pm. Good luck!
1 message
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
Ill pay 40k for her any lvl
5 messages
English Loneseawolf - subject is closed
SELLING Vermyn N AND Wee Lee But youll have to buy me one cred then ill give you cheap
Thursday 22/03/07

1 message
English Sakic237 - subject is closed
Right Now I Only Have 54 Cltz But I Will Win More To Pay
3 messages
English bluewine - subject is closed
I am looking for Manon Cr and General Cr for 450 000 each

PM me if you wish to sell the cards to me
Wednesday 21/03/07

1 message
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
I'm trying to purchase Lyse Teria; I own a 206 cards and 2 CR's willing to buy or trade for it, as long as it's reasonable and not at the robber baron pricing, if trading expect equal value and careful calculation.
5 messages
English haworth17 - subject is closed
Selling Nanook lv 1 please give fair offer
Tuesday 20/03/07

4 messages
Português SunaSuki - subject is closed
Full star is incredible!!! super cheap
4 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
2 No Nam both level 4 (power 3 damage 7)
1 Methane at level 3 (power 5 damage 5)

make me an offer, anything that is too low i will probably ignore
i would prefer clintz but feel free to make trade offers (i don't have Uranus or any of the 4 newest cards)
5 messages
English ShadowFalcon - subject is closed
Tanaereva lvl3 11000

Kinjo lvl2 3000

Don lvl3 4000

any buyers?
2 messages
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
Who can sell me jim only one star for 1000
Monday 19/03/07

18 messages
Português X-Thuga-X - subject is closed
Hey everyone!

here's my cards for sale:

Miss Chloe lvl3!!!

Kawan (U) lvl1
Tatane (C) lvl1
Natrang (C) max
Bryan (R) lvl 1
Keanew (C) lvl1
Berserkgirl (R) lvl 1 and 2
Selsya (C) (max)
Sigmund Cr (Cr) lvl 3
Nina (U) lvl 1 and 2
Vryer (C) lvl 2
Brandon (C) lvl2
Crystal (U) (max)
Diego (C) lvl1
Python (R) lvl2
Leo (C) (max)
Mitch (C) (max)
No Nam (C) (max)
Wardog (C) (max)
Winifred (C) lvl1
Ashigaru (R) lvl2
Hugo (R) lvl4
Morphun (R) lvl3
Timber (R) lvl1
Vansaar (R) lvl1
Aldo (C) lvl1
Lino Borsa (C) lvl1
K Cube (U) (max)
Mojo (U) lvl2
Ombre (U) lvl2
Sheitane (U) lvl1
Thaumaturge (C)
Beltran (C) (max)
Kiki (R) lvl1
Nahi (C) lvl1
Page (C) (max)
Klaus (C) lvl1
Robin (C) (max)
Skullface (C) lvl1
Chad Bread (C) lvl1

I Only sell those

unless High offer's for Kenny (R) Joao (R) Dorian (U) Wee Lee (U) Jackie (R) and Tyler (R) !!!!
3 messages
English 0ac_Asch_231 - subject is closed
I am buying these cards A Award, Beltran,Miss Chloe,lamar,jane ramba
Sunday 18/03/07

1 message
English Prysm CCU - subject is closed
I'm looking to buy a collector for 80 - 90k and a high profile trade such as dragan or Marina or for a lower costing collector such as sigmund or melisa. Looking for cr's usable only in elo, would like to get ARmanda if possible
2 messages
English blanow - subject is closed
Maxed for 8000
2 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
Vicky or Gaia for 30k
Saturday 17/03/07

1 message
English cody rules - subject is closed
200 clintz

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