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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 26/11/07

1 message
I want to buy or trade for Kerry. I will trade any of the following:
Bhudd lvl 1
Lamar lvl 3
Striker lvl 3
Most of the La Junta clan
Miss Chloe
And if i'm getting desperate:

Please send ur offers
2 messages
English Gazelle28 - last answer from Gazelle28, Monday 26/11/2007, 11:04.
3 messages
English Nintendan WMD - last answer from Anger_HM, Monday 26/11/2007, 00:50.
I know this is going to sound real dumb but can any one sell me a

Alec (U)
William (C)
for around 420 to 450 clintz. I know this is a low asking price but can some one PLEASE
1 message
I am buying these cards for reasonable prices. Cards do not have to be maxed.
Sunday 25/11/07

6 messages
English Nolatari - last answer from Nolatari, Sunday 25/11/2007, 23:59.
Willing to pay up to 1400 and trade from the following:
Maciej (R), Don (U), Estalt (U), Ataoualpet (C), Elliot (C), Mickey (C), Kevin (C). PM me with offers or post here.

Kind regards,
3 messages
English blackwing2 - subject is closed
Hi the names blackwing2 and im looking for one of the following cards

Nahi Cr

im willing to trade my lv5 Estalt for one of the above
it has 5 attack and 8 damage
3 messages
English 0mfg0rz - last answer from 0mfg0rz, Sunday 25/11/2007, 21:26.
Buying the following


any level is good
7 messages
English Oldrepublican - last answer from Devee, Sunday 25/11/2007, 20:42.
If you have a Kinjo send a message to me and ask for a card and ill see if i have it and i will get back to you and trade that card for your Kinjo
1 message
Buy Hax for 1000 juz pm me
4 messages
English ___Dragon___ - last answer from chuck_hayes, Sunday 25/11/2007, 20:16.
Best offer for Morphun gets him
4 messages
English elfayra - last answer from elfayra, Sunday 25/11/2007, 19:17.
Buying Lvl 1 Linda for 2000 clintz and Lvl 1 Lulubee for 1000 clintz. Just offer me in private trade and i'll accept. Thanks. (If you are willing to sell them at a different lvl for that price, i'll take them too)
25 messages
English TartanArmy - last answer from Ooitastic, Sunday 25/11/2007, 18:45.


Bodenpower (U)
Ashigaru (R)
Timber (R)
Mojo (U)
Havok (R)


Fifty (U)
Lost Hog (C)
Igniss (U)
Bunny (C)
No Nam (C)
Bridget (R)
Timber (R)
Giovanni (U)
Cell (C)
Dieter (C)
Estalt (U)
Yaman (U)
Copper (U)

That is all I hav cos im only lvl 8

If u want any mail me and offer me a good price or no deal!!!
1 message
I'm looking for Marlysa Cr. i have clintz and soleil cards
1 message
Im looking for these cards
Kiki etc...
pm me or post your offers here
1 message
Want to buy Berserkergirl, Keanew, and Otakool, if anyone wants to sell give me a price please, Not too expensive.
I have some cards to exchange for, if interested in exchange pm me and ill give a small list of cards i have for trade.
5 messages
Zinthar - last answer from Gus Lee, Sunday 25/11/2007, 16:04.
shawomen cr (Cr)
Melissa Cr (Cr)
Nihi Cr (Cr)
all max lvls

Also selling
Amber (R)
Bridget (R)
Timber (R)

also the complete allstars collection:
5 messages
English Treamor - last answer from Treamor, Sunday 25/11/2007, 14:11.
Need Elvira Marco
oh and also Hugo,, tell me your price or pm me !
thank you all
1 message
I'm selling Platoona(C) from Bangers max level for 600 clintz and Alec(U) from Rescue for 1400 clintz.
1 message
Neeed this card really bad!
pm me or post your prices!
not more than 8000 if ok

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