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Sunday 11/11/07

3 messages
English I Hate Clowns - last answer from Vanter, Sunday 11/11/2007, 09:05.
Selling Page Cr (cr) for only 8500c....
6 messages
English XplizitGamer - last answer from XplizitGamer, Sunday 11/11/2007, 07:52.
1 message
Im am buying cassio, pm me with an offer
ps. reasonable offers
2 messages
English diedsoul - last answer from diedsoul, Sunday 11/11/2007, 01:56.
Will anyone sell me Sheitane for 500? maybe more plz?
Saturday 10/11/07

1 message
I am buying a Mona and a Flesh Pimp for a reasonable price. I am willing to buy a level 1 of these cards.
2 messages
English TnT_MeRm - last answer from XplizitGamer, Saturday 10/11/2007, 22:29.
I have a spare kerozinn that i want to trade for splata plus i will also add 7k

who's interested? just pm me..
4 messages
English UR-JMB - last answer from UR-JMB, Saturday 10/11/2007, 20:00.
Can you Pm me with how much you could sell each to me for
1 message
I want Bobby. i will trade Don for him and maybe even 300 clintz as well
3 messages
English 0 whitefang - last answer from 0 whitefang, Saturday 10/11/2007, 17:19.
Will anyone sell me Larry lvl 1 for 140 gold?
2 messages
English Seriea - last answer from philk, Saturday 10/11/2007, 16:57.
I really want this card and hopefully cheap.
2 messages
English nbktom - last answer from King Hades, Saturday 10/11/2007, 14:54.
Plz does anyone have vickie lvl 5 PM me
1 message
Im looking for
Dragan Cr

and im offering splata geuner and seldnor for it
2 messages
English {GN}DelBosque - last answer from PYROpunk, Saturday 10/11/2007, 05:01.
,, Hey Hey Hey evry one
i'm loking for same tessa !
i have:
-8kerozinn 0xp

send me a pm !! pleaz
Good game
2 messages
English Dagger - last answer from Dagger, Saturday 10/11/2007, 03:19.
B>GraksmxxT for 6000 clintz
1 message
Hello everybody !!!

I'm looking for the famous Lyse Teria )

I can give a Shawoman Cr 0XP and the rest in clintz or smaller Cr.

If somedody is interested, please contact me by private message

Thanks in advance. Have a nice week end !
Friday 09/11/07

3 messages
English trigger4 - last answer from Gus Lee, Friday 09/11/2007, 22:53.
Who wants any of these player

i will mostly like any good Rescue if u would like any pleasee tell me and sure 2 give a rare card 4 both of them
7 messages
English Gryazzie - last answer from twrr, Friday 09/11/2007, 20:38.
Read properly....BUYING!! I have only 400+ clz..so anyone wanna trade?
5 messages
English netibuki - last answer from netibuki, Friday 09/11/2007, 17:32.
I just love tradiing. i will like to trade Murphy,Oyoh,Ielena,Tyler and Don for a good card. just tell me.
7 messages
English Jobester WMD - last answer from netibuki, Friday 09/11/2007, 10:03.
Hi, I want to trade for Willy, Graff, Bodenpower, or Wee Lee for cards of similar market worth. I shall pay extra Clintz if required for fair trade

Here are my extra cards:
All Stars: Bhudd (U), Frank (C), Mikki (C), Jenny (C)
Bangers: Kevin (C), Lihoi Chun (C)
Fang Pi Clang: Boris (R)
GHEIST: x2 Brutox (C), Erika (R), Igniss (U), x2 Meyen (C), Vladimir (U), Vryer (C), Z3r0 D34d (U)
Junkz: Flyer (C), Kawan (U), Nobrocybix (C)
La Junta: Winifred (C)
Montana: Angelina (C), Don (U), Gary (C), Mona (U), Pino (C)
Nightmare: Ielena (R), Kenny (R)
Pussycats: Ninja Nyne (C), Noon Steevens (C), Svelthlana (C), Wanda (U)
Roots: Matthew (U), Noodile (C), Tshern (U)
Sakrohm: Thomson (C), x3 Venus (C)
Sentinel: Carlos (C)
Ulu Watu: Coraille (C), Hikiyousan (U), Nanook (U), x3 Warren (C)
Uppers: Maeva (C), Mo DiFalco (C), Rubie (R)

Non evolved
Fang Pi Clang: *2 Xia Leming
Pussycats: Dolores Boss, x2 Gwen
Sentinel: *2 Carlos

Message or reply, thanks!

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