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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 30/03/07

1 message
English Facai - subject is closed
I want to trade my maxed Charlie(U) for max ed Baby Q (R).
Give me me a message
3 messages
English Yuben EVO - subject is closed
Please check my profile and scroll down to see what i'm selling,thx
Thursday 29/03/07

6 messages
English Saminabox - subject is closed
Simple ill buy for 2000 clintz
12 messages
Português 0TT Zoro - subject is closed
I have this cards to sell :



-Lihoi Chun



-Lino Borsa






i hope you like my cards...
cumpz... MIÈ
6 messages
English DA-Tarba - subject is closed
Hello, if you're looking for rares card and Cr you can contact me by private msg.

Since i'm a french player i won't come here too much, so PM is the best way . I'll try to find what you're looking for

But only clintz or rares cards like GraksmxxT, Vickie, Gaia, Chloe and Miss Chloe..... even if i prefer clintz
10 messages
English Saminabox - subject is closed
Selling these cards at max lvl

2 messages
English bittersweetlvr - subject is closed
Y do u need to sell for at least 50 creds is their a way to give or sell for less???
Wednesday 28/03/07

4 messages
English Vesuvan - subject is closed
Looking for theses around this price if anyone has and would like to deal please contact me im looking lowest prices possible on all cr to help complete my collection:

Lao Cr - 140k-160k
Fang Pi Clang

Shawoman Cr 400k -450k

Scarlett Cr 400k-500k

Sum Sam Cr 500k-600k

kind regards
1 message
Česky Long Island - subject is closed
I need this card, offer me price or i will tell which cards i have for change
1 message
English 0 Wiivja - subject is closed
Need Robin , Otome and Lilith
Say needs
5 messages
English ESCL - subject is closed
Looking for the old fashion Chloe, please notice that I am not interessed in Miss Chloe, just the old one. Name a prize
Tuesday 27/03/07

22 messages
English 69 hoodrich - subject is closed
Miss Twice***

Juicy Lord
Miss Chloe
and of course all collectors
I also except clints
5 messages
English 0 Wiivja - subject is closed
Offers please
1 message
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Im buying all Endo,Otome,Tatane and Natrang all for 200-250 depends on amount...make sure its lvl 1 send me in private sales...
1-5=200 ea
6-10=230 ea
11 and above = 250 ea
7 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Title says all a/w = 25,500 clintz
bid starts at :15,000 clintz

15 messages
English WhiteStar06 - subject is closed
I sell:
Miss Twice (U)
Miss Chloe (R)
30 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
miss twice

i got lots of them
post here if u wanna buy all maxed
6 messages
English Jon1972-evo - subject is closed
1 message
English 0- Gelo24 PI - subject is closed
Buying Methane for 2500clintz
2 messages
English warsimon - subject is closed
If u got one i will trade with u

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