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Wednesday 27/06/07

1 message
Like to buy selsya at 6000 clitz add it to my private sales if ur selling ty.
2 messages
English Voske - last answer from SupernovaHD, Wednesday 27/06/2007, 15:45.

ofcourse i can add some clintz , i don't know what the price difference is so contact me...
2 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - last answer from 6SimS-Sven, Wednesday 27/06/2007, 13:43.
Ill trade my Eve maxed already+kerozinn for a tessa pm me i only have one Eve
1 message
I'm looking for Freaks,G.H.E.I.S.T. cardz!!! I've got some cardz that i don't need:Natrang,Graziella,Miss Ming,Gheistling,Nina,Flyer,Diego,Pino,Candy Jack,Svelthlana,Wanda,Pulsar all maxed.PM if you are interested !!!!
1 message
Here's the deal I want to make,

I have Lelena at level 4
I want Lamar at level 5

This is the only thing that I will trade for. Message me only if you want this trade.
Tuesday 26/06/07

3 messages
English crowley098 - last answer from 7-Redge-7, Tuesday 26/06/2007, 23:46.
Decided reorganize my ELO deck.

If you have any extras, I'm buying Pino for 250cz level 1, 300cz level 2 and Mort Bax for 350cz level 1,2 and 500cz level 3,4
3 messages
English King Hades - last answer from helllp, Tuesday 26/06/2007, 18:39.
I've got a maxed Kiki and I would like to trade it for some good cards
I don't answer silly offers
1 message
Leave your best price 4 Kati, seldnor, kerozin
3 messages
English MOoNSinger - last answer from Gone4eva, Tuesday 26/06/2007, 10:40.
ALL Pussycat cards
16 messages
English DarknDemonic - last answer from wmd angelo, Tuesday 26/06/2007, 07:09.
Selling Maxed cards below market price

Miss Twice (U)
Miss Chloe (R)
Luis (C)
Aurelia (C)
Nahi (C)
Page (C)
Myke (C) x2
Diego (C)
Dacha Macha (C)
Kevin (C)

More will be added when available
5 messages
Español 101Xtc - last answer from Tahgir, Tuesday 26/06/2007, 02:11.
Kerozinn x2
Monday 25/06/07

1 message
As it says above I look for those letters a reasonable price!
2 messages
English SG Anzze - last answer from SG Anzze, Monday 25/06/2007, 19:27.
Can anyone sell me Marine cheap? (private) Send me a messege
11 messages
Español 101Xtc - last answer from MOoNSinger, Monday 25/06/2007, 14:32.
Miss Twice x2
Page x3
No Nam
Frankie Hi
Gina Glitt
If you wat you want is not here ask me for the card...i might have it
1 message
If you have these cards.. ill buy them fast.
obviously lower than the market price..
3 messages
English Utlan - last answer from noknom, Monday 25/06/2007, 09:19.
I am looking for a Bunny, if you have one, pleas let me know
1 message
Looking for vickie, Zatman, Rubie, Rosa, and splata.............i have a copper, Don, Vladimir, Lost Hog, Zdrone and Frankie Hi all max to trade, i will also buy for a reasonable price
1 message
Pm your price
Sunday 24/06/07

3 messages
English Collector_HM - last answer from Collector_HM, Sunday 24/06/2007, 09:14.
I am looking for Lyse Teria Cr only trading plz leav offers
1 message
Im selling them both for around 8000ish look on the market to get it for a good price fast

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