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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 28/09/07

5 messages
Português 0_BEATBOXER - last answer from Marubin2080, Friday 28/09/2007, 09:51.
Change 7 kerozinn, 1 seldnor and 1 diyo, all in 0 exp. i like cr nonsoleil.
Thursday 27/09/07

9 messages
English 0 SpeeD - last answer from Symbolic, Thursday 27/09/2007, 19:52.
I need Wardog, Bryan and Uxoh..

anyone who can offer for cheap...

5 messages
English The Monster1 - last answer from NachomusPrime, Thursday 27/09/2007, 06:14.
Hey guys for some odd reason it wont let me sell any cards to anything other than kate????

Wednesday 26/09/07

58 messages
English lilfez_93 - subject is closed
Striker (U)
Kinjo (U)
Lost Hog (C)
Seldnor (C)
Diyo (C)
Titus (C)
Zoltan (C)
Methane (R)
Vladimir (U)
Kawan (U)
Kawan (U)
Swidz (U)
Amiral Py (U)
No Nam (C)
Ambre (R)
Bridget (R)
Vansaar (R)
Pino (C)
Ricardo (C)
Estalt (U)
Cassio (C)
Nahi (C)
Globumm (C)
Miranda (U)
Skiner (C)
Hikiyousan (U)
Ice Jim (C)
Rass (R)
Razor (C)
Beetenka (U)
Dorian (U)
Gina Glitt (C)
8 messages
Português Dynamis PT - last answer from dennis7, Wednesday 26/09/2007, 18:03.
Hi, i need a Tessa(R) and i´m willing to trade a Burger(U) or Ironfield(c)
+ additional 700 clintz.
5 messages
English laytonjoe1 - last answer from LoA_TrueBlood, Wednesday 26/09/2007, 12:36.
I have bought every card except the collectors cards why am i still at 95%
1 message
Buying Rass for 800 clintz full level
Tuesday 25/09/07

1 message
Post on the thread or whisp me on private.
5 messages
English Bon3z - last answer from 0-light, Tuesday 25/09/2007, 20:13.
I'm wanting to sell MAX Level Ricardo for 120 Clintz.

Just post here saying that you wanna buy him, and I'll make a Private Sell.
5 messages
English kenpachi44 - subject is closed
I trade my full evolved scarlett for a Guru Cr or a Sum Sam Cr so please pm me for the offers
1 message
I got cards to trade for a GraksmxxT.
8 messages
English Symbolic - last answer from Horus WMD, Tuesday 25/09/2007, 17:05.
Well I'm going to try this again, I'm buying a Dragan Cr for 90k, if anyone can do that that would be awsome, post here or pm me thank you.
3 messages
English lilhak16-PK - last answer from Horus WMD, Tuesday 25/09/2007, 16:59.
Just send me a message of your OFFER and wait for my reply within 2-4 days if we agreed just sell the card to me me privately with the arranged price..
2 messages
English Bonskie - last answer from Free Fire, Tuesday 25/09/2007, 13:16.
For 500clintz
3 messages
Português Zaratusta - last answer from Free Fire, Tuesday 25/09/2007, 13:11.
I praise the good soul that can make this favor to me.
2 messages
English DanTheMan896 - last answer from DanTheMan896, Tuesday 25/09/2007, 00:40.
Sellin Armand(r) only 2.600 clintz hurry.
Monday 24/09/07

1 message
If you have one tell me by an email
Tank you
i have a lot of Elya Cr to trade
1 message
Il buy XU52

give me your priçe??
2 messages
Deutsch notchegeva - last answer from killuminati, Monday 24/09/2007, 17:02.
Everything is in the title if you're interested pm me.

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