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Tuesday 24/07/07

18 messages
English Ryan_3SPT - last answer from Gone4eva, Tuesday 24/07/2007, 05:32.
Basically what it say's up there

All Stars



La Junta

Mort Bax


Ninja Nyne
(2) Svelthlana


Ulu Watu
Wee Lee

Frankie Hi
Gina Glitt
Mickey T

I will Sell/Trade all these Cards
The cards I am looking for are mostly Sakrohm, Nightmare, La Junta, and Sentinel.
Private Message me if your interested in any of my offers
Monday 23/07/07

1 message
Buying Zatman for 6500 ctz
1 message
Hey i`m looking for Bridget or Morphun cheap
1 message
Looking for Gertud, any help would be most appreciated

4 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from Killingshadow, Monday 23/07/2007, 09:25.
Buying kerozinn or Bridget
3 messages
English VenZacTocl - last answer from VenZacTocl, Monday 23/07/2007, 09:16.
Like what the title said.....I need it at extremely low price cause I'm very poor..but going to buy a booster so i can sell my cards and get more money...

please Don make it 1k plus cause........later the price will fall.....again.........like Eve and Crassus and the others..their price will fall..so i need it cheaply..pls~
4 messages
English joeboe - last answer from Marubin2080, Monday 23/07/2007, 08:46.
I'm looking for a card and I'm not sure what the name is. In the fully evolved state the artwork is a blue guy with a bucket on his head. Does anybody know what card this is and/or have one to sell?

5 messages
English MOoNSinger - last answer from Gone4eva, Monday 23/07/2007, 08:03.
Buy Cheap Leader card!!
Sunday 22/07/07

1 message
I was wondering when you buy credits whats the amount you have to buy before you can trade?
how much money is the lowest deck of credits?
is it worth the money to get credits and trade?

if you answer to these questions thank you so so so much!!!!!!!!
7 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from Gus Lee, Sunday 22/07/2007, 19:55.
I'll buy diyo from somebody for 500 clintz
4 messages
English Blood Assassin - last answer from frozeass, Sunday 22/07/2007, 13:40.
Exactly what it says in the title...if you wanna buy it then just shout...
3 messages
English lewis100 - last answer from vladk, Sunday 22/07/2007, 12:45.
Willing to buy or trade
8 messages
Deutsch 3T-Tiburk - last answer from vladk, Sunday 22/07/2007, 12:44.
I give 4600000 ctz in cards to have one of them(its approximatively the market price)
Manon Cr (Cr) lvl max
10 Elya (R)
5 Kerozinn (U)
Marlysa Cr (Cr)
4 Splata (R)
10 Selsya Cr (Cr)
Sigmund Cr (Cr) lvl 3
19 Miss Twice (U)
3 Tessa (R)
2 Ambrose Cr (Cr)
2 Dwain Cr (Cr)
2 Ombre Cr (Cr)
7 Thaumaturge Cr (Cr)
5 Beltran Cr (Cr)
15 Nahi (C)
15 Page (C)
2 Reine Cr (Cr)
Melissa Cr (Cr)
Jim Cr (Cr)

all are 0 xp if i dont tell the lvl
I m only searching General Cr (Cr) DJ Korr Cr (Cr) ou Kiki Cr (Cr)
U can sell me a pm if U re interressed by this
13 messages
English boy__07 - last answer from Jerre Muesli, Sunday 22/07/2007, 12:10.
Im finding

for 100-120 clintz pls

for 150-200 cintz

pls put in private sales thx
5 messages
English Marubin2080 - last answer from Gone4eva, Sunday 22/07/2007, 03:02.
Of course for a fair price
Saturday 21/07/07

4 messages
Română LoA Angel - last answer from LoA Angel, Saturday 21/07/2007, 18:55.
Looking to sell armanda for 1.4 kk or trade her with one or more old collectors of the same value
4 messages
English (-M-) - last answer from 1a2a3a, Saturday 21/07/2007, 18:46.
As the title i need Ambre for 1200 clintz .
If some one would sell her to me sent me private massage .
I know its more than that in the market but that is ALL what i have right now.
Thanks .
2 messages
English lewis100 - last answer from SupernovaHD, Saturday 21/07/2007, 18:24.
Sell me elya i will py 25000
3 messages
English lewis100 - last answer from lewis100, Saturday 21/07/2007, 15:59.

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