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Sunday 28/10/07

9 messages
English Chipper_DvF - last answer from andy111, Sunday 28/10/2007, 15:41.
I am looking for cr cards. I have LEADERS all are maxxed out. I will consider all trades. Please SERIOUS inquiries only. Thanks
6 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from Killingshadow, Sunday 28/10/2007, 13:08.
OMG THIS IS MY 7th post for a graks

i need 1 who is selling

either u dont read cuz u see my name
or u just simply ignore or dont even open
1 message
Tell me the best price you can provide~~

i've got 22,000 clintz, but i can sale some of my Cr cards (Cassio, Tessa, Swidz,Geuner,Diyo)
1 message
Giving cards + ctz....pm me for offers. Thanks
4 messages
English netibuki - last answer from netibuki, Sunday 28/10/2007, 11:00.
I am collecting Rescue cards. please put offers............................thanx
3 messages
English dread skurai - last answer from White Wolf, Sunday 28/10/2007, 10:53.
For only 9k!!!!!! pm me and ill start the trade!!!!
4 messages
English Andre12 - last answer from edwards438, Sunday 28/10/2007, 08:26.
I need help to find
a person that regenerates pillz and
does not cost alot
2 messages
English wL_StarZ - last answer from netibuki, Sunday 28/10/2007, 07:47.
Saturday 27/10/07

1 message
I am looking for a Kerozinn.
I have a Chloe to trade for it or other card(s) if u prefer them, thanks
6 messages
English Fidan-elo - last answer from White Wolf, Saturday 27/10/2007, 21:15.
1 message
It all sais up there. 500 to 1000 clints trading available
good offers pls
2 messages
English Gus Lee - last answer from XplizitGamer, Saturday 27/10/2007, 16:18.
Trade a Linda lev max or unevolved for Elvira

looking for marco
2 messages
English Grixxxle - subject is closed
Buying Marlysa Cr. please can you put your offers down below willing to pay good clints cards if trade is required

2 messages
English XplizitGamer - last answer from XplizitGamer, Saturday 27/10/2007, 12:26.
For trading Bryan.... PM ME OR POST HERE.
4 messages
English 0bby - last answer from netibuki, Saturday 27/10/2007, 10:20.
How do you trade a card for a card? I assume it's some kind of trust thing.. explain please? Also, how do you trade a card + clintz for a card?
2 messages
English -sHh- - last answer from Lu Na Tik, Saturday 27/10/2007, 09:24.
Can anyone sell me a Lulabee for 1500 clintz?please......
2 messages
English 2fast4u63 - last answer from Gus Lee, Saturday 27/10/2007, 09:12.
I just need to get moor cards and need advise on how to make cash ty....
1 message

Nanastasia For 250
Wolfgang For 500

Private Sell Them 2 Me Asap

1 message
I have tanaerevo lvl4, Bristone lvl3 , diyo lvl3, Noon Steevens lvl3 and Giovanni lvl3

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