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Saturday 06/10/07

6 messages
English Cybrax2 - last answer from Cybrax2, Saturday 06/10/2007, 17:37.
I need a free unwanted card. I only have 8 cards and it wont let me sell one of mine to get the one I wanted.
3 messages
English Cybrax2 - last answer from Cybrax2, Saturday 06/10/2007, 17:28.
Under 600
1 message
Buying Zatman for 3700
Friday 05/10/07

3 messages
English Mikuljonac - last answer from Mikuljonac, Friday 05/10/2007, 20:36.
I need:

cheap plz
1 message
I search Marlysa Cr, no buy, only change, my cards is soleil, cr etc...
2 messages
Română BigLusy - last answer from Collector_HM, Friday 05/10/2007, 17:33.
Kenny for 10-11 credits
1 message
Buying Boris for 1,400 clintz..
12 messages
English EnT WHoLESaLE - last answer from Desert_Rabbit, Friday 05/10/2007, 05:47.
Name your prices
Thursday 04/10/07

2 messages
English blaster911 - last answer from PYROpunk, Thursday 04/10/2007, 19:22.
I will give anyone 1000 clintz and Rubie maxed for Page Cr. Please reply.
2 messages
English -Arbaal- - last answer from -Arbaal-, Thursday 04/10/2007, 18:37.
I'm looking for Marlysa Cr. I propose the entire All Stars collection + The (almost) entire Junkz collection (no Cr) (the price is negociable)
1 message
Im looking to buy a kerozinn for around 9000
4 messages
English eire - last answer from eire, Thursday 04/10/2007, 17:18.
8 messages
English Mikuljonac - last answer from mcUK, Thursday 04/10/2007, 16:19.
Wednesday 03/10/07

1 message
I will pay 30,000 clintz for the fist stage only of Ambrose Cr.
8 messages
Español megamexican - last answer from MarshallzEvo, Wednesday 03/10/2007, 21:48.
I sell everything if you are interested check my current sales and send me a mesage
2 messages
English bkd9898 - last answer from LilKing, Wednesday 03/10/2007, 20:52.
I would really like to trade a Titus for it....or a Yookie....or if u want to make a diff offer
8 messages
English behappy6401 - last answer from behappy6401, Wednesday 03/10/2007, 18:57.
Selling : Vicke (R) (fully evolved)
Buying : Leviatonn (R), Methane(R), Kenny (R) (all not evolved)

Offer me, thank u
1 message
Anyone sell me a Titus for cheap
1 message
Buy vickie 11K, put on private for me...

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Urban Rivals | Free Online Manga Trading Card Game | TCG | MMO
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