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Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 06/06/07

23 messages
Português Pekman - subject is closed
If you have some worthless cards like Diego or Luis i'll buy some of them for 10 clintz each.

msg me what you've got.

First come, first served.
4 messages
English 0 Wiivja - subject is closed
Post what price you want for them.
9 messages
English astr0boy14 - last answer from 0-Jade, Wednesday 06/06/2007, 17:57.
How do you trade your character to other player???

Please answer....
4 messages
ελληνικά lady warrior - subject is closed
I want to sell a Golbumm Level 2. Any offers?
1 message
English trek - subject is closed
Level 1 ming for 5800 clints message me please thanks
Tuesday 05/06/07

1 message
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
My offer:
Charlie level 5 maxed
svethlana maxed

your offer:
Charlie unevolved...pm me dudes
4 messages
English AFI1221 AoDe - subject is closed
Selling level 3 Bridget for 10500 or any trade i feel is of a good value. post trade offers here.
28 messages
English Danish_Zombie - subject is closed
Ask and get them cheap

mostly not Maxed but a few are maxed

but give me a PM
3 messages
English 0LoA SirGed - subject is closed
Looking for sentinels, Fang Pi Clang and Freaks. let me know what you have to trade
Monday 04/06/07

1 message
Română Vladutzuu - subject is closed
The acution beggins at 5500 clintz
6 messages
English 1a2a3a - subject is closed
Auctioning a lvl5 Leader starting at 5000
1 message
English chubbycheese - subject is closed
Buying Gabrielle cheaper than market offers
Sunday 03/06/07

3 messages
English 0-Jade - subject is closed
Leave offer
12 messages
English 0_NN_Ryusei - subject is closed
Selling Flavio Cr
Leave your offer here.
Accept trading, with reasonable value.
4 messages
English astr0boy14 - subject is closed
Buying these cards:

Winifred (U): 300

Tank (U): 450

Amiral PY (u): 750
7 messages
English Baron WMD - subject is closed
Hello everybody, I am trying to get the entire set of all cards, collectors, rare, uncommon, and common,

Here's a list of what I need for now:

Baby Q


A Award


Lyse Teria

XU 52


Please message me with your offers.
Saturday 02/06/07

1 message
English AOD Teh0n3 - subject is closed
I'm buying Elya for about 28k PM me with ur offers!!!
5 messages
English Growler - subject is closed
For credits only. Please PM me to discuss.
3 messages
English SzAjbAQ - subject is closed
I need to buy cheap Miss Ming im can pay for her 6300 ctz if you interest put in my private sales or message me
4 messages
English 0-Jade - subject is closed
Selling Lao
Leave your offer here.

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