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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 03/05/07

1 message
English The Dope Show - subject is closed
I will buy any cheap lvl 1 characters, I do not care who it is.
7 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
I am selling Dwain maxed because it will soon be a collector card. Just post your offers here and ill get back to you by pm or here. No noobie ofers plz.
3 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
I'm trading my maxed Hugo for a maxed Morphun
Wednesday 02/05/07

11 messages
Español xtc-m4n - subject is closed
Comon people give me your offers
1 message
English Gus Lee - subject is closed
Have ambros jim Hugo morpuhn dwain for trade
7 messages
English Mindas - subject is closed
I can't afford market price but I DO have some money and some cards for a trade. So if you have a spare Morphun I would be grateful if you would contact me privately and we'll see what can be done
9 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - subject is closed
I trade a Marina for a Lamar a Striker.
1 message
English o5car - subject is closed
I need ppl 4 my guild
3 messages
English Dessano - subject is closed
Selling Ice Jim and INGHSTRA fully lvled to lvl 3.

3 messages
Español xtc-m4n - subject is closed
trading good cards
i have:

Laetita max
Hugo max
Berseker Girl max

1 message
English DarkAssault - subject is closed
Wanda Max Level, Geistling Max Lvl, Natrang max level, Diego max lvl, Flyer max lvl, and Globumm Max Lvl

Leave offers or pm me if u want to do any training or buyin
Tuesday 01/05/07

4 messages
English ernieq - subject is closed
I have a level 1 Morphun to trade for Dwain. Send me the private sale. It is night here so I may not get back to you
until the morning.
6 messages
English Gargadon - subject is closed
Looking for the following characters:

Ulu Watu

Mac Hen
Ice Jim



Have for trade (all basic level unless stated)

Chikko x 3 (1 Lvl. 2)
Syd Noze x2
Otome Lvl. 2
Meyen Lvl. 2
Billy Bob
Yookie x 2 (1 Lvl. 2)

Let me know if you'd like to trade

- Gargadon
2 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
Im trading a lvl 4 Morphun for a lvl 3 or higher Ashigaru. I will include clintz if he is higher than lvl 3.
1 message
English Diaboliz3r - subject is closed
I wont be giving any offers. just waiting for u to leave ur price =)

5 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
Selling Hugo maxed (lvl 5) Will accept clintz and cards
1 message
Română DANYez - subject is closed
Dwain Cr-8000
Beltran Cr-8000
A WARD CR-15.000
Reine Cr-24.000
Skullface Cr-14.000
Jim Cr-8000
All cards are at level max we can make a trade if you wish i accept all cards
6 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
Here is a list of the cards i want to sell or trade Frank (C) Lewis (C) Mikki (C) Fifty (U) syd nose Endo (C) Bunny (C) Winifred (C) Candy Jack (C) Dieter (C) K Cube (U) Melluzine (C) Alice (C) Ninja Nyne (C) Billy Bob (C) Sunnygoat (C) Ingsthra (C) Oryon (C) Coraille (C) Ice Jim (C) Jeff (C) Razor (C) Elliott (C) and Zlatar (C)
just place your offers here
1 message
English Introspecies - subject is closed
Plz contact me directly if u want to trd
Monday 30/04/07

5 messages
English status-x - subject is closed
I have theese cards:
Natrang , Brutox , Erika , Meyen , Vryer , Flyer , Diego , Hugo , Thaumaturge , Wanda , Globumm , Oryon , Uranus , Mo DiFalco

I'm a pretty newb in this game, so i wonder if you know any good cards i should buy? I'm short on money tough, i have 1k clintz

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