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Business men and women talk here.
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Thursday 02/08/07

1 message
Dacha Macha



All at full level except Robin

Will also trade for Nightmare, Pussycat or Montana
2 messages
English drox - last answer from EriteGhandy2, Thursday 02/08/2007, 18:54.
Hugo is waht im looking for anyone have one???
3 messages
English MOoNSinger - last answer from IM_Nem8, Thursday 02/08/2007, 17:00.
Can any one sell me a Tyler for 1300 clintz
1 message
I buy zataman for 6000 clinzt .
1 message
Would like to buy Rosa at lvl 5 not more than 1900 clintz.
1 message
Paying 9000clitz for a Beltra any1?
Wednesday 01/08/07

1 message
Looking for them cheaper then on the market any Level.
2 messages
English Epsilon Omega - last answer from Mine Louise, Wednesday 01/08/2007, 11:39.
Im looking for the lower end cards or any others that people just want get rid of for low prices or lower level cards. Hit me up with anything
2 messages
English grimstifler - last answer from Drain WMD, Wednesday 01/08/2007, 02:59.
Just as it says wana trade or sell Z3r0 D34d
Tuesday 31/07/07

3 messages
English Symbolic - last answer from Symbolic, Tuesday 31/07/2007, 22:30.
Rubie- Looking to pay 2500-2700
Zatman- Looking to pay 6500-7000
Jackie- Looking to pay 9000-10000

For trade I have:
Jane Ramba

So lets make a deal here. If you are ok with those prices send me a private sale.
1 message
I bujing any Leader 4r 1380 clintz if someone is interested please sale me private ?
But not Hugo i hawe it
1 message
Armand for sale ...name your price ...will sell a little lower than market price ....act fast its on the market !!!
1 message
Pls put in priv sales
Monday 30/07/07

3 messages
English bd1012 - last answer from bd1012, Monday 30/07/2007, 23:24.
I have two cards i am looking to get trade or sell.
Make an offer
2 messages
English helllp - last answer from A Shadow, Monday 30/07/2007, 22:43.
I'm looking for both cards at a price less than the market
if possible make you offer by Mp thx in advance
4 messages
English A Shadow - last answer from A Shadow, Monday 30/07/2007, 19:47.
Buying Gertrud and Jane Ramba looking for them at full lvl.
3 messages
English Symbolic - last answer from Symbolic, Monday 30/07/2007, 15:08.
I will list what I am looking for and what I am looking to pay, send private sale if we have a deal, if not let me know what your looking for.

Gaia- 15000
Hikiyousan- 900
Wee Lee- 1500
Nanook- 1900
Gabrielle- 2000
Joao- 2000
Rass- 2300
Tanaereva- 7800

Those are the price I am looking to pay, I don't have all that much clintz so I would be able to add much more then what I sated above

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