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Sunday 12/08/07

1 message
Tanaereva for 8000
Gaia 11000

Thanks. Just put it in my private sales.
1 message
I need good cards so if someone is interested please pm me
11 messages
Português 0 Sapo - last answer from kongkornitzz, Sunday 12/08/2007, 08:31.
Zatman 8700 clintz
Rubie 2750 clintz
Frankie Hi 385 clintz

I`m not interested in trades
3 messages
English -Annihilator- - last answer from -Annihilator-, Sunday 12/08/2007, 02:29.
YO... i need some cards compatible with elo....
leave any offers...
2 messages
Português 0 Sapo - last answer from Baron WMD, Sunday 12/08/2007, 01:30.
I buy all lvl 1 cards you wish to sell at 130 clintz
5 messages
Português 0 Sapo - last answer from Drain WMD, Sunday 12/08/2007, 01:05.
Starting bid at : 3250 clintz

"buy now": 5000 clintz

minimum bid allowed : 100 clintz

auction duration : 48 hours
Saturday 11/08/07

4 messages
English Assassin17 - last answer from 0 Sapo, Saturday 11/08/2007, 15:21.
Fully lvl up so any offer to this card
12 messages
English Baron WMD - last answer from Baron WMD, Saturday 11/08/2007, 09:24.
Has anyone noticed that the prices for each individual character load up individually now? Its so slow! Also, I tried to buy a card on the market today and it told me that the card was no longer on the market which I understand (someone else bought it), but after that all the rest of the prices went blank. So, I had to reload the entire page and scroll back through all the market pages just to make it back to my character. Before the market prices would automatically adjust themselves. This new system seems so frustrating and the market wasn't broken in the first place, why change it?
1 message
I need a Wanda, it would be a good power up in my beginner deck, but i dint want to spend to much on it
lowest in market is 240 lv2 Wanda, if anyone could sell lower, they'll have a buyer!!
1 message
I am buying cheap Bangers.... please offer an character
Friday 10/08/07

13 messages
English Grixxxle - last answer from Grixxxle, Friday 10/08/2007, 18:19.
I need 2 Zatman and 2 jackie willing to pay 25000
1 message
Buying Lamar or Charlie...

leave your offers,,as much as possible,,below market price..

1 message
I need rubies, who want to sale rubies please PM for price
5 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from Oldrepublican, Friday 10/08/2007, 00:18.
Thursday 09/08/07

2 messages
Română vladk - last answer from Red Sting_PRS, Thursday 09/08/2007, 21:34.
I need Splata!!! I have For Trade/Sale Tessa, Kerozinn,Diyox3,Eve,Nanastasia,Titusx2!!! pm if your interested!!!
10 messages
English Foxc - last answer from Foxc, Thursday 09/08/2007, 11:16.
I have got a lvl 4 Sigmund Cr...as you r aware it is a very very rare card now...and offers send me a message!!!!!!!!
5 messages
English Red Sting_PRS - last answer from esgfs, Thursday 09/08/2007, 10:17.
Jordy-zsx told me this

Today at 20:12

i Cell Guru Cr tanaevera and Dorian and Kiki for Tshern Ashigaru Vladimir and patoona ok every personaries it's 50 clintzz ok??????

> well i dont have Hugo anymore but list the cards u have > Tshern Hugo Platoona Vladimir Ashigaru echange ??? proposition ??? whats your proposition echange is personaries > do u want to trade i have Amelia (C) Terry (C) Tunned (C) Platoona (C) Willy (R) Kati (U) Kinjo (U) Lihoi Chun (C) Dacha Macha (C) Maciej (R) Gheistling (C) Methane (R) Meyen (C) Vladimir (U) Malmoth (U) Bruce (C) Leo (C) Ashigaru (R) Bridget (R) Hugo (R) Gary (C) Simon (C) Estalt (U) Noodile (C) Tshern (U) Yookie (C) Globumm (C) Oryon (C) Skiner (C) Chad Bread (C) x2 Hikiyousan (U) > ohh sorry echange echange what' s personaries???????

What should i do i told the modrator but is that all
7 messages
English OnlineHelper - last answer from UM-omom, Thursday 09/08/2007, 02:48.
New blood,clan packs,rainbow,or full deck?Those anyone know the new odds of getting cards?
5 messages
English esvetlicinii - last answer from Jimmylap69, Thursday 09/08/2007, 02:29.
Miss Twice
Lost Hog

If anyone is interested PM me and we'll talk about the price

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