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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 04/05/07

5 messages
Deutsch Jolly Roger - subject is closed
Hi, I've got a spare XU52 fully maxed for sale, only 28000 clintz.

Trade for Gaia or GraksmxxT or Cloe or Vickie
4 messages
English Deszus - subject is closed
I will buy XU52 at lvl 5th, any offers...? - message me.
5 messages
English Legacy PH - subject is closed
Selling two accounts:

NaCl, lvl. 25
Cards: Charlie, Yayoi, Noon Stevens, Bryan, Nikki, Dan, Corraile, Dolorres Boss, Feelyne, Alice, Gwen, Wanda, Melluzine, Ninja Nyne, Sakura, Tania, and Svelthana... ALL MAX...

mitchieboy11, lvl. 13
Cards: A Award Cr, Dwain Cr, Lilith, Eyrton, Aurelia, Caciope, Uranus, Ingsthra, Mort Bax, and Zlatar... ALL MAX EXCEPT FOR Eyrton, Ingsthra, and Uranus...

Please PM me if you like these accounts and tell me your offers...
2 messages
Česky cbp Panchy - subject is closed
My ofer 2000clintz
2 messages
English CST - subject is closed
I can buy:

Don for 3500
Rosa for 2500

Pm me your offer.
5 messages
Português 0TT Zoro - subject is closed
2 messages
Română 257SoulFury - subject is closed
I can trade lots of cards for Lyse Teria Cr,who has her and is willing to trade p.m. me.
1 message
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
I'm trading my maxed Hugo for a Charlie [ doesn't matter what lvl, lvl 3 or higher plz ] card cuz I accidentally sold it instead of a different card. So plz if you have a Charlie, and want a Hugo, then trade me! plz
Thursday 03/05/07

3 messages
English Facai - subject is closed
Need one
offer 6k
10 messages
Deutsch Jerre Muesli - subject is closed
You sell your card to me, i buy.
THEN, i send my card to you.

I am trustworthy, i have put allot of money in the game already and I do not want to get banned by admins
I just like to play EVO.
2 messages
English SzAjbAQ - subject is closed
I want buy gastro boy for 900 ctz no more to say if you interested mesage me
1 message
English 0-Fres-T-0 - subject is closed
Hello, I'm looking for Marina
Anyone who wants to sell it for me jus PM me
3 messages
English 0-Fres-T-0 - subject is closed
I'm selling Nanook(U) or trade it for Phyton(R)
PM me if you're interested
3 messages
English blade_onii - subject is closed
Both cards have max lvl and they are for 900.
8 messages
English SLOB-MJL - subject is closed
Anybody want to trade or sell ambrose? Good card i have to trade Kenny, Rubie, Kinjo
9 messages
English Legacy PH - subject is closed
I'd do anything for an Ielena or Amrose... I really wan't to complete Nightmare but I can't sell any cards... Can anyone please help?
2 messages
Español xtc-m4n - subject is closed
ill offer 3500 for done level 3 or higher
1 message
English The Dope Show - subject is closed
I will buy any cheap lvl 1 characters, I do not care who it is.
7 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
I am selling Dwain maxed because it will soon be a collector card. Just post your offers here and ill get back to you by pm or here. No noobie ofers plz.
3 messages
English -playa-GoP- - subject is closed
I'm trading my maxed Hugo for a maxed Morphun

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