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Sales, purchases and trades

Business men and women talk here.
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Wednesday 28/02/07

5 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed
I need a Hugo any bdy selling
1 message
English Justicedevil - subject is closed
Looking for Lao Cr and I am willing to trade the whole All Stars group of various lvls..
Tuesday 27/02/07

4 messages
English DemonEyes Kyo - subject is closed
Kawan (U)
Malmoth (U)
Crystal (U)

even if not fuly evolved. if fully evolved much better
9 messages
ελληνικά Conan_ganton - subject is closed
Selling Dragan(lvl1) 32.000Clintz
post here or message me.
2 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Im buying cheap Zatman,Dorian,Rubie and even Tyler
post good prices
7 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Title says all post good offers
9 messages
English allochtoon - subject is closed
I've got 8 soleil cards..
you want them...
then tell me your price for
Jim (ain't maxed out...lv3)

peace out
11 messages
English Kukhue - subject is closed
I am selling:
Bridget Lv 2
Acide DC Lv 2
Otome Lv 2
Lewis Lv 3
Meyen Lv 3
Sakura Lv 2
2 messages
English EVO Sophitia - subject is closed
Plz place offer here.
1 message
English K9 Dizazter - subject is closed
As the subject, I want to buy Morphun for 3K or less.
I'll buy from the cheapest seller.
Monday 26/02/07

2 messages
English a bheb43 - subject is closed
Ei can i buy skullface for 3k? or trade if you want... if its okay, put it in my private sales, ill be waiting
1 message
English Inque - subject is closed
Im looking to either sell or trade, Kenny (r) with Chloe (r)
Pls msg me. thanks
Sunday 25/02/07

13 messages
English ironmask - subject is closed
Selling the following cards (give offers for these cards)

Venus lvl 1 (C)
Sunnygoat lvl 1 (C)
Jim lvl 1 (C)
Bob Joby max (C)

Cheap cards on sale at market right now
Niki lvl 1 (C) 290
haley lvl 1 (C) 330
Ricardo lvl 1 (C) 390
10 messages
English ironmask - subject is closed
I have the following cards for trade:

Razor max (C)
Brutox max (C)
Melluzine lvl 2 (C)
Halley lvl 1 (C)
Venus lvl 1 (C)
Bob Joby max (C)
Jim lvl 1 (C)
Pino max (C)
Ricardo max (C)

I'm looking for the following cards:

Wanda lvl 1 (C)
Rebecca max (C)
Amy max (C)
War Dog max (C)
No Nam max (C)
1 message
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
Im buying a Perle for 8k
Saturday 24/02/07

2 messages
English 69 hoodrich - subject is closed
Looking to trade for a Gaia, List the card that you want, or a price and i will get back to you
4 messages
English SAYJAX - subject is closed
I have a fully maxed Wanda and I want to get rid of it! Can someone give me a price!
4 messages
English warsimon - subject is closed
Trade if u want
3 messages
English kuploid - subject is closed
Pm me for offers. this is a collector's item not distributed anymore.
my Melissa Cr is already maxxed out. im looking for Chloe, Klaus, and
Joao. we can do trade as well. thanks!
4 messages
Deutsch Mich425 - subject is closed
Selling these cards-->>
-Don lvl3--3600$
-Morphun lvl2--3600$
-Striker lvl4(MAX)-->>1600$
-Eyrton lvl4-->>1300$
-Vladmir lvl4-->>4000$

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