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Sunday 17/06/07

3 messages
English Choom - last answer from Choom, Sunday 17/06/2007, 19:15.
Please PM with offers, esp. looking for Billy Bob, Keanew, William, Kawan, Josh, Zdrone, Erika, Wee Lee, Ambre, Uranus -- Ty for your time
4 messages
English astr0boy14 - last answer from 0 Prophet-Cr, Sunday 17/06/2007, 18:31.
Looking for very cheap La Juntas particularly Wardog Bryan and Jane Ramba.... tnx
3 messages
English helllp - last answer from Vladutzuu, Sunday 17/06/2007, 17:31.

I'm looking for jackie Kinjo and Baby Q
3 messages
English SzAjbAQ - last answer from helllp, Sunday 17/06/2007, 16:41.
Buy jackie for 21 000 ctz no more no less
if you interest leave your offers here or mssage me
but if you want sell herfast put in my private sales
1 message
Willing to buy Uranus lower than the market price
1 message
Hey all im tryin to buy any Leader (preferably Timber) but all i hav is 2483 cintz ;S

if u r sellin add me as a frend and pm me

thank you
2 messages
Română vladk - last answer from nezinams, Sunday 17/06/2007, 09:18.
I'm looking for Lilith , Coraille, Vassili, Igniss, Gary, Nina, Phonos, Estalt, Eika, Swidz and Vladimir not maximezed. If anyone wants a trade leave a message. I'm giving Flo, Natrang, Flyer, Diego, Winifred, Pino, Mo DiFalco all maxemized!!! I haven't got a lot of clintz so make the oferts cheap!!!
3 messages
English true zero - last answer from true zero, Sunday 17/06/2007, 08:53.
Lower than the market price
1 message
Lower than the market..
7 messages
English THe ICeKiNG - last answer from THe ICeKiNG, Sunday 17/06/2007, 03:53.
I need alot of the higher priced Cr cards, I have alot of extra cards & clintz........please let me know what u have & what ur looking to get for them
Saturday 16/06/07

7 messages
English kolixela - last answer from vladk, Saturday 16/06/2007, 19:59.
Looking to trade for some cards, Vansaar (R), Lost Hog, Elya, Marlysa, Rosa, Don, Vickie, Estalt, lelena

I have
Timber (R)
Marina (R)
Vassili (U)
Miss Twice (U)
Angelina (C)
Sheitane (U)
Alice (C)
Splata (R)

If you see a possible trade let me know. (pm me)
6 messages
English HighSnobiety - last answer from vladk, Saturday 16/06/2007, 19:31.
I Need Low Prices Cards. . .
5 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - last answer from Gus Lee, Saturday 16/06/2007, 05:54.
Anyone want to trade a swidz,diyo,or cassio for a nahi pm if ya do
3 messages
English Milanda - last answer from impysin, Saturday 16/06/2007, 01:16.
Have a good portion of cards (80 %) and some Clintz, must be 1 star. Drop me a line if your interested
Friday 15/06/07

1 message
I want to buy kerozinn and Estalt any bdy selling both at minimun lvl and please be cheap
4 messages
English Killingshadow - last answer from Killingshadow, Friday 15/06/2007, 19:08.
I wanna buy a kero zinn any bdy selling lvl 3 star kerozinn around 2225 or somting
1 message
I give Vansaar, Marina, Phonos, and kerozinn all lvl max for a jackie at any lvl
I should be greatful if you answer by mp thx
1 message
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for Kiki Cr and Dj Korr, theses two at 0 XP.
I have in exchange, two lots of three CR:
Rass Cr+Armanda+BeserkGirl Cr all at 0xp
Rass Cr+Armanda+Shawoman all at 0xp

I don't take Kiki Cr or DjKorr not at 0 XP.
MP me if you have the requested cards for the trade, thank you!
10 messages
English Collector_HM - last answer from hHsd, Friday 15/06/2007, 08:21.
These are the cards i am selling only but if u want to trade a card for one of these it will be acepted

Bob Joby
Gina Glitt
Mo DiFalco

Syd Noze
MC Decay

Acid DC

Candy Jack

Give prices on the market prices and i might bring it down
4 messages
English Hotshot10ras - last answer from se7olution, Friday 15/06/2007, 04:41.
Willing to trade or buy, give me your offers

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