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Business men and women talk here.
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Monday 30/07/07

3 messages
English Symbolic - last answer from Symbolic, Monday 30/07/2007, 15:08.
I will list what I am looking for and what I am looking to pay, send private sale if we have a deal, if not let me know what your looking for.

Gaia- 15000
Hikiyousan- 900
Wee Lee- 1500
Nanook- 1900
Gabrielle- 2000
Joao- 2000
Rass- 2300
Tanaereva- 7800

Those are the price I am looking to pay, I don't have all that much clintz so I would be able to add much more then what I sated above
1 message
Looking to buy cheap Fang Pi Clan cards (as suggested by title)
will buy at any cheap price (10% cheaper than market price?)
especially want F.P.C. cards with fair attack (4+)
please private sale me
4 messages
English TDDP - last answer from Baron WMD, Monday 30/07/2007, 01:17.
Hii guys i want someone sell Zatman to me for something like the 3000 or in trade like for Rosa or something so...plaease!
7 messages
English Kukhue - last answer from fly_gizzle, Monday 30/07/2007, 00:42.
I'm selling or trading:
Acid DC

I'm Buying or trading
Vermyn N
1 message
The card "Fifty" is a fife star rare card.
i am looking forward to selling this card for 1,300 clintz. or the best offer
i can sell this privately. i just need your screen name and the price u will buy it for

thank you
Sunday 29/07/07

7 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from lilfez_93, Sunday 29/07/2007, 20:51.
Bhudd Loma Noju Lost Hog Seldnor Splata Titus Diyo Zoltan Swidz Bridget Giovanni Estalt Kenny Hikiyousan Ice Jim Wee Lee

if u want any of these send me a note and a bid/bargan
1 message
Im trading my lvl 5 Kinjo for any kenny
4 messages
English Memorex5 - last answer from Mine Louise, Sunday 29/07/2007, 18:07.
I am willing to trade it for a tessa and a miss twice
5 messages
English 0-Jade - last answer from 0-Jade, Sunday 29/07/2007, 15:55.
Gertrud for 4000 and Charlie for 5000 any level. Thanks.
3 messages
English Albion Sox87 - last answer from Albion Sox87, Sunday 29/07/2007, 14:11.
I need Bunny, Akiko, Crystal, Otakool, and tessa, if anyone wants to offer please PM or post here with offers or wants
8 messages
English a miracle - last answer from TDDP, Sunday 29/07/2007, 13:12.
I currently have 3 copies i can trade out

willing to trade all 3 copies for Sigmund Cr

willing to trade ONE copy for elya OR vickie OR Gaia+Jackie OR Tanaereva+Selsya Cr+Zatman OR GraksmxxT+Saddy OR GraksmxxT+lelena

i will ONLY accept those offers i've just made, so please don't offer anything else
2 messages
English Veliszar - last answer from Veliszar, Sunday 29/07/2007, 13:06.
Trading Splata (R) Lv4 from Freak

trade for

Tessa Lv4 or 5
Armand Lv5 + 3000

Mail offers
1 message
If u want to know what i'm selling click on my name and there are 8 cards for sell all for deals
Saturday 28/07/07

1 message
IM willing to Trade Murphun+Graff=Rass for Chole or XU52 and Shetiane
2 messages
English spiderman123 - last answer from daavii_, Saturday 28/07/2007, 14:38.
I sell kerozinn for 5500 at top level
i sell Eyrton for 1400 at level 2
i sell the Leader ashigru for 9000 at top level
i sell No Nam for 3500 at top level
8 messages
English Frabby - last answer from THe ICeKiNG, Saturday 28/07/2007, 04:14.
7 messages
English ZEPPELlN - last answer from Gone4eva, Saturday 28/07/2007, 01:24.

Friday 27/07/07

2 messages
English lilfez_93 - last answer from daavii_, Friday 27/07/2007, 23:28.
1 message
Buying boris Zoltan Titus nantasia grazilla

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