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Business men and women talk here.
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Friday 29/12/06

18 messages
English CrimsonWaltz - subject is closed
Selling Chloe if you want it
1 message
Română 6C-DjRayzaEVO - subject is closed
Trading Morphun for Tyler.Offers?
3 messages
Română DANYez - subject is closed
Im looking for Vladimir!!!!!!!! i will give 3000-3100 clyntzz neeed it noww ho have a Vladimir plsss tell me
3 messages
English Cheunger - subject is closed
Flo (U)
Tatane (C)
Xia Leming (U)
Sigmund Cr (Cr)
Amiral Py (U)
Bruce (C)
Leo (C)
Mitch (C)
Winifred (C)
Vansaar (R)
Gary (C)
Ottavia (C)
Pino (C)
Candy Jack (C)
Elixir (C)
Endora (C)
Melluzine (C)
Wanda (U)
Ataoualpet (C)
Narendra (C)
Ogoun Kyu (C)
Yookie (C)
Globumm (C)
Halley (C)
Oryon (C)
Phonos (U)
Reine (U)
Venus (C)
Aurelia (C)
Rebecca (C)
Gabrielle (U)
Razor (C)
Bob Joby (C)
Gina Glitt (C)
Maeva (C)
Samantha (C)
Zlatar (C)

PM me for prices and sale values with your offers. accepting card and clintz offers. DO NOT REPLY here. pm me, I repeat, send me a personal/private message.

Thank you,
1 message
English 00--OLEG--EVO - subject is closed
I am sellin
Macumba lvl 4
Baby Q lvl 4
Ninja Nyne lvl 4
Tania lvl 4
Yayoi lvl 4

If anybody wants to...I can sell this all together in a pack for 22000 (thats cheaper then you would find on the market if you bought them one by one) As it is nearly NEW YEAR!
14 messages
English Taidabaka - subject is closed
Sellin Ricardo and K Cube maxed for near average prices, and Uranus maxed if I get a good offer!
1 message
English lokesieweng - subject is closed
Come here to buy Dan wish u all merry christine and happy new year
Thursday 28/12/06

1 message
English Horus WMD - subject is closed
I'm looking to buy Lyse Teria Cr for less than a million Clintz. Msg me if you're interested in selling her.
7 messages
Română DANYez - subject is closed
Lamar level 3: 2600 clyntz I WANT TO TRADE FOR jane ramba,Ambre,Vansaar,Nanook,Uranus,Morphun,yaoy,Brandon,bdridget,Vladimir.
Wandalevel max) for 1700clyntz ORE trading for Malmoth,Laetitia,Vermyn N,wyndy mor,Methane,Josh,Xia Leming
5 messages
Português One-lonewolf - subject is closed

File for download:

Message me for trades!
Wednesday 27/12/06

13 messages
English Rg Bluzer - subject is closed
Hi. If u buy 1000 clintz in SHop way i Can?t get the star. Can someone tell me
12 messages
English saint21 - subject is closed
Can you sell me some Sentinel card
6 messages
Deutsch Mich425 - subject is closed
Selling nice cards,your offer
all full max

A Award
1 message
English 00--OLEG--EVO - subject is closed
I would like to trade Kiki lvl 4 (i nearly got it up to lvl 5) and Macumba lvl 4 (at its max) and Zdrone lvl 4 (at its max) for GraksmxxT or Jackie no matter what level they are...

or trade Tanaereva and Uranus for Macumba lvl 4 and Zdrone lvl 4 I need Tanaereva and Uranus no metter what level
9 messages
English 00--OLEG--EVO - subject is closed
I am selling All these characters in one pack, so Don%u2019t ask me to sell you specific characters, by one pack or nothing, so these characters are for sale:
Lewis lvl 1
Mikki lvl 1
Jenny lvl 1
Platoona lvl 1
Syd Noze lvl 3 (max)
Lihoi Chun lvl 1
Macumba lvl 4 (max)
Mini Mosu lvl 1
Natrang lvl 1
Sai San lvl 1
Tatane lvl 1
Xia Leming lvl 1
Brutox lvl 1
Gheistling lvl 1
Meyen lvl 1
Vryer lvl 1
Acid DC lvl 1
Brandon lvl 1
Keanew lvl 1
Diego lvl 1
Mitch lvl 1
Winifred lvl 1
Lino Borsa lvl 1
Mort Bax lvl 1
Candy Jack lvl 4 (max)
Cell lvl 1
Melluzine lvl 1
Ninja Nyne lvl 1
Ataoualpe lvl 1
Beltran lvl 1
Kiki lvl 4 (max is 5)
Zdrone lvl 1
Ice Jim lvl 1

So If you want to buy this cards youl have to buy them all in this one big pack%u2026.
It is an AUCTION so the one who offers the most gets them all%u2026

We start of 28000 clintz but if you want to trade cards that%u2019s fine with me I am looking for high power charecters like Zatman, Jackie, Tanaereva, Lelena, Noodile, (these are the charecters that I want so if you want to trade anyof em please contact me%u2026or offer other%u2026.

Auction starts at 28000
10 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Selling Saddy,Fifty,Vermyn N
also selling Sigmund Cr and Melissa Cr
already maxed make someoffers here
6 messages
English sujal - subject is closed
Hi i am selling Lihoi Chun any offers level 2!! not 1 lol offer !!!
Tuesday 26/12/06

1 message
English Steel-TKO - subject is closed
1 message
English Steel-TKO - subject is closed
TRADING Flesh Pimp! Montana! I NEED La Junta CARDS
1 message
English 0- JP - subject is closed
Looking for Gaia, pls help, tnx! give me your lowest price pls,

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