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Tuesday 10/04/07

4 messages
English Yuben EVO - subject is closed
Looking for a Marlysa in the 19000-20000 range and an Ashigaru in the 5000-6000 price range, please private message me if you have for sale, willing to haggle price.
4 messages
English yothatsmerob - subject is closed
I will trade a lvl 5 Hugo for it
3 messages
English Deszus - subject is closed
I want to buy Vickie, the lower price win. Msg me for offers. Thanks
5 messages
English true zero - subject is closed
Ill buy them both for 10.5k..
11 messages
English V No More - subject is closed
I am looking for the following from the Action Pack:

Marlysa (R)
Bryan (R)
Chloe (R)
Copper (R)

Here are my extras:

Lamar (R)
Macumba (R)
Morphun (R)
Vansaar (R)
Baby Q (R)

Thanks for Looking
Monday 09/04/07

1 message
English 0 Prophet-Cr - subject is closed
Looking for a lvl 2 lelena will trade for a lvl 5 Tyler and a lvl 5 No Nam
2 messages
Português Fox_Klix - subject is closed
I want to trade
Windy Mor (level max)
Berserkgirl (lvl max)
Crystal (lvl 3)
Malmoth (lvl 3)
Joao (lvl2) These five cards For XU52 (Doesn´t mater the lvl)
13 messages
English 0-Pochi - subject is closed
Please sell me those cards in low price... Lower than 3k I mean... Yesterday I saw it but my bucks not that much, till today not that much still T.T
Sunday 08/04/07

4 messages
English AOD Teh0n3 - subject is closed
Hey people I'm trading a maxed Lost Hog for a Copper!!! Thank you!!!
1 message
English critter269 - subject is closed
Selling 3 star Timber make your own offers
2 messages
English tgokbay - subject is closed
Buying both GraksmxxT or Morphun. Send me a mesage with offers any lvl.
1 message
English blanow - subject is closed
I have a Dragan Cr and a Reine Cr I want to trade them for vickie and Gaia or trade for vickie Gertrud
Armand and Copper .If anyone accept this deal,plz give me a message thx
Saturday 07/04/07

6 messages
English 0- Gelo24 PI - subject is closed
Buying Methane, if you have an offer, please just offer it straight up in private sale, thanks
5 messages
English SupernovaHD - subject is closed
Its mad i got a XU52 a miss twice card a few nightmares and a few sentinels ermm a few gheists and sum All Stars am reli lucky to get all them from 200 credits lol
1 message
English Deszus - subject is closed
Buying Sigmund Cr for 45000 clintz.

Someone selling ?
1 message
English Deszus - subject is closed
Buying Sigmung Cr for 45.000 clintz
21 messages
Português X-Thuga-X - subject is closed
2 messages
Português lord-kiuby - subject is closed
Sale for me kenny by 1921 clintz please?
3 messages
English critter269 - subject is closed
I am selling a 2 star morphum make your own offers ^____^

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