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Wednesday 31/01/07

2 messages
Română kv NIVROTH - subject is closed
So i want a dragan and i'll offer in exchange a Sigmund Cr.
if anyone would be interested, send me PRIVATE messages, DON'T WRITE IN THIS TOPIC.

GL,HF all!
Tuesday 30/01/07

1 message
English D(VF)evolve - subject is closed
Well then, off to buy myself a Dragan, though I am to cheap to buy it at the market. So it works like his:
I'm looking for a Dragan, priced (reasonably) roughly 30-33k. I'll check on my incoming privates if I see one I shall buy it. Sure,it ain't the market value, but then again you'll get it sold. I could consider som trading aswell. Altough I'm currently only sitting on Reine of any real value. But if you'd like I could swap it for dragan and let's say... 25k clitz inbetween. Sounds fair? Well, send me a message or a private.

That's all for me.

Cheers Tias
2 messages
English harvstar12 - subject is closed
Hi everone i want to buy somones Striker for 320 clintz
32 messages
English allochtoon - subject is closed
I got some cards that are all MAXED OUT...
i'll put the names..
if you are interested in some of mine..
tell me the name..AND THE PRICE TOO...
maybe we can get to do bussines...capiche

Akiko (U)
Alexei (U)
Aurelia (C)
Beltran (C)
Charlie (U)
Crystal (U)
Dragan (R)
Katsuhkay (C)
Laetitia (U)
Leo (C)
Lost Hog (C)
Mo DiFalco (C)
Morphun (R)
Mort Bax (C)
Narendra (C)
Nobrocybix (C)
Ombre (U)
Reine (U)
Simon (C)
Tanaereva (U)
Wanda (U)
Wardog (C)
Winifred (C)
Zdrone (U)
1 message
English bonmufc - subject is closed
Berserkgirl Cr

Please give me price
Monday 29/01/07

2 messages
English 1st_Griffin - subject is closed
43000 clintz, any takers?
1 message
English abvgt - subject is closed
Arkadaslar bu kag%u0131t satma olay%u0131 nas%u0131l ya tamm sat%u0131n al%u0131yosda nas%u0131 sat%u0131yos bilen varm%u0131
Sunday 28/01/07

11 messages
English Zeromus - subject is closed
Selling Kinjo....
6 messages
English Cheunger - subject is closed
Why are all the prices on the market going up so much??? who is driving this inflation and why is it happening?!?!?! what is going on!!!?!??!?!?
14 messages
Česky CBp_Daniel - subject is closed
No Nam
dj cor cr
2 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
She is maxed selling her for 10k
11 messages
English Warr kid - subject is closed
Hi im looking for a Dragan...the market price is just too unfair.What im offering is a fully levelled Havok and 3000 clintz for your DraganThanx
4 messages
Português Toya Hunt - subject is closed
Hi everyone. Im buying these 2 cards. Please tell me the price u sell. Thanks a lot
3 messages
English PaPasMasta - subject is closed
E'm lookinh yo Buy Frankie Hi... so if you have it message me
Friday 26/01/07

2 messages
English {GN}DelBosque - subject is closed
I'm loking for Ielena ?? ho got this card for sell?
3 messages
English harvstar12 - subject is closed
Hi everone im triying to buy Charlie for 1000 clintz if you say yes put it in my private sales waiting for 1000 clintz
6 messages
English Killingshadow - subject is closed
12 messages
English jennagoddess - subject is closed
I need more lvl 1 cards
2 messages
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Any takers?

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