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Business men and women talk here.
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Saturday 26/08/06

6 messages
Português (baratinha) - subject is closed
I trade im for another card or clintz
3 messages
English Hotshot10ras - subject is closed
I need one at a reasonable price give me an offer
3 messages
English m3ch4nism - subject is closed
Looking to Trade any of my cards for some of urs! or buying sum from 100-220clintz ..
10 messages
English MisterMoo - subject is closed
I'm willing to trade a maxed Aldebaran (collector)for Ielena, Estalt, and Mojo
any level works, good deal compared to market prices
Friday 25/08/06

5 messages
English Acids - subject is closed
Hi, Im looking to buy any cards that i can train up or that is good maxed out, at the moment I have a Jackie on the market (rare) at the cheapest price so far which should fetch me a tidy sum, then i will be spending up to 30k.
Please Offer, Thanks From Scionce =P
1 message
English Hanzo Hitouri - subject is closed
Sum Sam
if any one has these cards offers will be made so please reply back if your interested i have cards and clintz
local merchant Darkvyper
10 messages
English 0-Jade - subject is closed
I need to purchase credit in order to be able to trade and sell cards publicly. I am willing to trade my max level Lao a code used in buying credits. Thank You.
4 messages
English Siyah - subject is closed
I will buy Vladimir,Kinjo,Don,vermeyn N,Havok,Tyler,Armand,Phonos and Uranus.

if you have anyone pm me or offer there(cheap plz)
8 messages
English 0-Jade - subject is closed
Anyone want to sell thier spare Frankie Hi for reasonable price? Thank you.
10 messages
English TJL_AOD - subject is closed
If someone could buy me 50 creds(only 2 euros, i have no way to pay) i have some good cards - Copper(almost 5-max) Yayoi(almost 4-max), Noon Steevens(max), Ice Jim(max), Mort Bax(max), Pino(max), and others. If somebody is interseted, let me know so we could work something out.
4 messages
English minni - subject is closed
Im looking for some cards for 100 clintz or less at any level i just joined and im strugleing BAD with most games i have plllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee if someone is willing then let me know!!!! willing to trade for good cards aswell
3 messages
English Percivalos - subject is closed
I am willing to trade a Level 4 Platoona, who is a 7/5 Banger. Or a Level 3 Brutox, who is a 5/4 GHEIST.
8 messages
Deutsch Champsy - subject is closed
I wish to trade or sell this Maxed Akiko, tell me your offers
1 message
English fefinoEo - subject is closed
Powers at max
aigmond at max
Natrang lv/2 not on market
Ice Jim at max
Crystal at max
Bruce at max/not on market
Leo at / L2
Thursday 24/08/06

3 messages
English Moredeth - subject is closed
Samantha maxed, to be bought, make offer.
1 message
English Hotshot10ras - subject is closed
I'm looking to buy or to trade practically any cards, give me your offers
1 message
Deutsch Agraffe - subject is closed
Hello i have a Tyler niv 4 actually and i wish trade it for a Macumba ( i dont care of her lvl )

call me if you are interessed by this offer
1 message
English Julius33 - subject is closed
Buying a card from Junkz seria up to 150 becose its so hard to earn money
5 messages
English CBdarkman - subject is closed
Looking to trade my level 3 Wee Lee for a level 3 Baby Q

PS: this is a pretty good deal! =P
1 message
English Kate - subject is closed

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