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Sunday 11/03/07

27 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
No Nam
2 Jim
2 Methane
Sigmund Cr
Ninja Nyne

all maxed except Bryan
make good offers!
Saturday 10/03/07

9 messages
English Yuben EVO - subject is closed
I looking for:

Lost Hog,
and Ashigaru

Level 1 is prefered but not required, please post your prices here, or pm if you prefer
13 messages
English Fluffwig - subject is closed
What i want and the price i'd perfer:

Ratanah 1800
Armand 8000
NDololo Cr 250 000

Ulu Watu:
Joao 4500
Wee Lee 5500
Tenaereva 9000
Gaia 28 000

Tell me if you wan't to trade any of the cards against something that I'm selling
5 messages
English haworth17 - subject is closed
Selling Bangers cards
all cards are full lv

Syd Noze

please offer
6 messages
English transalen - subject is closed
The following cards (all are at their maximum level) i am willing to sell or trade for GHEIST cards:

Diego (c)
Wanda (u)
Globumm (c)
Natrang (c)
Flyer (c)

Please DO NOT offer me these GHEIST cards as i already have them:


Thank you very much..
3 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
Anyone want to trade SkrumxxT for kenny?
1 message
English Stalkingdemon - subject is closed
Need level 1 Gaia about 28000?

or we can negotiate
Friday 09/03/07

7 messages
English TiTan-Grimgod - subject is closed
1 message
English Fluffwig - subject is closed
Selling Lao Cr for 190 000 :-
6 messages
English DanMaster - subject is closed
I really need this card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thursday 08/03/07

7 messages
Deutsch Dreaded - subject is closed
I'm selling Marlysa, I have her lvl1 and lvl2. I'm keeping one of both. Choose which one you want and say the price.
2 messages
English Kevarri9000 - subject is closed
5 messages
English Rain K9 - subject is closed
Please anyone I need Ulu Watu or La Junta. I need them for cheap and I would appreciate your help.
2 messages
English 0DwindlingEVO - subject is closed
Buying Vansaar say how much
16 messages
English Cardz Cr - subject is closed
so i wont to do you dark/light deck but i dont now what 8 cards i get to them so eny ideas?
Wednesday 07/03/07

9 messages
English ironmask - subject is closed
I'm selling Bodenpower lvl 4 (C) and Bob Joby max lvl (C).
1 message
English Keade - subject is closed
Buying Alice @ 200
12 messages
English Dirq - subject is closed
i heave:
Laetitia max lvl
--Fang Pi Clang
Endo 1lvl
Marlysa max lvl

Keanew 2 lvl

--La Junta
Bruce max lvl
Diego max lvl
Niki 1 lvl
Bryan 3lvl

Mort Bax 1 lvl

NooN Steveens

Halley 1lvl
Pulsar 3lvl
Reine Start lvl

Tuesday 06/03/07

12 messages
English ShadowFalcon - subject is closed
Lvl 1 Baby Q (R) for sale

offers plz
9 messages
English Cardz Cr - subject is closed
I have Kenny and lamar both full maxed so whats are the offers

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