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Friday 08/12/06

3 messages
English WSCChangeELO - subject is closed
I need Uranus quickly
2 messages
English Collector_HM - subject is closed
3 messages
English 3Marauderz-NN - subject is closed
Cheap deals only, offer me your lowest price, if possible messege me and ill reply to you if im interested. tnx... im just new here so i need some better cards i will appreciate your help =).
1 message
Español El tio2 - subject is closed
Hi there i'm looking for grskxxmt any one have it? i do trades and buy, just put your offers
Thursday 07/12/06

18 messages
English Unknown Entity - subject is closed
Hi all!! I am trading these cards for clintz or cards! All of these cards are Level Maxed Out! So make your offer!!!

Methane (2x) (R), Vryer (C), Noon Stevens (C), Sandy (C), Bob Joby (C), Elixir (C), Thaumaturge (C), Dieter (C), Brandon (C), Bunny (C)
8 messages
English blaater - subject is closed
Alexei,lost hog,2 eryton,2 Lewis,franki hy,2 Thaumaturge,3 K Cube,dwain all lev maxx

loking for ombre,vansar,briget,Ambre,Morphun
8 messages
English 6SimS-Sven - subject is closed
Buying Pussycats except Yayoi,Feelyn,Charlie,svethelana
6 messages
Español El tio2 - subject is closed
Hi there, if some one could sell me the new 4 cards or trade them plz tell me and what cards or how much
Wednesday 06/12/06

12 messages
English ReadTheRules - subject is closed
Oryon max
Venus lvl 3
Robin max
(no trades, need clintz)
make me an offer
3 messages
English FroggMaster - subject is closed
Buying a Baby Q level1 card...
2 messages
English CrimsonWaltz - subject is closed
Buying La Junta cards for a low price
Tuesday 05/12/06

6 messages
English Ryoku - subject is closed
I wil trade for her
Monday 04/12/06

1 message
English ultima9999 - subject is closed
I'm looking buy GraksmxxT for around 30,000 or lower.
Sunday 03/12/06

2 messages
English MiauRock - subject is closed
Sent on market, first gone - first served
Saturday 02/12/06

8 messages
Español El tio2 - subject is closed
Hi all, i'm selling this cards:
Wanda Lvl1, Billi bob Lvl1, Kiki lvl 1, `Phonos lvl2, Carlos lvl1, kcube lvl1, cristal lvl2, Mitch lvl1, Ambre lvl1, Platoona lvl3, Lewis lvl2 and Gary lvl2, make your offers, also accpeting trades
7 messages
English Deliverance - subject is closed





please give me prices

6 messages
English Gus Lee - subject is closed
Eaton lev max
Kinjo lev max
dwain lev max
6 messages
English Gus Lee - subject is closed
Uranus lev max
drakan lev max
Thursday 30/11/06

3 messages
Español KV SecaDanEVO - subject is closed
Ashigaru ( max lvl ) : 9000 clintz
Don ( max lvl ) : 5500 clintz
Reine ( max lvl ) : 2500 clintz
Tyler ( max lvl ) : 8000 clintz
Please make offers fast, before I will decide to put them on the market
1 message
English 1Fujiwara Evo - subject is closed
Any takers? if anyone has a DJ Korr Cr for sale, please sell it to me

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